The Big Bang Theory, Season 11, Episode 23 (May 3, 2018) -- "The Sibling Realignment"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

“I’d rather swallow a pregnant wildcat and crap out a litter of kittens.”

Wow. We find out that Sheldon’s brother made his life hell growing up, and Sheldon winds up apologizing to him. And his mother, who stirred up the whole thing, throws up her hands and says “settle it between yourselves.” I hope the plane carrying them both to the wedding crashes and burns.

Were we watching the same show?

Is Kathy Bates Amy’s mom? I only caught a glimpse of the preview. I remember Amy’s mom as a stork like looking older woman. As always, I enjoy Sheldon becoming a real boy episodes. Is this episode going to get an Emmy for make up? Raj— brrrrrr!

It looked like Teller is her dad.

No kidding - to me it was obvious that George was a tough but caring older brother. Sheldon is an extremely unreliable narrator, especially relating to how others treat him.

I did enjoy how Leonard & George bonded over experiences putting up with Sheldon’s shit.

Great line!

Too late to edit - George may have made Sheldon’s life “hell”, but that’s only because to Sheldon, not having his every whim & desire catered to is hell. I don’t know if that’s correctly placed on Sheldon, especially as a child, but you certainly can’t place that on George either.

Jerry O’Connell actually looks like the kid who plays Georgie in Young Sheldon. Great bit of casting. I assume Missy is coming to the wedding. Are they getting the same actress who played her before?

I found the moment between George and Leonard touching, when George bares his soul as to why he was so upset with Sheldon. George is a successful, probably quite wealthy, business man, but because his mother was so focused on getting Sheldon the opportunities his intelligence warranted he got shoved to the side. I don’t think it’s unfair for him to expect Sheldon to acknowledge those struggles.

I am not watching Young Sheldon regularly, but a scene in an early episode caught me. Mary basically puts her foot down and says yes, Sheldon must go to high school to get the education he needs. They are a lower middle class family and the options to educate a gifted child are limited for them.

Yes, as discussed in previous threads, Missy will be played by the same actress as played her before.

In some ways, Sheldon is still a child. For example, he told Leonard that his brother Georgie threw out Sheldon’s chosen costume when Sheldon was eight years old, but doesn’t have the maturity today to realize that George did so because George knew the reaction that an eight-year-old boy who dressed as Marie Curie for Halloween in 1988 small-town Texas would get.

Here’s proof.

I agree, he was perfect as Georgie!

Wow. As we’ve seen time and time again both in TBBT and now YS, it’s Sheldon (more properly his irrational fears, lack of social skills and inability to relate to anyone except his mother on anything other than an intellectual level) who has made Sheldon’s life hell, and managed to drag his family and friends with him.

Here’s Annie O’Donnell, the actress who played Amy’s mom in one brief appearance. Compare with Kathy Bates, who’s standing next to Teller in the selfie.

And can we talk about the pink eye? I kept expecting Amy to swipe her eye and smear it on Penny’s face. I don’t blame her being upset about getting it a week before her wedding.

They may handwave that away by saying that’s her step mom.

Yeah, Sheldon’s whims and desires include watching Star Trek without someone sitting on his head. How entitled can you get?

And forget whether he’s a reliable narrator, think about just the parts that we saw. George isn’t invited to the wedding and their mother uses blackmail to try and change it. Sheldon is insulted, and has an invitation thrown back in his face, and mom’s reaction is “oh, don’t bring me into this; settle it between yourselves.” What’s the message for Sheldon to take from that, except that George’s feelings matter and his don’t?

The family may have worked to provide for Sheldon’s intellectual growth, but his emotional deficits make a little more sense now. It’s hard to learn to express your feelings when your family treats you like you don’t have any.

Do you have a brother? That’s pretty minor stuff, IME. George also protected him at school, drove him everywhere, and apologized to people for things he said, all without a single thank you. Getting all that for the occasional head sitting is a pretty good deal. Besides, it was hilarious.

I thought Mary was out of line too - once Sheldon flew out to Texas and George blew him off, I thought he had done everything he could. But it turns out she was right, wasn’t she? Her insistence wound up fixing up a 10 year feud between her sons.