So Who Else Is Working Today?

I am working today from 9 am until 6 pm Eastern Time Zone.

I am in a call center of sorts.

They asked for volunteers, they said “we were real busy last year.” I don’t have any kids, I had a 4-day weekend last week and it’s double and a half holiday pay. I figured what the hell.

All the places to buy lunch are closed, so I brought an MRE for lunch, rather appropriate for this holiday I think.

So far, no calls. Just reading the intranets.

Anyone else?

I don’t think anyone in my physics research group even considered not working today.

Yea! I’m not alone!

What are you researching?

Today is a holiday for me, but I logged on and did what work I had available – which wasn’t much. One file is simply emailed to Experian. There was one other file that came in, and the only thing I do is run it through a program I wrote (it’s in fixed-block text format, so I don’t even have to convert it) and send the output to three places.

Sorry to threadshit Brian but no I’ve got the day off and I’m not even 'merkin! :slight_smile:

Why is it a day of, btw? I assume its an American thing?

You crazy celt! :slight_smile:

Memorial Day .

I’m working. No bank holiday here in Sweden.


Thursday is a bank holiday. And then I get Friday off as a “squeeze day” (no idea how or why, it seems that if a bank holiday is one day from the weekend you sometimes get the friday off too, depending on your employer). And then I get Monday off as that is Sweden’s national day.

Brilliant. thurs-mon all off. You may all start hating me now.

In the US, it’s Memorial Day - a day to remember those who lost their lives serving our country in the armed services.

These days, it’s always part of a three day weekend, so many people party, BBQ, etc…often forgetting the reason we have the day off.
I have the day off, but my company headquarters is in Canada, and they are working today. (Payback for Victoria Day last weekend…)
I’m monitoring e-mail, but haven’t had to do anything yet.

I wish I worked today. I’d be making time and a half, but sadly, I’m not scheduled.

Though I’ve had a FT, permanent job for 9 months, I was unemployed for over two years before that, so I’m incapable of turning down freelance when it’s offered – so I’m working on a freelance job right now. Should finish the current chunk in an hour or two, then will do some stuff around the house I need to do, then will start on the next chunk of this job. Or take a nap. Seems wrong to have a three-day weekend and not take a single nap, and I was out both of the last two afternoons.

My office is open every day but my current schedule has me off on Sunday and Monday. So no, though holidays are usually pretty slow.

Preach it brother. being laid off for the entire year of 2009 was enough “vacation” for a good long while.

Yup. Festival season is ramping up and all the techs, directors, coaches & singers have rolled into town, so no days off for me for a while. Company doesn’t recognize Memorial Day or July 4 as holidays.

What do you do?

I’m a corporate travel consultant, since I last posted I’ve had 2 calls. Woo-hoo.

Business as usual here in the Great (formerly White, now Sunny) North.

Unfortunately it rained all last weekend and this weekend but today the sun has made an appearance and by all accounts it’s here for the next 7-10 happy happy days.

Tell me about it.

I had to book tomorrow off as vacation to get my [del]hay field[/del] lawn cut.

I’m still a n00b and they don’t want to give me holiday comp, so I’m off. I’m hoping this attitude extends through July 4th but I’m not holding my breath.

I would be ( I don’t get any holidays off automatically as we’re on a 24/7 schedule), but it just so happens Monday is my normal day off. As a consequence Monday holidays have a tendency to trip me up and confuse me - “what do you mean the bank is closed?” ;).