Should i dump my girlfirend

My case is very intersting indeed. i am dating this girl for 3 years and she wants an engagement from me. but i am only 20 for gods sake and she blames me for being a coward and such. she continueously takes me apart from my friends and forces me to keep my interest on her. i cannot stand her and i cannot leave hir i feel like i am bound to her i know my situation isnot clear but i cannot give any more clues since she is heard of this site and may be reading this.

should i dump her or sit there and stand the pain forever thinking that she would get her if i dump her…

Do you really think anyone is going to advise you to stay with her?

i am thinking i say dump her

If you’re asking the question, you already have your answer.

Well don’t leave her until you know how to write. You’ll never be able to support yourself with a good job until you lose the awful writing skills.

Pack your things and go!

The OP just needs/wants to hear that he is making the right decision.

[dansavage] DTMFA [/dansavage]

How rich is her father?

There must be 50 ways to leave your lover.

Like a hot potato. Then you boink her sister/mother/cousin (your choice).

Is she hot?

What are you a man or a mouse? Stick it out, suffer, wad up your anger into a bitter little ball of hate, then die of a heart attack at 50.

That was an easy one… who else wants relationship advice?

Hop on the bus, Gus.

Make a new plan, Stan

Make a new plan, Stan.

Well, mine includes punctuation.:wink:

Dump her already, yedi.

Get a new key, Lee.

Hey you took my answer.