The 24 Types Of Libertarian

This is probably more MPSIMSy but since it deals with a political subject I posted it here. Anyway here’s a handy guide to the 24 Types Of Libertarian. My favourite is Briefly Tempting. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that before; always worth a few laughs.

Tough call - The Island or the Apostle?

IMHO, many of the libertarians on this board lean toward The Island

Bizarrely Hypocritical is hilarious

It is still not a debate.

Off to MPSIMS.

Anybody wanna comment on 22 of the 24 being White males?

OK, grand. Just didn’t wanna post it in MPSIMS and end up with lots of political debate. :wink:

This one is good too:
24 Types of Liberals

Not quite.

Deliberately misrepresenting things, such as links or wars, is a Conservative hallmark.

That is just lousy, sorry.

So is a lack of humor beyond the bigoted and sadistic; Polish jokes are high art by conservative standards. I’ve seen a lot better humor aimed at liberals by liberals than I have seen humor by conservatives aimed at anything.

Not funny, but neither is the one in the OP…

The funniest bit isn’t even one of the 24; it’s the guy up top by the title saying “No fair, oversimplifying our simplistic philosophy!”

Oops, guess I touched a nerve.

I still think “The Dreamer” is the bet.

No, just bizarre, considering that the majority of those are rightist viewpoints. Ghats not to mention that the cartoon is labeled “24 types of authoritarians,” not liberals.

:rolleyes: Hardly, you mislabeled your link and the link is just, eh, crap.

The majority? They look pretty evenly divided between the two parties to me.

Are we going to quibble about the difference between 12 and 13? Is that really the point?

I’m not terrified. I just like having lots of ammo.