The Most Flagrant Nutjob Of All Time

Go. And see the light. If light is the right word. Need a cite? I’ll gladly provide. I think this little snippet of one of his dozen-page rantings will do.

And the Lebon goes to…

Wow. You know, all the best lunatics are online these days. I like how he has his resume on the site. On it, he lists 2 years at a college, another year at a tech school, then a third line directing potential employers to his site “for explanation of my lack of professional accreditations and formal education degrees.”

Of course, he expects people to go to the site and understand his predicament:

Somehow I think they’ll come to a different conclusion regarding the reasoning for his lack of formal degrees.

He also repeatedly claims that the government is covertly censoring everything he posts online, including Usenet postings and additions to his web page. You’d think if that were the case, his daring expose of their illegal actions would have been censored too, but, oddly enough, that didn’t happen.

He blames various agencies of the U.S. government (and “several foreing countries”) for everything from losing his job and not being able to find a new one to a car accident to losing friends and not being able to find new ones.

This guy needs to go on some medication.

Wow. That’s about all I can say. This man is a genius in a scary deluded way.
I double dog someone to call the phone number provided. naturally at your own risk.

How did you find this guy, Gadfly?

At least he has a wide variety of “hoobies” to keep him busy:

Holy SHIT! This guy makes Gene Ray of “Time Cube” fame look like a mere eccentric!


This bit from the biography produced a pretty amusing mental picture:

Has anyone read any of William Burrough’s early 1960s cut up novels? This guy seriously reminds me of them (although even more unhinged). Maybe next time he should try cutting up texts that made sense in the first place?

If he’s serious, I’d say the work bears all the hallmarks of schizophrenia (and I say that not as a doctor, but as someone who’s read a lot writing by people suffering from that condition).

And I’ll second HenrySpencer on this. This cat is dangerously out-of-sync.

I like this one:
“The incident was also time-synched to be at 29 degrees longitude to correlate to constantly in my life and to October, 1962, for 29 is 62 backwards, and to mean that my brain functions were neo-natal coup by time access from now in 1962”

Now, I’VE known that 29 is 62 backwards for years, but most folks haven’t grasped it yet…

WTF?.. It looks similar upside-down, but … oops! Am I giving the secret away? See you in 2002!

My diagnosis is schizophrenia. What say the rest of you?


I say he dained his bramage.

As advised by US ARMY General Henry Hughes Shelton, the firing procedures, if need be, cannot be stopped once started, for which reason, as briefed by him, my uncle tio Manolo, is made to get drunk, take out his penis when he does and then he began to urinate without stopping in the middle of the street.

After reading the passage shown above, I really have to vote for the Burrough’s cut up novel. Kind of makes me want to re-read Naked Lunch.

I say we say we start a pool; on what date will this guy be the lead story on the six o’clock news?

Oh, crap! It’s contagious!

Clearly, it’s time for you to forget to wipe, and start firing your revolver in exuberating.

Ye gads, this guy is so obviously sick I’m suprised he’s not in a locked ward. Is there any chance this is a put-on? He seems to be having some legal trouble, but why isn’t he doped to the gills in a padded room at this point?

This is just scary.

Whoops! The FBI made me hit “send” too soon…

This is the scary part.

What HenrySpencer said. If the guy is for real, he doesn’t need our derision as much as our sympathy.

He should have taken the blue pill.

Root beer. All over my face!

I found this guy during a random search in school. Also:

Check out his bit about “Time Accessed Gene Staining Methods” where he proves that the government has altered his genes… By drawing on himself with a garden-variety blue pen.

Maybe he’s schizophrenic, I dunno, but he’s a godsend. I mean, his material is deleriously funny and slightly creepy in that “What The Hell” sort of way.

He reminds me of that guy who posts at Fathom.

Good God.

Have a look at his evidence sheets under “Brain Video’s”.

Some of that stuff is defintly worthy of a Burrows-written , Lynch-directed , Kafka-approved, Machiavellian-produced movie

Example :

"La Dominicanita

Naked in a shower, turns back to the camera, walks towards me, her hair wet, now blacked by the rain, camera zooms in her entire naked body, has little goose bums in the breast, camera zooms on the breast, pans down to the genital area, zooms backwards, her entire body shows, she beguins to speak and says: “pra que sepas como soy you de verdad, asi es mi pelo cuando se moja, y asi soy yo” ,she walks away from the camera revealing her back side and her body

The dominicanita, grabbin a mamey seed, puts it in the middle of the crack of her genitals and says “mamey”, “ella es mamey, tu solo comes mamey dominicano”

La Dominicanita en Key West, by the Flager Railroad track, in a house in Puerto Rico but the setting in the Key West area from the outside surrounding, she stands up by the window in the right, glass cut windows, at the age of 13 yers old, with a dark blue pleated skirt, and says " this is me at this age", the camera switches does not pan to a bedroom, same moment, she is there standing in front of the “bedroom piec of furnite where you put your undergrments” and says “mira roly this is my hope chest, do you know what is inside my hope chest”

Never seen the Dominicanita ever again in brain video, physically saw her once and her fallacies were to not approach me, meaning she is not the one doing the video, or has no control of how is done, and that such brain videos are dubbed from the US Secret Service director who dubbs himself as anyone and later on uses the ego of general, agents of directors, whom will go alone with anything to make themselves important"

Yesterday, Thursday, 2-13-2003, as I dove to the cafeteria on nw 44 avenue, next to sw 8th stret and turing right on this stretwhat one ofthe 1960 astronaust weas made to se, dzlign yellow stars was shown to me in the road as follows

Satellite brian video was turned on as I drove, video capus was superimposd in my visual campus, no interruption of my normal visual campus, I still continue to see the road and all normally, but dazzling twinklin yellow strs, which will come and go ion many areas of the road, as as sparklin abotu 1 cm in width and someone said: “that what he saw, that what we made him see by time access”

Abotu 6 to 7 stars on the ground, on the aslphat, on the air, in front view, very pretty ws shown to me, the someone said: "satellite brain video iluimination even to an astronatu in space in 1960 , and someo said "it dont matter how far from the earth they are either

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton bringing me two naked girls

Very pretty guitar like body she has, army dickheads made a lot of fun of her video later on with her walking with a pistol and duct tape on her back and other shit. IF it had been true that she was my wife, whihs she ws not

2-15-2003 addendum

Some of this is edited byt he FBI, al doen to censor, some items are removed after I type them, all this is ilelgal to edit or remove and is punihabel by real law jail time

Hillary comes from right to left butt naked, very pretty, guitr like body, pettite body, nice american arian ass, nto so big or prnounced, flat like, hips big, wlaks from right to left, grabs two girls with her, one of each hand and bring them to me in the middl eof a open field, tow young girls for me to have sex with

A few technicinas a few days later, got the video from her, nd pasted in a taped hand gun in the back of her back, same as bure willis in the movie, tape with duct tape, and replayd the same video only as hillary turned, the gun became vissible in the camer taped to the back, I laughed for hours