[spoiler]You don’t need the shield for the underground river. It’s mostly pretty safe, especially if you use a modicum of stealth. I have the shield installed and I never used it in my travels. The only must-have as far as I’m concerned is the thermal charger.

You will need the shield eventually, though, so the search isn’t a waste. [/spoiler]

In that case–especially if I’ll plausibly make a trip back to the surface before the next part–I’ll go ahead to the river.

“Need the shield generator?” I thought. “Nah, I’m good–I’ll just not take the Cyclops anywhere too dangerous.”

So here I am, at the very end of the game, and


Heh. I did warn you… and even italicized “will” :).

I honestly never had an issue at the entrance to the underground river. I built a base just before that first big drop off, parked the cyclops there and took the prawn suit down for my resource explorations and later to do the quest stuff.

Save the image of the map(s) into your screenshots folder, then load it into a picture frame on your Cyclops. Boom- instant chart room.

I have only my own fool self to blame. Tonight I set up scanner rooms everywhere.

That’s pretty much what I did–a tiny little base just before inactive lava zone, outside of the sight of the ghost leviathan, which I rarely used.

I used mine extensively as it had a water processing plant, moon pool and all of the build facilities as well as locker space and a large garden. There is tons of uranium down there so I just build a nuclear plant, filled it with rods and never worried about it again.

My main base was so built up that by the time I went down there, I had nearly everything that could be built except for nickel and kyanite and sulfur crystals, plus lockers full of spare materials. The only thing I needed was a single power cell charge, and a moon pool to build the final mods. I thought of adding more, but it seemed superfluous at that point.

On my first playthrough this was what I did, but this last time I build a bunch of smaller bases, many of which were just a scanner room and some kind of power. The base I built to really explore the lost river system was probably my most extensive, even if it was just a couple of rooms. The cyclops was probably my main base in this game, as it had everything…plus I could move it around. The only thing I wish it has was a resource scanner, but then if they gave us that I wouldn’t have built anything but the sub after the first base.

Yeah, my main base wasn’t practical. But it was fun. I spent a board meeting sketching out floor plans :).

After looking around for a good 45 minutes, and because life’s too short, I finally gave up and looked up the coordinates of the stupid wreck with the stupid data box with the stupid plans for the stupid shield generator. Now everything is prepped to build the cockpit; I saved the game and will play through the last five minutes tomorrow afternoon, so my daughter can watch the end per her request.

All right, just finished it. That’s the best damn ending of a game I’ve played in a really long time, maybe since Planescape:Torment. And yeah, stay to the end of the credits :D.

So I’m stuck earlier.

I’ve found the Degrassi underwater biome (jellyshroom cave), all of the lifepods that have sent signals, explored the Aurora except for a couple of coded rooms I couldn’t get in, and explored the alien base on the Mountain island. I’ve got a Cyclops, Seamoth, Base, and a PRAWN suit.

But I appear to have run out of (or more likely missed the latest of) the “pointers” to the next thing to do. I assume I need to go deeper (one of the Degrassi PDA logs said so), but I have no idea where. I’ve been resource-gathering for ages and have most of the depth modules (not the ones for the cyclops).

I’m not gonna spoiler things, since anyone who’s read this far in the thread should know what they’re in for.

At various places in the deep dark, there are entrances to an underground “river” of green glowy acid. Look down amidst the blood vines. I took a few beacons in the seamoth and toodled around until I found them; ended up finding two different places, and using the one that allowed easier access for the cyclops.

Yeah, exactly. Basically the next stage is exploration of the lost river system. There is a pod near one of the entrances…I don’t recall what the pod number is but it’s one that’s pretty deep and near a lot of the blood oil plant thingies. You will see a cave mouth and what looks like a series of waterfalls (which is really cool under the ocean), and if you follow those you’ll find a lot. You will definitely need that prawn suit with a maxed out pressure compensator, and you’ll want to have your drill arm and grapple attachment as well (I’d also recommend the thermal generator and increased armor, as well as the larger suit storage, but you’ll have to swap things in and out to make the most of all of that).

Yep, I got myself down there last night, which triggered (I assume) the radio call to go to the captain’s quarters on the Aurora, so I’m unblocked (although it looks like I need a lot more upgrades on my equipment). Thanks, everybody!

I’m considering buying this game for myself and for my son, but I haven’t decided whether to get it for my Xbox One or PC. Amnyone have any recommendations?

And also, do both versions allow multiple saves?

If you buy it on PC, you can wait for a sale on Steam and get it cheap :). Unlike many other games, this one was developed native to PC, so the controls work very well and intuitively. Beyond that, I have no experience with the Xbox version, so I can’t compare them.

Normally, I would wait for a sale myself, but the kid wants it now. How demanding is it, graphically? And does the PC version allow multiple saves?

It can be demanding if you put the settings to high. I’ve played it on a GTX970 and GTX1060-3GB on 1440p: the fans will need to kick in, no doubt. But it can run a 9y old 27" iMac (720p, HD4850) on low settings as well.

You can have multiple saves, just a shame you can not name them - at least not that I have found.

My son plays creative and me on survival.