Trolls R Us Resurrections

Unlike the fine example of humanity Americans demonstrate!
(Hadn’t noticed saucywench before. Jaysus.)

I will shed no tears if it becomes permanent. I’d prefer 100 garden-variety trolls over someone like that, who seems to take pleasure in being mean. What a shit stain on the board.

I have, she’s been around for almost a decade. From what I recall she sometimes says inflammatory stuff (but most of the time she says normal stuff) but I don’t recall anything crazypants racist like that bullshit was.

By the way, here’s an ironic post of hers that’s very recent:

Yeah, a month suspension will fix that sick fuck.

Ah, Charlie Wayne up to his usual tricks with his vinyl darling I see.

Hmm, yes. SW was created the same year as CW, almost exactly 6 months apart. And by coincidence, the thread where CW admitted to being a troll and was therefore banned was a thread about SW (and the actions that got SW suspended at that time).

Lots of coinkeydinks there.

ETA: Also, “Charlie Wayne” and “Saucy Wench” and very phonetically similar as well.

What is the deal with this dude, in brief? Troll turned serial sock?


Serial killer if the hype is to be believed, but I’ve said too much.

Poor Ralfy is losing sleep over the fact that President Biden mispronounced the word psalms.

It appears to have deeply offended Ralfy that a CATHOLIC could dare to do such a thing.

What a dope.

If I understand things correctly (and I may not), he’s a serial sock who trolls. IOW, CW wasn’t his first visit to our fine establishment.

Just wanna pop in and say what a dumb motherfucker Novelty Bubble is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him post except that he launches an insanely tedious series of posts where he misunderstands and misrepresents people, and then misunderstands and misrepresents their corrections of his misunderstanding, and then gets all snotty with their inability to understand and represent him.

Dunno if it’s a deliberate chain-yanking, or if he’s actually that Dunning-Krugerrific. I’m hesitant to attribute to malice etc., but goddamn.

He never pinged my radar before the trans threads, but, man, were those frustrating interactions.

:confused: I thought we were ALL dopes…

Check out the “Co-Worked accused me of being racist” thread in IMHO starting at 82, if you want to see if that milk is really as spoiled as I said it is.

I read the first few posts of that thread and decided it’s not worth it. OK, OK, I’ll check out post 82 on.

Racism is not the problem. People calling out racism is the problem. So divisive.

Man, kudos to you both for dealing with NB. I think I’m done with him – he’s willfully obtuse and it’s just frustrating to try and have a conversation or debate.

It’s not the first time, either.

NB is almost certainly one of those old school English racists (Sharon Osborne comes to mind here) who don’t realize just how racist their traditional English upbringing really was and think that as long as they mean well, it’s ok. Easy to forget they’re only one or two generations removed from the England of the White Man’s Burden.

Just based on my first response to him in that thread–post 93–I’m thinking of changing my username to Cassandra.

No, we are dopers! He is just a dope.

There’s a real difference. In my mind, anyway.