Weather Report: What's it like where you are now?

Los Angeles

It’s cold, like in the 60’s. With some wind. Jacket and huddling weather

It’s cooler this morning, only 17C, with a weekend forecast of the last burst of warmth until spring.

It will be 16 C today, and the cherry blossoms are coming out.

Ugh, much cooler for the next couple of days. Probably in the 60’s or low 70’s for Friday and Saturday. Sunday and the rest of the week should get back up to the 80s.

Here in Austin it was a nice day. Started off a little cool and cloudy but it cleared and warmed up to about 80F. Now, in a few weeks, and for the next six months, the weather every day will be, sunny with highs in the upper 90s, reaching over 100 for days on end.

This made me laugh for some reason. Stay tuned for le deluge!

We have just finished a month with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below normal . Now we have rain and 50. It will be 8 days of rain out of 10.

It’s $@#%#%ing snowing.

Northeast Germany:

Yesterday we had an awful storm. Since many fields aren’t overgrown yet the wind caused many sandstorms. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Today it’s a nice spring day: 16°C, clear blue sky and a slow breeze.

Damp, chilly and overcast.

Crisp, Sunny, no clouds 37° F

Drizzly and rainy, 44 F.

Presumably this one? Holy crap! That looks awful.

We’re getting warm weather. It’s supposed to be partly sunny, but all I see is clouds, at the moment. 71 today, 83 tomorrow.

Yes, that one was the worst. I was in Rostock when it happened and had to drive through a little one on my way home. It was kind of creepy.

Snow. All. Day. Gusty winds. Whiteout conditions at times.

Nashville area. 91 degrees F. I think we set a record for this date. I had to turn the air conditioner on.

Let’s see: SoCal, near the border. Was 100+ last week, and yesterday the kids <20 miles away, in the foothills> had a snow day.

Today is about 70.

By next weekend it’ll be 100+ through November. >.<

Reporting in from Pismo Beach: it’s sunny but a bit windy, temp is around 60.

Well, we did get some rain overnight, and the temp has dropped markedly today with a further drop expected tomorrow, down to about 15c. I’ve swapped my thongs** for a pair of Ugg Boots and am seriously thinking about getting a fire going in the next few hours. Bring on WINTER, I just LOVE it!!

**Thongs, for those of you not familiar with the Aus version of English refers to a particular form of footwear, made for beach conditions, and not to be confused with those wee bits of nylon that give your bum a righteous reaming. :wink:

See for yourself.