The New Guy MMP

I found the 'Dope in a web search. The first thread I remember reading concerned why pigeons bob their head when they walk, and why some birds hop and some walk.

Welcome to this week’s mmp ** flytrap ** :wink:

I was sitting at my desk googleing random words to kill time and one result was a column by Cecil. I then noticed the thread spotting area and ended up on the workplace griping thread, so I promptly read the whole thread from the beginning (about 100 pages at that time). The rest as they say is history (and unsuitable for human consumption:eek: )

I have no idea how I found the SDMB but I know somehow it involved AOL. The first thread I remember reading was the prehensile rectum started by Billy Rubin. I printed it and still it refer to it.

In other news, I got the blurfs. And I didn’t even stay up too late watching tv.

Good Moonday Morning!

If y’all want to confuse me with** Rio** today that will be cool, it will be that much longer before I have to start.

I wish I could post like Swampy but it would take me so long to figure out all the spellings that I’d forget what was going to write before I had time to write it.

I text in complete English as well, it’s faster to type words out than to remember the shorthand. Plus, text speak is ick.

It’s a barely above freezing 36 outside.

Today I will finish all the running I didn’t get done on Firday because I refuse to run errands on the weekends.
Sah-kid always wondered about that and one Sattiday he convinced me to go grocery shopping. After a few hours of hearing me cuss the traffic, the lack of parking and the long lines, he has come to understand that prodding momma to go out on a weekend is not a good thing.

Welcome Freebie

I don’t remember how I found the Straight Dope. I used to read it in the City Paper, when I could find it. Somehow I stumbled on it online years ago. I lurked. left, lurked left, and lurked some more.

I’m sure wordy this am. Dog woke me up, sah-kid woke me up, then woke me up again to tell me he doesn’t feel well and wants to stay home. He promised to clean the house if I let him stay home!!! I told him if he is sick he can stay home and he doesn’t have to clean the house.
I don’t know about that kid some days. Then again he says the same about me.

I should be blurfy but I’m not.

:::sigh::: sah-kid just sent me a text, he did go to school. Now I need to go pick him up.

Welcome Freebie

I honestly forget exactly why I came to the Dope and started posting. I know I lurked awhile before I began chiming in. It’s the polite thing to do.

Looking back it was 2008 when I was entering my 1st divorce, so I used it as a penalty free human interaction zone.
Spent a nice weekend at the parents. I go down and play ‘fixer of things technical.’ For 80 year olds Mom & Dad are actually quite technically modern, so with little discussion I assisted them in upgrading Mom’s 10 year old eMac (the last of the CRT iMacs) to a new iMac. It will be delivered this week and I will likely drive down again to help set it up next weekend (I want to migrate all her genealogy work to the new platform AND back it all up properly.)

Dad has had a nice iMac 27" for a few years (his eyesight is failing so the larger screen is very useful) so it was nice to bring Mom into the modern computer world, and Dad was pleased to get her something new & shiny.

Beyond that it’s quiet. Ish.

Found the SDMB while looking for a discussion of a Cecil column back in the 90s. So I read everything in that forum, then thought “Hey, what are these other discussions?” I remember two things: I thought “Café Society” was a brilliant name for a forum, and… this was the smartest, wittiest group of people I’d ever found. That’s what kept me coming back.

As I’ve mentioned to Blathering N00bs a couple of times, I lurked for almost a decade. I’m glad I did; got a feel for the board, the posters, the rules … and ah learnt me a thang or two!

I was so addicted to lurking, it was hard to actually respond to a thread the first time.

I remember him.

I was never a lurker, altho my first posts were pretty tentative and inane. They’re still mostly inane, but not tentative at all! :smiley:

I’ve finished 3 new drawings and fixed up a couple from last week. Now it’s lunch time. I never did get my hot chocolate - maybe I’ll have it with lunch.

I owned three Straight Dope books, and one day it occurred to me to look for it online. This was just after they’d changed their presence from AOL to this website. I read the columns for a few weeks and then discovered the boards. Joined that same evening, and I’ve been here since April 1999.

