The year Pop-Tarts went frosted.

The question of which year marked the first frosted Pop-Tart came up in conversation recently.
A quick googling provided no easy answers, a quick poll of thoseawake at the time on IRC likewise proved fruitless,
my next step was going to have been emailing Kelloggs with the question, but a friend suggested these forums instead.
With my friend’s advice in mind I humbly request assistance from those who frequent these forums who might possess the knowledge I seek.

This article cites this page (second link doesn’t work, but it’s at for the following information:
“Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts toaster pastries, first introduced in 1964, are composed of a pastry dough and filling. Frosted flavors were introduced in 1967, low fat frosted and unfrosted flavors were introduced in 1995, and two more low fat frosted flavors were introduced in 1996.”