The President's Day MMP

Light at the end of the tunnel: Thanks to Baby Rio’s entrance into the world last year, we are getting a surprisingly sizable tax refund, which the gubbiment is going to be dropping into our bank account in a couple days. With rides for the next few day arranged, things are looking survivable now.

I did this for a while with my old pickup

I always started the engine in 2nd gear.
It’s been a tiring day even though I didn’t get much done.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work. Hockey after work.:slight_smile:

I can’t cite the source because it’s been a while and I’ve forgotten, but…

There was a team that conducted a study into the cost of dental work across the country. Before the study, the “patient” was examined by several dentists, include at least one who taught in a dental school, and was told he had one minor issue with one tooth, but overall, he was in good shape. Then he visited (I think) 25 dentists across the country, saying he was “new in town and needed to find a dentist.” I don’t recall how the dentists were chosen but I believe they were located anywhere from major cities to small towns.

He was told everything from “No problem except this one minor issue” to “You need 22 crowns at a total cost of $25K!” None of the dentists were named in the report, but they did say the crazy high, fake diagnosis was either in NYC or LA. Bottom line - get a second, or even a 3rd opinion before committing to expensive dental work. There are lying, cheating dentists out there.

So, yeah, get another opinion. Or 2. Or 3.

My day started wonderfully. A certain feline, while I was standing right there, started to pee on my side of the bed!!! The little ass!! Most was on the comforter, and I soaked it down in Nature’s Miracle and hauled it to the laundry room. Guess what I get to do when I go home! Then I locked the bedroom. I don’t trust the little jerk. I don’t think it was a personal attack, tho. I think he had to pee while **FCD **was cleaning the cat box. Still, happy morning to you. Stoopit cat.

Other than that, just another day in paradise. Happy Tuesday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 56 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 79 for the day and rain this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow. We shall see. This mornin’ I shall make chikin ‘n rice for dindin (it heats up well) and do some laundry. This afternoon shall be nursin’ home visitations. I lead such an excitatin’ life!

Rio yay for light at the end of the tunnel!

MOOOOOOM just ick!

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then I should purtify I suppose and get busy on stuff. Rah.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

**Blurf ** I need new glasses, making an appt today.

Do not want to go back to irk. I had a nice relaxing day yesterday. Need one more.

Blurf. I am at irk, and irked as usual. Got a lot of meetings to schedule and a lot of preparation to do, then there will be follow up stuff afterwards. It now seems unlikely that my secondment will go beyond the expected end date in March so I have to start thinking about what I’ll be doing next. I’ve had a quick chat with my manager about it but she needs to talk to other people further up the food chain. In a way, I’ll be glad to see the back of this management lark, I really don’t think it’s my cup of tea.

Ho hum.

Yays, boos, and anything else that is appropriate/inappropriate, take your pick.

Crap - I think I just found a major flaw in my hoist design. Gotta see if I can work thru it before talking to the boss.


Going to the job search place today. Got up a bit too late. Hopefully I can get things done when I get back.

That cat really needs a diaper.

Wonder if the tech issues from Friday are fixed yet? I’d rather not lose more pay because the phones aren’t working, TYVM.

I started using him because he’s a fiend of mine, but yeah, his practice is in a wealthy neighborhood & his kids went to a good private school. Though I did see a commercial on TV for one of those skeevy places (iffn they advertise on TV they’re skeevy) advertising implants from only $900. I suspect there’s some hidden fees, or a catch but still not as expensive.

Spidey Implants shouldn’t be more than $2000 each, having talked to a few dentists, both in the Bay Area and the Portlandia area. As you note, you can find places that will do them for less.

The house is clean, I have one more kid to get to school and then I get to go to the … DENTIST. I need a cleaning and I need schedule finally finishing my implant.

Other than that, today shall be laundry and shipping hubby off to CA again.

Next week he’s off to MADRID! :eek:

Up and enjoying, and not enjoying, my paid day off. The OW is off as well so we’re going to hit the diner for lunch/breakfast and have some good time together. But a friends mom passed away and we’re going to do the visitation thing later this afternoon. In a way its really great timing; its not the kind of thing I could have justified using UPT for but someone important enough to us that just sending a card wouldn’t be enough. So all in all I can call it one of those little gifts from God and just go with the flow not feeling too bad at all.

Pittsburgh for example! And since there are cheap motels around here and I can supply the anesthetic --------------- just saying. :wink:

I think I’m officially perimenopausal. Just had my second hot flash!

Or I’m coming down with the flu. But I sure would prefer perimenopause.

Will I wake up in the bathtub, packed in ice???
Costing me an [del]arm & leg[/del] kidney is not necessarily cheaper. :mad:

Just took a walk. I’ve decided I’d spend the first half of my lunch hour getting some fresh air and exercise. My ears are frozen. Wish I’d grabbed the hat out of my car. But it was a nice walk. And now I’m ingesting lunch.

The morning flew by - hope the afternoon will, too.

Yay for a big tax return Rio! I hope it’s enough to make a dent in your transportation woes.

It’s been a productive morning today. I finished much of what I began yesterday. This evening, I’ll be playing with watercolors again in the studio. I may pick up a better quality set than the old student grade one that I have if they go into the “use often” techniques.

Blurf TOO BUSY!!!stressed!!!

It’s a coffee-in-the-afternoon kind of day. Not sure why I’m so tired today. It’s not like I was up late at a college-student party like a few days ago. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I’ll finish this coffee, then go practice the clarinet, then do a bit of cleaning, then follow up on job-search leads I got at my meeting this morning.