The New Guy MMP

I totally agree with you on this.

Monday morning blurfs over here. Slept a lot, now trying to decide what I have any motivation to do. Looks like SDMB wins that contest :D.

I really don’t remember how I got here, but for the most part it’s been worthwhile (as long as I avoid dealing with those who hate me for having religious faith or for not agreeing with their politics).

**swampy **the slacker and some of his slacker buddies took a long weekend in Gatlinburg, TN. I think he said he’d try to post tonight when he gets back to Jawja. Who thinks he’ll bring us all souvenirs?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he ate too many Brussels sprouts.

I was a long time lurker - over 10 years. In the 90’s I used to read the Straight Dope column in Pitch - the Kansas City weekly independent. Found the SDMB web surfing at work. I can’t remember what thread I read first, but I do remember laughing so hard at the Princess Bride Jedi thread that I thought I might hurt myself.

Since then, I still tend to lurk more than post, but this message board is an important part of my life. The full spectrum of ideas, insights, advice, witticisms, criticisms and just plain stuff keeps me constantly entertained and engaged. Keeps me brain workin’, it does.

Anyway, I’ve been to the gym, made the bed, washed and dried a load of rags and rugs, and need to go get some work done. Yoga class this evening and then settle in for the 8-10 inches of snow they’re predicting for us.

He went to Dollywood without me? The cad! The bounder! He shall pay dearly for such an affront! I hope his character at the Titanic Museum doesn’t make it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Borrowed one of Unka Cecil’s early books from someone, then found his (current) column in the back of one of the Alt-weekly papers. [spoiler]Then I went online to find the column of the most, ahh “interesting”* list that I remembered from that book.

  • Interesting as in, “what the @#$%& were they thinking?”[/spoiler] Found the SMDB from there.
    New item added to my to-do list: Go pick out new fabric for the chair I’m having re-upholstered since I got a call that what I originally picked out has been discontinued. :smack:

I just got a spam email email, supposedly from a bank officer in GB, offering me $45.5 million. What got me was it was from a ‘Terry Gilliam’. Was this some random name chosen or does the spamster think he gets bonus points for using a Pythoner to send spam? :smiley:

OK, are you blue because you’re depressed about the snow or blue from the cold???

No offense, but better thee than me. We’re expecting rain and that’s quite unpleasant enough for me.

And on that note, my work day ends. I need to run by the Ford dealer to claim my daughter’s car for her, but the service manager said he won’t have the paperwork done for another 30 minutes, so I’ll make a quick run to the grocery store, just to kill time. When next I post, it should be from my house…

Stay tuned for future developments.


I don’t know… does he send spam a lot?


I got drug in here by finding a link to a thread on a humor site; the thread title was “One” and all the posts were of the “is the loneliest number.” “way or another.” “life to live.” variety.

OMG, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Would you like spam with your spam?

My work here is done.

Bloody Vikings!

And now for something completely different.

Not meaning to sound flip, but how exactly do people without health insurance manage to survive cancer? So far, we’ve racked up close to $15,000 in “retail” costs for diagnostics. No actual treatment costs have been billed yet. :eek:

:sigh: Hell if I know. I’m trying to deal with the year of the knee which has now turned into the second year of the knee without insurance and I just found out the other day that I owe the ER doctors over $800 (from January 2012) that isn’t covered by the hospital’s assistance plan. God only knows what it will all come to if I actually have to have surgery.

{{{gotti and DH}}}

Hi everyone,

I’m back from Random Camping Event

I have been reading Unca Cecil since the early 90’s and after years of reading online columns, I finally had a question. CK Dexter kindly let me know that UC would not be answering my question and suggested I send it here. My Doperversary is next month, I should become a member.

The RCE went well, went to a buddies land and set to improving it. Camped, worked and drank at night. We mowed about two acres of three foothigh grass and weeds, I chainsawed a couple cords of wood and we survived a night of 37f outside. I am sore, so sore.

That’s all I got for now


I cut my finger while slicing carrots six hours ago. It’s still bleeding a lot. Fear not, folks, this is normal for me. Annoying, but normal.

Howdy Y’all! I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack! Ok, been back since a little before five but been dealin’ with unpackin’ and laundry. ICK! We had a blast. The cabin was super nice. We did a buncha sightseein’ includin’ a hikin’ and a drivin’ tour which was a lot of fun. We went to a couple of outlet malls. I bought a new belt, some shirts and some ummm… for lack of a better work, loungin’ pants. Oh and some tshirts. We went to a Russell Stover candy outlet and JDD bought this three pound box of what we deemed to be chawklit abominations. They were RS candies but they were not purty. They did however, taste good. Anywho we et some good food (N.O.L.) out everyday, grilled, chilled, drank, watched movies and ummm… other stuff that one should not mention. Suffice it to say some of that involved a hot tub.

Ruble I did not go to Dollywood. This was a get away and chill weekend so no amusement park stuff was done. I don’t think a whole lot of that type stuff is actually open right now anyway.

I’ve skimmed the new MMP and looked over the last part of the old one. I do have one thing to add from the last one.



And on that note, I shall take the last load of laundry out of the dryer and go see what else is goin’ on.

Happy Monday Y’all!

Welcome Home, Swampy. The MMP just ain’t the same without ya!

Creative cooking 101
Tonite, to make dinner I utilized the back porch. I needed 1 tbsp [del]from the brick[/del] of brown sugar. First I tried dropping it on the kitchen floor but I was 'fraid of damaging the floor so I went out back to utilize the cement. :rolleyes: