Weighing more than one's husband.

Ladies. Would/does it bother you to weigh more than your husband? Why or why not?

No, it wouldn’t bother me. I weigh more than most people. I’ve never been inclined to marry any of my exes, but all of my boyfriends in adulthood have been lighter than me. I’m not opposed to dating bigger guys (I actually prefer them), but from my perspective it seems like most of the fat-positive guys are super-skinny or normal-sized. Guys who are chubby or really fat have, IME, tended to be hypocritical fat-haters (Peter Griffins of the world unite?) with massive double standards for what men and women are allowed to look like.

Just my observation. Obviously we can’t really change what we are attracted to, but if you’re a 400 pound guy chasing after 120 pound hotties, you’ve gotta be realistic about what is in your league or resign yourself to a life of chastity. Or get really, really rich.

It would bug me a little, yeah – not for appearance’s sake (who cares!!), but because I like to be engulfed in a hug.

Are we talking my actual husband, or a theoretical one? Yes, it would bother me to weigh more than Husband of Dorkness, but only because that would mean either I had gained a significant amount of weight, or he’d become unhealthily skinny. But if you mean would it bother me to be a healthy weight that happened to be more than the healthy weight of some guy I married, then no. I’ve dated guys who were smaller than me, and I didn’t care one way or the other.

missed the edit window, but I suppose I should add that I’m 5’10" (and not a bean pole) so I’m used to feeling big and it doesn’t bother me. I just love how to feels to be wrapped up in my 6’2" bulky husband’s embrace. But in fairness, I’ve dated guys who were smaller than me. If I’d married any of them, I probably wouldn’t have the hug bias.

When I was married I weighed more than my husband, but he had an eating disorder combined with a then-undiagnosed bowel condition, so he was really, really thin–I mean, he was 6’1" and weighed, for most of our marriage, about 140. Lots of people weighed more than he did. So yeah, it bothered me a little, but not a whole lot, since he had such a disordered view of food and would go days without eating and primarily subsisted on cigarettes, Guinness, and red meat. Next to him I was the picture of health (and, to be honest, I am still that next to a lot of people!).

Yeah… our weights have come within spitting distance of each other a couple times in the past. That’s how I know it’s time to start watching what I eat.

Thanks to his Couvade syndrome, we’re likely to weigh within ten pounds of each other right after I have this baby, though. Not sure if it’s comforting or if it makes us sad for us both.

As my husband just lost a ton of weight, it bothers me a little. But overall, thankfully, I’m just happy for him.

I am used to being far, far lighter than the vast majority of people over age 12. I can’t even imagine being heavier than my boyfriend. It surely would bother me to be 70+ lbs heavier than I am now! And I’d be more ‘overweight’ at that size than the average person my height, as I have very small bones and muscles.

Unless I was pregnant, yes, it would bother me. I tend not to be interested in any guys who are underweight for their height, nor ones much less than 4" taller than me (which would generally put the healthy weight of just about any appealing guy above mine), so for me to weigh more than my hypothetical husband it would mean me gaining a lot of weight, or him losing a lot, which is worrisome from a health standpoint either way.

Smaller thighs than mine are a dealbreaker for me. Call me shallow, but I’m just not sexually attracted to guys I’m worried about breaking.

Well, seeing as how Mr. S is an inch shorter than I am, with a very slight build, and I am medium build with a tendency for junk in the trunk, it’s a good thing it doesn’t bother me. We are what we are.

I lost 75 pounds as of nearly a year ago, so I used to weight significantly more than he did. That part of being overweight didn’t bother me either. He’s just a little guy, is all, though he’s plenty strong. (He built most of our house with his own two hands.) And even now that I’m at a healthy, normal weight, I would rather feel tall (5’7"), solid, and strong than like some delicate little flower.

I’m almost 6 feet tall, and I weigh more than my husband right now. Working on it. It wasn’t always that way–he lost about 60 pounds, starting right after I had a baby and was at my heaviest weight. Took me a while to start losing the baby weight (and I had weight to lose BEFORE the baby weight, too). I am lucky in that I am tall and have an hourglass figure, and very few people realize just how much weight I have to lose. But yeah, it does bother me. I don’t want him to know how much I weigh.

We’re both overweight but I weigh slightly more than he does. I don’t spend much time thinking about it because he’s taller than me I don’t really feel bigger than him. That said, I do NOT weigh myself anywhere near him and I don’t think he has much of a clue how much I do weigh. So I guess on some level it does bug me a bit.

I’ve weighed more than my husband as long as I’ve known him. My goal is to weigh as much as him.

Yes, it bothers me. But only a little bit. I mean, he’s a skinny thing anyway - a measly 145 lbs.

It would bother me, since part of what I find physically attractive about men is that they’re built on a bigger scale than I am.

I gained close to 50 pounds when I was pregnant (well, 30 legitimately, and about 20 in the last 2 weeks that was due to PIH) so I weighed more than him then.

It was fine, as I was pregnant, but I wouldn’t want it for day to day.

It would bother me, yes, but mostly because I’m 5’1" and he’s 6’2", so I’d have to be REALLY overweight to weigh more than him.

Mr. S generally weighs between 125 and 130, and usually on the low end of that range. If I weighed what he does, I’d be nearly underweight.

i have a friend who’s holding off on proposing for this very reason. it’s not a vanity thing, it’s a lifestyle thing. he’s running 10k’s, eating grilled chicken, and just being all-around athletic. she’s become quite sedentary, eating huge portions, and has gained about what i would guess to be 50 lbs since they first started dating 4 years ago.

it’s not BOTHERING either of them too much, but it is casting doubt on the BF’s part. i wonder how much of an impact it’s having on the girl.