Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorcing

IIRC, they got married *after *Suri was born.

I don’t give a flip one way or another about any of these people, but if you haven’t seen John Sweeney, reporter for BBC’s Panorama lose his shit after investigating the Church of Scientology. He has a great article in the UK Independent about what happens when the Church of Scientology comes after you.

Definitely worth a read.

The news today is saying that Tom and Katie have already reached a settlement. So I’m thinking Katie has lots of dirt & leverage on Tom; she & her divorce lawyer father have been planning this for a while; maybe the parents really are thinking of the child by not drAgging this out; that pre-nip must have covered Everything; & finally never believe a celebrity when they say their marriage is just fine.

I’ll bet there was plenty of pre-nip. Or none. Depending on your thoughts on Tom.:smiley:

When will I learn that I always make typos when I post from my phone . Oh well. At least pre nip for pre nup is amusing

I rewatched John Sweeney’s Panorama, and discovered that there’s an hour-long follow up from 2010 with a number of high-ranking Scientologists who have left the church, including the head of security that worked so intently to make the guy miserable the first time around.

And to be relevant, Tom has a brief cameo describing his desire to spread the Scientology.

2007 Sweeney documentary

2010 Sweeney documentary

Katie’s going back to the faith of her childhood, no surprise:

Whew, finally she’ll be away from all that crazy ritualistic nonsense.

Not to mention the secretive, irrational church leadership.

Just rewatched Batman Begins the other day. I thought Katie did pretty good in the part.
I couldn’t remember why she passed on doing Dark Knight so when I did a search for it it says she chose to instead do the forgetable Mad Money with other female actresses and a female director.
In retrospect I wonder how much of this decision was pushed by Tom. Almost as if he didn’t want her around other men.

Yes, because that’s the reason people have problems with Scientology. It’s that they are masons.

Ya I heard she had received full custody but then there have been rumors that Suri wants to stay with her father Tom Cruise.

How do we know that he “didn’t want her around other men?” Nicole was naked in a bunch of films. Tom seemed to survive that.

We don’t know what drives the people that are IN OUR lives most of the time. Surprised how we think we know what drives people we’ve never been in the same room with.

I kind of always thought they changed out Katie because of how much she sucked in the first one.

I’m sure that she also wants to pet the tiger when she goes to the zoo. No 6-year-old can possibly understand the broad dangers inherent to choosing the wrong guardian. If nothing else, the amount of time he reportedly spends on church activities over and above his usual acting and publicity efforts would certainly make him a poor choice.

And I would say that regardless of what “normal” church he went to. If it’s a second full time job, there’s no room for the third - and most important - job of parenting.

I believe the official story is that they initially asked her to come back for The Dark Knight, and Katie said, “I can’t, I’m filming Mad Money at the same time.” And rather than fight to ensure one of the main characters from their very successful first movie returned, the producers just recast the part.

While that is the “official” story, I’ve heard movie reviewers speculate about the “real” reason. I’m not a Hollywood insider, but apparently there is more to the story than the version told identically by everyone involved.

I suppose it’s possible Tom Cruise pulled some voodoo over on the entire Warner Bros. studio, but I’d say the official story (or the “she was replaced because the fans hated her” alterna-story) is much more likely.

The insider I heard told a convincing tale, including quotes from Holmes, Nolan, and a third party where the quotes were word for word identical.

So what was the gist of this alterna story? That Holmes didn’t want to do the part, that Cruise didn’t want Holmes doing the part, or that the movie makers didn’t want Holmes doing the part?