Shirley's People Poll #2, A serious question

Miss Vicky’s Jalapeño potato chips have caught my fancy for the nonce. Well fried, correctly salted and a nicely modulated zing of chile to boot. Quite the accompaniment for a sandwich any day.

I would have to say that I prefer either sour cream and onion, or salt and vinegar, depending on whether or not I plan on talking to anyone that is going to be within four feet of me any time soon. Gotta love that Salt & Vinegar Breath[sup]TM[/sup] !

On the other hand, I have never met a chip that I did not like, aside from the steak flavored ones I found in a convenience store in Indiana…<shudder>

K.C. Masterpiece BBQ

Jays Kettle Cooked with clam dip

1 can minced clams
1 package cream cheese
sour cream to thin to desired consistency

or just follow the directions in the can of clams :slight_smile:


I must say that I have become quite fond of Snyder’s Kettle Style Jalepeno potato chips. I also like the Kettle Style Sweet Onion ones too. Those things are great.

As for ruffles or any other ridged chips, I think I will pass. I don’t need chips that are “ribbed for my displeasure”

Absolute favorite ever were these things called something like Nalley’s Mt. St. Helens Barbeque. But I haven’t been able to find any for years…


But as for ones that are still sold - Ruffles Barbeque.

Nothing beats the understated symphony of grease and salt that is regular Lay’s

Mmm … Ruffles Original with mounds of french onion dip purrr

Or Tostitos with Mrs. Renfro’s Habanero salsa. I’d say “Laredo & Lefty’s Hot Salsa” but the bastards went out of business, depriving the world of the best, best, best, best, most wonderful, orgasmic commercially-bottled salsa. :frowning: How dare they! One of these days I’m driving down to Texas and kicking some Laredo & Lefty ass.

They’ll cough up that recipe, or else they’ll get the dominatrix boots to the groin … oh yes … glares

I practicaly live on tostitoes and my own homemade salsa.But you said potato chip. So I’ll have togo with Pringle’s!

<runs off to meet Slip Mahoney in the pit>

You simply can’t fuck with French Onion Sun Chips.

Cisco stole the words right outta my mouth. There is none better than Sun Chips.

Cool Ranch Doritos and Lay’s Salt and Vinegar.

Tandoori flavour and Lemon, Lime and Chilli flavour are two of the best flavours I have ever tried. They don’t make either of them anymore though. :frowning:

Still, Pepper Steak flavour isn’t too bad.

Oh, and my best mate’s Dad bears an uncanny resemblance to that dude on the Pringles tubes.

“Shall I get some crisps?”
“Pipe of Pringles will suffice …”

Lays Salt and Vinegar

Seabrook salt and vinegar crinkly crisps.
Seabrook Canadian ham crinkly crisps.
Hula Hoops.
Black pepper Kettle Chips.

Lime Tostitos, BBQ Cape Cod Chips, and French Onion Sun Chips.

Smoked Bacon, Salt & Lineker (the UK Dopers will know what this means), Cream & Chives.

But I really dig the IMHO chips best. :wink:

Utz makes a potatoe chip that has Old Bay seafood seasoning on them - I love 'em.

For dipping - the chip needs to be substantial enough to withstand the rigors of dipping and hauling. I’ll go with Ruffles original.

Cape Cod Golden Russet.

(Why yes, I am a food snob. How’d you guess.)

Sour cream and onion. Yum.