What I need to know now, oh, Mumpers, is where I can buy fabrics made of natural fibers (linen, cotton, silk, wool) at decent prices online. You see, I finally bought myself a sewing machine, and I’m ready to get down with my bad self.

something smells funny. It’s either time to do the dishes, wash the laundry, or take out the garbage. I don’t want to do all three, so I am just going to pick one and hope it is the source of the smell.

**Apes **- garbage is usually a good choice, unless your dishes have been sitting a couple of weeks. :eek: Laundry is only an issue if you live with a jock, a teenage boy, or a cat that pees in your laundry basket.

I have hot chocolate. I know you were all wondering. :smiley:

I really don’t remember how I got started, it’s been so long. And I’m not about to go look at my post history. shudder I have yet to find another board that covers the breadth of topics that we do here. I’ll admit I keep looking, because I always need another place to waste time.

I have two kids and a husband in taekwondo, so it could be the laundry, but I suspect the garbage. I try to keep the dishes rinsed before I stick them in the dishwasher. So garbage it is!

Good Monday Morning to all, and a happy welcome to Freebie!

I read the Straight Dope for years in the local City Paper, and stumbled upon the online presence just after 9/11 - guess I was looking for something to hold on to. And here I’ve stayed. I used to frequent other boards, but right now, it’s just SDMB. And I’m not much of a poster, never have been; mostly lurker. But the MMP just seemed to have such a friendly community sense to it, that is what drew me in. The cast of characters seems to be ever changing but the sense of family doesn’t change.

We got more snow in Albuquerque last night!! Not much, though, only about an inch - the better part of the storm went to the east and south, and north in Colorado. :eek: Texas panhandle is under a blizzard warning, I think. :frowning: Hopefully this is the last storm of the season … she says as she knocks on wood three times!!!

Did anyone else see Meryl Street at the Oscars last night? A close family friend commented that she “looked like Maude in a nightgown!” but I didn’t see her, so if anyone did, did she?! LOL I wasn’t all that impressed with Seth McFarlane - some of the jokes were insensitive and tasteless. :frowning: Oh well, it only happens once a year!

Happy Monday all. :slight_smile:

it wasn’t too bad, though her black bra was peeking out of the low cut decolletage!

Knew the books, found the web site and staggered into the MB. I read for a long time before I started posting. I guess what got me going was how much I enjoyed reading some of the posters and wanting to add my coppers worth to it all. Stumbled into the MMP and was highly impressed by several things:

  1. Some of the posters - the humor and the courage that pops up in some of the toughest times.
  2. How people who can be tooth and nail in GD sometimes can be very caring of each other here.
  3. The general diversity we have here compared to many threads.

It’s just a fun place.

I found the Dope because of a thread someone had posted about a found wallet.

I joined the MMP because I wanted to be one of teh Kool KIDZ.

waves at freebie (I woulda said Freckles LOL)
Must go to the sto today. I might just send the boys. I has a blurf.

Miss ya, Swampy!

Happy Monday all!

I originally found the SDMB via stumbleupon- this post, specifically :smiley:

I then hung around lurking for a few months, until someone said something wrong, and I had to jump in… :smiley:

I’m making up for the busy day yesterday by still being in pyjamas at 5pm today. It’s cold outside, and I’m trying to find a good, cheap tent online. It’s not exactly weather that makes one want to camp, but I find they’re cheaper to buy out of season, I’m planning a couple of trips this year, and I currently have money spare, so…

I have done the laundry. I have also spent all of my credit slips at Mr. K’s. Now I’ll have to take in those other two bags of books I have waiting for them.

I’m having a very ADD day. I need to do a lot of things, but I have a bad case of the Don Juanas. I should at least write them down so I’ll have things to do the rest of the week. Things I’ve been putting off for far too long, like getting a new SS card. :smack: And I’m sure Complicated Friend would like the math puzzle book I promised him sometime this side of summer.:smack::smack:

::where is swampy?:: Did he call in sick?