The most F-ed up thing/bat shit is not enough

Stumbled upon this forum by accident. I thought the 9-11 truthers were off base. well this is their inbreeded cousin. This is conspiracy x 1000

Some things you learn (unless you are completely narrowminded, or payed off by the NWO of course)

9-11:there were no planes,it was all “CGI” some dispute the towers even went down.

Norway killings: Never happened. It was all “CGI”, the killer doesnt exist, the victims are fake.or “sims” rather…

I will try to refrain from using the word idiots…
just have a look,this is their take on the Norwegian massacre
/Mr. K. Evor

some amazing critical thinking

Didn’t click. Good on me?

And I hate CGI.

I’ve heard people who say the twin towers were brought down by laser beams from space.

I want to say this was an urban legend, a South Park gag, or something, but I’m not so sure…

Everyone knows the USPS did it with magnetic C4.

I’m especially amused by the second photo, with the notation of ‘no reflection in car window’.

Kinda hard to have a reflection when it’s obvious that the glass has been blown out.

Time to increase my holdings in Alcoa.

I’ve seen people argue that there were no planes at the WTC: they were missiles, and the government edited the (live) newsfeeds to CGI in planes on top of the missiles.

Just when you think the 9-11 conspiracy theories can’t get any whackier, they go and prove you wrong.
How do they explain for the people who were actually there and saw said planes?

I honest to God thought that was a spoof site. Then I clicked around, and if it’s a joke, it’s a really thorough and well done one. As a photographer, the photographic “analysis” particularly makes my head spin. :eek:

I hear you - I spent an hour (give or take) reading through stuff on that site.

Wow…Just wow…

I spent way too long reading that site last night. If it’s genuine then there are some truly deranged (and ignorant) people out there.

I read a whole thread about the London terror attacks in 2005. The “analysis” of various photos of the bombed-out bus was especially moronic. They seem to have no concept of the effect of zoom lenses. No links, as I’m at work, but the gist of it was “In this photo the background looks really far away, and in this one it looks really close, and yet the bus is the same size.”

There’s no headsmack smiley smacky enough.

There was at least one truther who used to claim that there were no actual eyewitnesses - everyone who says they saw the planes was either in the wrong position to see them, or looking away at just the wrong time, and then just assumed it was a plane when the tower exploded.

That, or they were paid shills.

And I’m not kidding.

is there a diagnosis for this kind of “thinking”/“reasoning” ? it HAS to be pathological. JESUS

Yeah, there pretty much is, it’s called paranoid schizophrenia.

My favorite parts are when they show a photo with something circled with no comment. As if the “photoshopping” was just so obvious that everyone can see it.

Well to be fair, they can tell its a 'shop by looking at the pixels and by having seen quite a few 'shops in their time.

To toot my own horn, I may not be great at spotting CGI, but I am able to spot when someone is using knock-off Chinese pixels in their 'shops.

I spend a lot of time on a fairly large conspiracy forum, and I hate to say that there are a lot of people who actually believe this stuff.

Among the whackier things I have seen on that board:

The Earth is surrounded by a glass shield. Meteorites sliding across this shield is what causes them to heat up, and gives them the glossy look they get. The sun and other planets are actually a lot smaller and closer to the earth, they just appear bigger because of the glass. Also, there’s a larger glass shield around the solar system.

Osama Bin Laden and Obama are the one and the same. This is the real reason he won’t produce his real birth certificate.

Every high level official is a secret pedophile. Most of the missing children in America have been smuggled to Congress, the Senate, the White House, etc for the secret orgies that go on at these places.

The whole reason we went to Iraq was to steal Suddam’s stargate. Yes, the stargate from the tv show Stargate: SG1. The whole show was a cover up, to make people think there isn’t really a stargate. Which leads me to the next one.

The NWO exists, and has rules it must follow. Most if not all of Hollywood movies, tv shows, etc. is just the NWO telling us what they have done or will do. You see, although they are secret and work in shadows, they still have to reveal everything to us because of some rule. One such example used to prove this was that a pre-9/11 simpsons episode predicted the twin towers falling.

I won’t post a link to the forum in question since I don’t want to start a board war. It’s easy to google however.

Don’t tell me you buy the line that the so-called “WTC towers” were there to BEGIN with! Do you also believe in King Kong?

Admit it, you never saw them in person, right? And if you say yes, I’ll know you’re part of the cover-up…

I’ve always admired that particular bit of logic. “If you disagree with me, you’re obviously in on it.” It’s so perfectly circular.