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hell…you mentioned perversion…thats your imagination flying around, i dont want to have anything to do with that one…thank you very much.

do try to take this in as an enjoyable experiance…everything else is just plain boring…


(places hands on the sides of her head)

“Ooooooo the room is spinning!”

I am almost certain that Bj0rn debuted on that thread since his first post on it was during the same day that he registered his user name.
Apparently, Hoe and Thorleifur were having difficulty proving that their was intelligent life in Iceland (i.e. they couldn’t even understand PapaBear’s obvious parody of Thorleifur’s threads), so they recruited someone who could barely speak English to further weaken their point.
The other theory is that Bj0rn is just some Straightdoper mocking both Thorleifur and Hoe. If you read his first post in this thread, I think that he is implying that he is a troll himself–no one is ever really sure with this guy-- which kind of adds weight to the second theory.
I don’t know which explanation is the correct one, but he is always good for a laugh now and then.
It was actually Thorleifur and his inappropriate threads for GQ that caused me to enter the BBQ pit for the first time.

You guys (and gals) should check out his website. It appears he even trolls the visitors there. Here’s a sample.

a start. now there’s an item hard to aquire in a world of words. but what should i be starting? it’s by your decision alone that you came here so i believe you have indeed started this yourself. well shame on you. you have taken away my freedom to make a thing happen. anyhow, i got fed up with my older page, because i wasn’t speaking directly to you, you stealer of beginnings. you are a thief of such quality that the victim is addicted to your success.

I gotta say I’m more puzzled now than I was before.

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

It must be a code of some kind, UncleBeer.

Either that, or I have to take a remedial reading class.

The big toe is a device for finding furniture in the dark.

Man, get a clue and buy a dictionary. The word used was perverse.

The two words aren’t even descended from the same word, much less mean the same thing.

Ummm . . Kat? Hat to break this to ya, but according to your definitions, they both DO derive from the Latin pervertere.


And I hate to break it to you as well.

You don’t say…

I only read up to: “from Latin perversus”

and completely missed: “from past participle of pervertere” which goes to show I shouldn’t be trusted with a dictionary after midnight.

Still doesn’t change the fact that they don’t mean the same thing, though. Or the fact that Bjorn can’t write a coherent paragraph.

about my debut yes…that was my first posting :)…accually yes, i do know hoe and thorleifur, hoe is a brilliant character but i cant say the same thing about thorleifur…but whatever, i dont think hes posting anymore
the real reason for my postings had nothing to do with thorleifurs earlier postings or papabears reply to them…it was about how a country was being marked stupid because of one person(thorleifur), so i reversed the logic and threw it back at the states…and you all know what happened :wink:

and about the perveratatethingy…whatever…no wonder i bloody misunderstood what you were trying to say…its like that alien thing where by the book they are really talking about extraterrestrial life, and therefore misinterpeting the articles they are quoting from


Yeah! How dare you use a word that might sound and look a little like another word that means something entirely different!! You bastards!! Don’t you understand that English is my second language and I can’t be expected to get it right? It’s your fault!


“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

andros is in a good mood today i see…
accually it seems to be your fault…since you brought it up…


Um, bj0rn?

The punctuation mark that a sentence is supposed to end in is called a period. It looks like this:  .  It’s one (1) dot. A string of three (3) dots is called an ellipsis. It’s used to indicate a gap in the middle of a sentence. A sentence that ends and then “trails off” ends in both a period (.) and an ellipsis (…), which form a grand total of four (4) dots, like this:  …

For further information, please consult the “punctuation” song from The Electric Company show.

The truth, as always, is more complicated than that.

yes and lol means??
what about imo…or whatnot like that
taking it even further…u for a you
and 2 for other purposes than number
and so on and so on…
its netish…not english so shut up with that grammar thing, i never learned it


LOL means ‘laughing out loud’.
IMO means ‘in my opinion.’

You won’t find many people here using ‘u’ for ‘you’ or ‘2’ for ‘to’ or ‘too’ - just too confusing and hard to read.

I think we figured that out already.

The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. - Henry Van Dyke

The sentiment so nice, I had to quote it twice.

Defense rests, Your Honor.

“Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One!” Exceptions? None!
-Doc Bronner

so i win by default since you didnt have a case! :wink:

bj0rn: You’re taking a beating my good man! Not without merit, though - you do seem to be a bit trollish.

OT: About your homeland: I was in Iceland a few years ago and it was surreal. I landed at the airport (I won’t even attempt spelling it) and I thought it was surrounded by lush grass. When I went outside to take a stroll I found it to be not grass, but. . .MOSS! Wild. I thought the country was beautiful and I love the clothes (best goddamn wool in the world), history, epics (Snari rules!) and poetry.

Everyone should stop attacking bj0rn, Iceland breeds thousands of big dumb warriors and only a handfull of scholars - the odds were against him from the start!

I wouldn’t generalize about Iceland being
filled with big dumb warriors. Bjorn has
told us that he knew Hoe and Thorleifur
before joining. It follows then that an
ignorant troll would be friends with
ignorant trolls.

I hope that Bjorn does not represent the
majority of Icelandic people because then I
would feel sorry for his country.

I’ve been following this thread with some puzzlement. No, make that a LOT of puzzlement since BjOrn came on board.

Puzzling, incomprehensible, annoying, but sorta cute and irrepressible…then (drum roll) it came to me!

Muppets fans, remember the “Swedish Chef”? Yes, another bouncy, funny, incoherent Scandahoovian who bopped around, showboated and cheerfully roared out…something.

THAT’s why he seemed so familiar! Hey, fans of Nordic culture, these guys invented trolls! Honest, look in any kitschy souvenir shop that is Scandahoovian oriented. They proudly sell replicas of 'em, it’s a cultural thing. (And spare me PC flames; I married a Norvegian (sp intended) and have a herring aversion to prove it…)

{Deep breath}…yes, what we have here is truly a failure to communicate.

So, yes, decidedly, BjOrn IS a troll, in the very finest sense, of course.

Glad to put this in context,