So my brother's new girlfriend is the 4th most popular girl on Nubiles dot net.

Warning: While the actual homepage itself doesn’t have any nudity on it, nudity can be found via one click…so I have broken the link. However if it’s still found to be against the rules, a mod or admin may (obviously) feel free to edit the address out entirely and everyone who is curious can just google nubiles
www.nubiles. net

The fourth girl. “Top Rated Nubile Girl number 4” out of nearly 700 apparently.
I shit you not, she is my brother’s girlfriend. I just spent Thanksgiving with her (since she is living with my mom/brother).

I found this out just today. To say I was amazed, shocked, at a loss for words would be an understatement. It just seems too surreal.

I don’t know how many of you visit Nubiles on any kind of regular basis (I sure don’t. I had only, before today, heard about the site–never been there) and actually KNOW “E milie” by sight, but yeah, there you have it. Her boyfriend? My brother.

The world’s her gynecologist.

That boy needs a good smack. Stealing my future possible maybe girlfriend. The nerve.

Is that her real name?

So presumably your brother knows all about this porn thing, what does he think of it? Does your mother know? Is she filming these things in your mother’s house? (Horrifying thought!) Or are they taking her elsewhere?
Does she have another job or does this one pay well enough?

And how exactly did you come to find this information? Do you have any idea how long it takes the site to load on a smartphone because I’m not checking that link on my work PC? IT takes a long time, that’s how long!

Damn. Looks like it’s time for me to turn in my man card. There once was a time when hot naked chicks gave me a boner. She’s definitely a naked chick, but IMHO not that hot.

My brother has dated a couple strippers, and wow how awesome was that when they were sleeping on the couch. Casual sex with hot people is like winning at sex.

Had he declared her his girlfriend, there may have been a few raised eyebrows, but we would assume he’d grow out of it.

Isn’t the fun part kinda over? Is there a future “My sister in law used to have tons of dudes look at her pussy, and usually masturbate to it!” “The mother of my nieces and nephews used to show people her kidneys via her birth canal, for pennies!”

If you’re gonna be starstruck, there are much more worthy objects of your affection out there.

Besides, if you felt like it, you could pull up some nude pics of your brother’s girlfriend at any time because they’re public. Not right.

I’m not trying to rain on a parade, but who’s winning here?

Not even close.

He’s fine with it. Seems almost braggart ish about it.

Now that one’s a no. In fact, when I found out about it, they both swore me to secrecy never to let my mom or stepfather know.

I’m not even totally sure she does them anymore…I think she did a huge bunch of them just to have fodder for the site and that they’ve just been using them for awhile, because, for one, she has braces on in a lot of the photos and she got her braces off about four or five months ago.
I think she only goes to do a shoot/filming every few months or so, but I really don’t know. Maybe I’ll ask her next time I see her. I will be seeing them all again (and spending more days there) on Christmas, so maybe I’ll convince her to do a “Ask A Top Girl at” thread that I’ll type her answers up in.

Not right now and not apparently (which again leads me to believe the “she doesn’t do it quite often anymore”)

Long story. The first thing it was was already knowing she was a model of some sort. I knew this since day one (about two months ago), but never knew what kind of modeling, exactly.
The second thing it was was IMing with her on ICQ. Her set name is E milie on there. That was three days ago. Two days ago, she wanted me to fix her computer and go into every folder to delete apps and photos she didn’t need anymore (since her disk space was running low). So I did…and photos of her like that were all over the computer. She didn’t even try hiding them, they were in the first folder I clicked on…a folder she already knew I would and that she had given me permission to. The name on the photos were E milie one, two, three etc.
Still two days ago…it’s night. Brother, her and I are talking about porn sites and she mentions how she likes Nubiles. I said I heard of it but it didn’t strike me as all that great. She suddenly gets really defensive over it and says “Yeah, well, that’s because you have to be a paying member to see anything good”. I didn’t know why she cared so much, but didn’t say anything. Still two days ago, still with me? I finally get the guts to ask her about the photos and ask her if she had ever been, in fact, a model for nubiles. Her and my brother exchanged a look and she said “mayyyybe”. Finally, yesterday, I searched E milie and Nubiles. And I found that site. I called her and my brother into the room and joked around about it, saying “whoa, check this out”…and they said stuff like “haha, okay the jig is up, don’t tell mom, though.”

There you go.

I’m not starstruck at all. I’m just in disbelief.

True, but I would never do that… I have a girlfriend myself whom I love and she’s all I need, haha. I could care less about the photos themselves, those don’t faze me; not going gaga over them. I merely am about the news/fact of it.

Is she really 16? And how old is your brother?

How old is she in real life - she looks really young and so does everyone else on that site. I guess that’s the point.

I saw that some of them do hardcore stuff. So when is your brother going to appear as co-star.

Er, no…does it say on there she is? Because it has her doing many pornographic things, even just on preview if you click her name (not that you need to look, haha…just saying).

She’s 19. She got her braces off about four or five months ago, I think…so she was either 18 or 19 when she did it.

We prefer not to have you typing other people’s comments on the SDMB. Just have her create her own guest account, and that way everything’s in first-person.

And what, exactly, is the problem? Once a girl has nude pictures up on the internet, she should stop dating, the rest of her life? All the girls you’ve whacked to are somebody’s sister, girlfriend, friend, classmate, coworker of even boss. And they all go on with their lives aftewards.

Eh? That’s fine, then, I won’t do that.

But I’ve seen people do “Ask the…” topics just like that before (having someone answer for them, while they were there right then, while the SDMBer types for them). A few times.
When did it become against the rules?

Not arguing against it, mind you…just wondering/curious.

No, nor was I implying she should.

I found out something I thought was amazing and unbelievable and that blew me away. I just wanted to share it with someone else, that’s all.
I don’t see it as a bad thing. I don’t see it as a hot thing.
I just see it as a “Whoa! Holy crap!” thing…and I wanted to tell someone else (in this case, the MPSIMS board).

I know it’s the kink their going for and while I rationally realize I shouldn’t judge someone for their particular kink. . . this site sort of grosses me out. Most of these chicks look like 11 year old girls- braces and all.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t be judgmental and even though I know that, I’ve got the same initial reaction.

Why would they be sleeping on the couch instead of on your brother’s Johnson?:confused:

Thank you.

It isn’t. That’s why I said, “We prefer not to have you typing other people’s comments on the SDMB” instead of “Don’t do that. It’s against the rules.” It keeps things cleaner.

She’d probably look better if she were a bit … rounder. The pose on all fours is not flattering; her feet look big and wrinkly, and her behind looks like … well… two elbows.

She has pretty eyes though.

Man, that website is worse than

The more I think about it, the more I would like to have a “Ask A Top Girl at” thread, no matter who does the typing (as long as “Emilie” does the answering of course). Maybe it’s the Holden Coufield in me, but there’s a lot of things that I’d like to ask someone who poses for such pictures, and this is a golden opportunity …