Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

It was an obituary.

Omg. I found it.

I still love that passage from The Gay Science.

It’s not completely bonkers, but it reminds me of how messed up I was back then. It was a long, hard road to become the person that I am today.

You should have used the @Czarcasm feature. You look more internet savvy that way.

Please don’t be offended, but TL;DR. That said, I’m impressed at the confidence you displayed by making your first post an actual OP. My posting history is still downloading, but IIRC, it was several weeks between my first post, and my first OP.

I think it was my first post but I can’t actually remember. 2008 feels like ages ago.

My first post was also an OP. It’s also a relic of the pre YouTube days, where you can now see the footage! (Before it gets taken down again)

Looked like a trock popped up to defend our dear departed @kearsen1. Didn’t get much of a chance to read it before it got whisked to the cornfield.

“Hi! I’m a completely new person to these boards and I want to complain about how this ONE GUY WHO IS SO TOTALLY NOT ME was handled by the admins!”

Oh, and that’s not my bloody glove either. So there Neener!!!

Great (if harrowing) thread. I’ll pass on the footage, thanks.

Not even close. You have 50+ OPs before that one.

You did burst on the scene with more OPs than many. Back in Jan of 2007, the 12th to be precise, you unleashed this Nietzsche-related post on the unsuspecting TMs as your first OP.

Just 10 days after your opening salvo of 8 response posts on Jan 2 2007:

In case you wondered, the Discourse advanced search feature really rocks for this kind of research.

Great. I wish I could deep-six half the stuff I’ve posted here.

I’ve never made the mistake of starting a thread.

I was so excited about this place when I found it, I probably went a little overboard. I remember describing it like that Lisa Simpson episode where a smart girl moves into town, and she’s really excited to have a new friend until she learns the smart girl is better than her at everything.

Spice/Olives, I hope that didn’t come across as stalkerish or me poking fun at your early self here.

It has been very gratifying to watch, and participate, and maybe even help a smidgen, as you’ve put your worst problems behind you.

Unfortunately for each of us, the Internet is forever. Both for good and for cringeworthy.

That does make me feel a bit better, thanks. When I feel bad about it, I try to remind myself that I had a lot to sort through. And yes, you guys have very much helped me get perspective over the years.

Assholes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, this is a thread about trolls. Big hug and enjoy your evening!

I, on the other hand, am not a computer, so I’m not particularly touchy about capitalization of my initial letter.