The Apprentice -- 3/11

I can’t stop myself! I’ve got to start the “Apprentice” thread!

So – who pissed off Carolyn? And how? And was it enough to make the Donald do his snake-dance “you’re fired” move and send another poor schmuck “down to the street”?

It’s got to be Katrina that pisses Carolyn off as I can’t imagine anyone else doing that.

My vote’s with Bill. Heck, he pisses me off every week! That ought to count for something.

I think it’s Katrina she refers to…

Carolyn says something about doing nothing in her group. And I think Katrina fits that description the most. Kwame kinda does, but he steps up for his mistakes, been Project Manager twice and I don’t think that refers to doing nothing. Katrina does absolutely nothing, just follows and does an okay job of flying under the radar. This isn’t Survivor so flying under the radar is NOT a good strategy for this reality show.

My bad, Twick. Should’ve known you’d be on top of things.

I have to admit, the first person I thought of when they said someone “crosses Carolyn” was Heidi, because she doesn’t know when to close her mouth. But yeah, thinking about it, Katrina is probably the better bet. She’s got an attitude and she hasn’t done jack.

So the Don says they’re pulling rickshaws this week in Central Park. (O why couldn’t Omarosa have lasted one more week!) :wink:

This just in: apparently posing for Playboy is unprofessional, while posing for FHM is hunky-dory. At least, so says Ereka, which is why she, Amy, Katrina and Krista will be scantily clad on your newsstand – yet not nude – in the near future.

I’m not sure what is more stupid. Posing for playboy for money to think it will boost your career or making you appear as a money hungry gobsucker. Or Turning down the MOney and posing for FHM for Free.

If you are going to whore youself, shouldn’t you get paid for it?

The Donald was right to fire them.

It was an “all-female staff.” Say no more, dear. You’ll publicly show off your bod as long as no evil, exploitative males have anything to do with processing the film.

Nice to read that the Troyster’s already getting offers, though. You go, farmboy! Dio metal sign

[seperate universe] Hey, Troy can’t be getting job offers, he’s working for Trump![\seperate universe]

I still got my pony money on that one…

[seperate universe] Hey, Troy can’t be getting job offers, he’s working for Trump![\seperate universe]

I still got my pony money on that one.

Oh, and Katrina should be getting the suitcase ride down tonight.

Rickshaws? Fun, but I’m glad that NBC has opened up the lines for better challenges. They should get one for rewards too.`

Two raging bitches dumped in two successive weeks? 'Twould be a plethora of riches!

Riches. Bitches. Hey, I rhyme.

katrina is the first person i thought of when i saw the preview.

hey did ya’ll see the cover of USA today? Troy is on the cover with the caption: Troy - the man to beat.

Quite frankly, Troy is only one i really like. always has been.
amy - she’s okay.
nick - now way!
bill - maybe

I’ve submitted two. Since I have no legal rights to them anymore, I’ll share them with you all now:

One: the first task. Instead of selling lemonade, teams sell newspapers, yelling “extra extra!” just like real newsboys. Teams would have to buy papers to resell, just like real paper carriers.

Two: Team 1 gets a list of used car makes and models, and must purchase as many as possible for as little as possible in one day. The next day, Team 2 must sell the cars that Team 1 bought for as much as possible. Team 1 wins if Team 2 can’t match their investment.

Heidi’s out, but Trump didn’t seem to be happy with either of them. And, once again, the boardroom drama is nowhere near as explosive as promised. Still enjoyable, though.

Can I be the first to say that Heidi got screwed? Did Kwame really contribute more to this task than she did? The answer, IMO, is a resounding NO. Troy kept Kwame out of the boardroom out of friendship, period. I recall that being a factor in Ereka’s firing… If Kwame had been chosen, he’d have been out on his ass, because though he’s a likable guy, he’s pretty damn useless and he’s only gotten this far by flying under the radar. How much longer can that last?

