This society continues to amaze me

I was talking to my mother today and she told me about the daughter of a coworker of hers who had been unwillingly giving blowjobs to a student in school because he threatened to take her stuff away (my guess is books and such, but it’s just a guess).

After six months she told her mother. She was afraid, from what I hear, mostly of her mother not believing her and of the embarrassment.

They are both within two years of eachother age-wise (in terms of how long they have been alive), so the guy cannot be prosecuted.

The parents of this boy (and I use the term only because he apparently has the correct plumbing) have defended him by saying, again from what I hear, “Boys will be boys.”

A civil suit is possible, and the mother of the daughter is pretty sure in a few years this guy will be arrested for rape (for not seeing the error of his ways, etc), but she doesn’t want her daughter to have to go through this.

I’m beyond rage right now . . . just completely numb. Tomorrow I’ll start chopping trees down and lift weights, which is what I do to prevent myself from killing random people. It’s too late now to go chop my backyard down.

I normally try not to judge people too much . . . but this guy can officially go to hell and castrate himself with a rusty fork.

The parents of this boy deserve a good ass kicking, if it was my daughter and their son I would simply have to reply “fathers will be fathers” before I kicked the ever loving shit out of these people.

This went on for six months? How bad can the relationship between the mother and daughter be if the girl would rather continue to go through being raped than talk to her about it?

If my kids ever feel that they can’t come to me with stuff I hope somebody just shoots me for being a shitty parent.

I don’t mean to sound insensitive but I was just trying to take a broader look at things. If it was my daughter I could very well find myself in jail for hunting down this little prick myself. Conversely, I have two sons. If they ever did something like this I guarantee they would wish they had been born into someone elses family.

You’re condemning this boy based on heresay. The only people who know what happened that day are him and the girl.

You know, in most states, you can convict him of Statutory rape if he’s under 16 or 18. Regardless. :slight_smile:

I agree with Freek on this part of it: who knows what really happened?

Also, I would have to say there is something hinky about a girl being “willing” to do this in order not to… what? Get her stuff taken away? Didn’t her parents tell her that things are just that? Things? She could have gotten him for robbery if that is the case. But if she actually did this for him, what she lost in self-esteem can never be fully regained.

I don’t know. This sounds very bad but it sounds like there is more going on here. I can understand your disgust at the basis of this story but I would need to know more before I was willing to point the finger at anyone.

I’m with you Byz. Something just doesn’t smell right here.

Freak . . . maybe you didn’t catch what I said. This wasn’t one day. This was six fucking MONTHS!

And while I don’t have concrete proof which I could take to a court, it’s probably best, because I sure would like to get this cretinous mass of slime talking . . . and then do the gene pool a favor and end his life.

And Byz, her relationship with her parents is, from what I understand, not the greatest or most trusting. I know other people her age who (I have this on authority from several people on both sides) have done similar things in this situation. When you cannot trust your parents to believe you, you’re stuck in between, in this case, a dick and a hard place.

And I am pointing the finger at this boy, but I’m also pointing the finger at both sets of parents, and at this entire society (in a way, myself). This shit should not happen. It should not even be fucking ALLEGED. Should not fucking exist. End of fucking story. Case fucking closed.

GodDAMN I hate this shit.

Freak, I believe the term you’re looking for is

iampunha – okay, take a deep breath. Now, I said what I said because several things struck me strange:

I’ve been sixteen. If someone tried to bully me this way I would have gladly given them my stuff and called the police, the principal, my parents, or my friends! I would NEVER have given a blow job in order “not” to be robbed. Frankly, that’s strange. There has to be more to it. Especially if it’s been going on for months. Really, come on! “Give me a blow job or I’m going to rob you!”? So being orally raped isn’t as bad as being robbed? I’d rather be mugged than orally raped!

Okay, this girl might be young, scared, confused… but still. What’s worse in her mind? Getting her stuff taken or this? I’m sorry you are so upset but this just strikes me strange. I’m not saying that there isn’t a problem I’m just saying that the whole situation has too many weird edges.

Again, I understand why you are upset. Taken at face value, something like this is beyond horrific. It’s sick.

I agree with Freek- “If she ain’t bitin’, she ain’t fightin’” Not that I necessarily believe this, but you’d think the girl could fight back.

Okay, wait a minute. Now this is sounding like that old line, “she asked for it” and that is NOT what I’m saying.

I’m saying that if the premise is true, that this man was extracting oral copulation from this woman, there must be more to it than just that he would rob her if she didn’t comply.

What I meant by that was I doubt his real goal was robbery. If, in fact, he was threatening her, I’ll bet there was much more involved than just the taking of her things. Okay? Don’t ever even remotely drag up that “she asked for it” shit. That’s nothing but the very biggest of cop-outs. NO ONE asks to be raped, beat up or fucked over. And regardless of what someone wears, says or does, they don’t deserve to be raped, beat up or fucked over.

Yeah! Cuz everybody knows girls who are sexually assaulted in anyway always fight back! Just like everybody knows the rape victims are usually to blame, Dammit! What was her problem?! Low self-esteem? Bah! She’s 16, doesn’t she know she’s supposed to feel confident about who she is? The fear of getting her stuff stolen? Well, she’s a teenager, doesn’t she know “things” are that important? Dammit, why isn’t she acting like an adult?
Oh wait, could it be because she isn’t one?

Fuck Byz, stimulpost. Sorry.


But I think we agree. On point. I don’t expect anyone to be as pushy as me or as self assured as I was at sixteen. I’m sorry if I came off as uncaring or somehow slighting this young woman. I’m not. I’m talking about the overall situation. There just has to be more to it than robbery. If he actually got her to do this (and frankly, we ARE talking about a hypothetical, my mother’s friend’s friend told her… kind of story) than he had to be holding something far more important over her head than the mere taking of her books or other “school” possessions.

Imp, have a beer. Cool out.

What I’m saying is this, something’s not right here. Now, I’m not saying he didn’t do it. Nor am I saying he did do it. But there’s not enough evidence to condemn him for it. And there’s certainly not enough evidence to convict him for it. That is, based on what you’ve shown me.

And I’m almost sure there’s somethin’ else going on here. I mean, there’s a multitude of other scenarios that would make a lot more sense than this one. Now, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I just think there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Byz and pepperlandgirl: damn straight.

And again, almost! This is getting silly, Pepper me girl!

Yeah, what Byz said.

Hmmm, maybe we should each take turns or something…

What’s right, what’s wrong?

Who knows? When this society took God out of the equation, they left it up to anybody’s opinion.