The Big Bang Theory 11-8-12: The Habitation Configuration

I’ll be right back. Here: feel free to play with yourself.

a good line.

I’m a little disappointed that Sheldon didn’t take the emimently logical position that Amy was being quite rude to Wil Wheaton first. Then Leonard and Penny could have explained that that doesn’t matter, he has to be on Amy’s side even if he thinks she’s wrong (which she obviously was). That would have been funnier than drunk Sheldon.

The show had some funny moments, but most of them seemed to be masturbation related, and they made Amy appear to be psycho-bitchy for no particular reason. She picks fights with two of Sheldon’s nerd-crushes, demands he “defend her” against Will–I think she’s smarter than that. If she ever hopes to get in Sheldon’s pants, that ain’t the way to make it happen.

This show is becoming less Nerdvana and more Friends 2, Dysfunctional Boogaloo.

The thing I was uncomfortable with was the lack of consistency on Sheldon’s part. On other shows he has shown a knowledge of mixed drinks, but his ignorance regarding the components of a Long Island Iced Tea seemed very inconsistent with the earlier exhibited knowledge. I was a tiny bit thrown by his pose when challenging Will to a fight. Sheldon took on the posture of an 1880’s prize fighter. Seemed off to me.

Her course of action got the guy drunk and receptive to Penny’s advice about doing whatever it takes to make Amy happy; that’s missing it pretty danged close.

Really? That fighting seems spot on for the character. I imagine he’d be the sort that thinks he can learn to fight from reading a book, but also would choose something like the marquis of Queensbury as his manual of choice.

Anyone else catch Wil’s house number? :wink:

I have a problem with that, too. At least twice now Penny has gotten Sheldon drunk without his consent. I don’t find that funny, I find it unethical and disturbing. If you just have to do “accidentally drunk” storylines, use some method that does not involve one person intentionally drugging another.

The tea drinking scene was a little too much. No way could he drain a glass that fast, there was obviously a special effect involved. Sure, it’s just a comic device but it wouldn’t have hurt to be just a wee bit plausible. And how is it that Penny waits tables at times and tends bar at times? That usually isn’t how it works. And why have a bar if Sheldon is the only one who ever drinks at it?

I think they’ve milked the Howard moving out drama too long. Let his character grow up.

haven’t seen this week’s show yet. I thought last week’s was really good, but never saw a thread here for it. If the show has a few bad episodes, I’ll cope. It’s still one of my favorite tv comedies ever

I think she was doing it on purpose. Unlike Sheldon Amy knows that convention requires her boyfriend to agree with her & defent her no matter how irrational she’s acting. Which is exactly what she wants.

I don’t think there was any special effect. The glass was filled with ice, so there was probably only six or seven ounces of tea in it. That’s not too hard to sip down quickly.

Still think it is misguided. Forcing him to choose is risky. Sheldon’s just about asexual anyway, and not entirely comfortable with the notion of being in a romantic relationship such as it is. If she becomes more trouble than she’s worth, he may cut her loose.

“Well Texas welcome to Long Island.”

Another episode where they tried to squeeze a too large cast into 24 minutes. There just isn’t time for reasonable storylines for all of them. And note how “Stuart the regular” wasn’t on again. Hate to think what this episode would have been like if they tried to squeeze him in, too.

Don’t know where they’re going with AFF as such overtly mean person.

I doubt that glass held even 6 or 7 ounces. More like 2 or 3. Jim and Kaley were on the verge of cracking up when he was slurping the first one down. People get goofy trying to get thru several takes of this sort of thing.

The biggest issue with the show continues to be the “drunks are funny” meme.

Comparing this episode with the ones from the first two seasons is sad. It’s running on fumes.

AFF has shown her seriousness about a relationship and her multiyear plan. even though Sheldon has modified from earlier, it is AFF the newer character of Shamy that has to change quickest or the most.

NO, I didn’t (I did notice Wil’s “The Guild”* T shirt), was it 1701?

*Internet series where Wil occasionally appears.


Yup. :slight_smile:

I didn’t catch the beginning of that part, did she actually tell him it was a long island or did she just call it tea?