Well, at least Heidi can go home and be with her mom with a clear conscience. I did like her but I knew she wasn’t going to be in the final running. I was disappointed in Troy but not surprised. He’s a good ol’ boy through and through. I am now officially rooting for Amy to win if it comes down to Amy v. Troy.

I thought selling the rickshaw thing was hard. The advertising bit on it for it was genius and selling the punch cards was a good idea too. Advertising always sells.

My question was, when it was just down to Troy and Heidi, after she called him an “Asshole” and he said " Ouch". What else did she say and his response. I missed it entirely.
I want to see Katrina get punted, but not nearly as much as Nick. He bugs me, especially with the complete refund on a half day of advertising for the business whose sign fell off. It should have been less and he would have retained his honor. Had Versacorp lost, he would have been grilled over a slow roasted flame for a complete refund.

Amy is playing Nick like a kazoo.
Very entertaining.

Interrobang I like both suggestions.

Line of the week:

“We’re looking up the ass of a dead dog with fleas.”

I’m still trying to figure out what it means but it sounds cool.

This is the first time I think I’ve sen troy make a real mistake. He really should have picked Kwame to stay in the BR instead of Heidi, and he saved Kwame for the same reason that Ereka saved Katrina. I think George was wrong in his statement that Troy hasn’t separated himself, though.

It was really just tough luck for Troy’s team this week. They got beat by a better idea. I used to hate Heidi but I was kind of sad to see her go. At least she handled it with dignity, she didn’t cry or whine or anything. Ironic that Omarosa constantly carped that Heidi had no class but Heidi showed a ton more class in her firing than Omarosa did.

Did anyone else like the way that Troy shifted gears when he realized his appointments weren’t panning out and he just said to hell with it, changed into his cowboy get up and started selling rides? It really did look like his team was having fun and that’s one of the reasons that people like him as a leader.

Well, Amy really stepped up to the plate this episode with the smarts. Using the advertising campaign and then working the former contacts was a great idea and I’ll be the first to admit it. That was brill and if she executes another strategy like that while working as PM then her stock with the Donald is gonna go up; and I basically think that firing decisions aren’t made really on the basis of the individual task but within the big picture of the entire series thus + how your Donald stock is doing. And Donald Stock is influenced by the Flinty and All-Seeing eyes of the Kickass Viceroy Squad.

But Amy-honey, you are cute for sure but not so cute that it’s just mindblowingly inconceivable that Wall Street guys don’t think you’re worth a 50$ pedicab ride. Seriously, Katrina had it right with Amy’s smug attitude about “Everyone Loves ME and wants to BE me” but I’m gonna cut her Anu-slack on account of the fact that she stepped up to the plate. I’d like to see a showdown between her and Girlfriend Carolyn, though.

A good idea? Yep. Genius? Hardly. Stand on any busy corner in central Manhattan and you’ll see hundreds of taxis covered with advertising. The solution was staring them right in the face.

Diogenes, you’re right about Troy. He blew it by letting his friendship with Kwame get in the way of business–meaning Troy should have fired Kwame. Trump should have punished Troy for making a bad decision by axing Heidi, but Trump had to choose the worse of two evils. Make no mistake: Trump won’t forget Troy’s indiscretion. Both Troy and Kwame are on borrowed time. Last week Trump made it clear that Heidi was on borrowed time, too.

BTW, I heard in a news report today that Amarosa claims somebody on one of the two teams called her the N-word and that NBC had to bleep it out. NBC quickly issued a denial.

My money is on a retooling of the team line-up, pitting Nick and Amy in a final showdown. If this is the best America can come up with, we are in big trouble.

It’s probably just the best NBC can come up with :). Okay, potential FHM models with reasonable resumes over here. Other people, thanks for coming but no thanks.

I know quite a few people that are hella smarter and more entrepreneurial than these folks (including my future brother-in-law who sold his first company at the age of 17) but they would never make it on because a) they don’t want to go on a reality TV show and b) while they are attractive, they’re not supermodels either.