Weather Report: What's it like where you are now?

Snowing. We’re supposed to get 3-5 inches tonight.

I can’t tell you what the weather’s like during the day because I am in a windowless cave of an overheated office which used to be a breakroom.

We were supposed to have rain today, but this afternoon, instead, it was sunny and gorgeous. It came close to 70 degrees, even.

It’s supposed to rain the next few days, but Sunday’s high is supposed to be 76. Wow. Maybe it’s actually Spring. ::crosses fingers::

Sunny 65 degrees. It’s going to rain Friday though. I’m over this cold.

It was a beautiful early Spring day in my part of CT; sunny, no clouds, light breeze, 55 F.

It’s been a beautiful spring day here, just outside of Nashville. Low seventies during the day and sunny.

Right now, I’m sitting out on my deck with the laptop, it’s 66F, but will get a little chillier tonight.

Ellen, enjoy your windows. I absolutely love the eight foot ones by my desk, except when spring/fall tornado weather rears its ugly head.

I saw snow on the ground in Everett this morning and this afternoon. Pretty schlezzy weather down Seattle way. Sunny up here near the border.

Spring has not yet arrived in Chicago. Chilly and cloudy. Supposed to be near 70 on Sunday with crazy thunderstorms. I’m kinda looking forward to opening all the windows until the sills are puddles and enjoying a storm with warmer temps.

I love hearing what it’s like where everyone is from. Especially kambuckta’s down-under autumn!

More wonderful sunshine pouring through the window this morning. I plan to fill some planter boxes with something green and bloomy and take full advantage of all this light.

47 degrees, cloudy and threatening to rain.

40 degrees of cold/wet/damp. Its a day to wear wool, because that damp cold just goes right through cotton.

Mentor, OH:

41 degrees F (5C), overcast and foggy, ground is damp.

Sunny and 2C. Awesome! The winter coat has gone back into the closet after another winter.

Not so great. Joe Zawinul and Jaco Pastorius are still dead… wait… what?

80 and it is supposed to go up to 90 this weekend. Sniff Sniff. I hate FL in the summer and summer coming early is just plain wrong.

I live in West-Central NJ, but work in Edison NJ. In Edison, where I am now, it is 48 degrees and cloudy. Near my home it is 52 degrees and partly cloudy.

It snowed last night. :frowning:

60F and partially cloudy. Rain moving in tonight. My walk today was wonderful though.

49 degrees wind from the north 5-7 mph partly cloudy. It feels quite chilly, though. 2:30 p.m. so we are not going to get much warmer here in the bottom of the Willamette Valley.

I’m happy to report that the Ark project has been put on hold and I have shed the parka. Sunny and 12C. The best part is area golf courses are going to open tomorrow! I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl! Southern Ontario

Like every day, it’s been mostly about 85 F during the day. Right now, at 5 PM, it’s getting ready for the regularly-scheduled tropical downpour. The sky is almost black. Shortly there will be a deluge for a half-hour to an hour. After that the sky will clear and it will be pleasantly cool.