Spit, swallow or none of the above ?

I think I’m not quite normal. I don’t like to spit or swallow, I don’t even let him cum in my mouth.

So, help me figure out if just how weird I am. I’m not looking for any reasons or ways, just a simple poll. Guys, you can answer for your SOs if you’d like.

Just really wondering.

  1. Spit
  2. Swallow
  3. None of the above

I tend to prefer “none of the above”. It may be nutritious, but it sure ain’t delicious. But I have to confess that with the right amount of alcohol in me I’ve been known to swallow.


My wife will swallow anytime I want, let me come on her anytime I want, but I usually like to come inside her, and so does she!:smiley:

I’ll give a fabulous bj, but I don’t want the results in my mouth. It happened one time and I threw up (this was years ago). Maybe that ruined it for me.

Ruined it for you? Imagine how he feels! :eek:
Condolences all around.

This poll was conducted a few months ago here and we didn’t find many in the #3 category although Dave really did want to know more about that particular choice.

I don’t mind the not swallowing. I wouldn’t either. Hell, when I’m reciprocating, it’s not like I slurp down all the juices contained therein.

But remember something non-swallowers! Mr. Happy has just been in warm and wet environment. Don’t leave him chilly in the breeze at that important moment. Keep him warm with your hands please. :slight_smile:

2, usually.
Reasons I would not- if I know he has eaten something spicy earlier in the day. Ick.

Haha, I didn’t throw up on him or anything. I went to the bathroom. Also, I was only about 18 and it was maybe my second bj ever. I was very inexperienced.

Spicy? Does that really affect the flavour? What foods make it taste best? Someone told me pineapple.

I’ve been drinking a lot of pineapple juice for that sole reason. Now if I could just find someone to test the theory on.

Doesn’t help the tiniest bit, I’ve been told.

Amazing how some topics just cum again and again don’t they?

In my experience, almost all women have favored #2 as their preferred mode unless they were new to the technique and/or in high school (when I was too). Probably:

  1. 10%
  2. 85%
  3. 5%

Of course, that was pre-Mrs. Malice, so now it’s 100% #2 :slight_smile:

Swallow, unless my stomach’s feeling urky for some reason. Then none of the above.

I dont know why but I like to kiss my girlfriend after she’s swallowed.


I don’t spit or swallow. Most of the time I just let it drool all over me, and down to the ground. Then the dog licks it up. It’s fun for the whole family.
Except when Fifi has to get her stomach pumped, but that’s only happened two or three times max.

Ender: You don’t have a dog, you wenis.