Welcome to our newest lunatic, Ermes Marana

Incase you didn’t know it, Barry Bonds is MLB’s main steroid supplier. Actully, according to this dimwit, among MLB steroid abusers,

Oh, yes, and 90% of all players use steroids --for all I know this could be true, but they ALL buy from Barry? :rolleyes:

Oh yes, and


Please join in (sung to the tune of SPAM!)
*Troll Troll Troll Troll!
Troll Troll Troll Troll!

One would think lines like the “steroids to trick-or-treaters” would make it obvious I was being sarcastic.
I honestly couldn’t believe anyone wouldn’t realize it was sarcasm. It was way more blatant than an Onion article.

Coming from most people, it would have been recognized as sarcasm.

But when basically everything you post is batshit insane, it’s a little difficult to figure out where the boundary between serious and ironic lies.

By the way, those of us reading your Barry Bonds thread are still waiting for you to provide some evidence of your allegations.

You better have a Snickers then, because you won’t be going anywhere for a while, if you’re waiting for a non-existent cite.
I think he pretty much admitted he was trolling.

No, you weren’t. You were serious. You just didn’t expect people to call you on it. And now you’re backpedaling like a motherfuck.

Yeah, and the Onion is serious about very article they write.

I was even more blatantly sarcastic than them.

I was showing the insanity of Bonds haters. They defend people who used HGH after Bonds because it wasn’t banned yet, they don’t care about steroid users who make history as world series MVPs, but they go after Bonds who is accused of using before either of them and never won a title anyway.

No, you weren’t. Continuing to say it doesn’t make it so. There was nothing yin your OP to indicate sarcasm. If you really DID intend sarcasm, you suck at it. A The Onion writer, you ain’t.

What about this line:

“At least Troy Glaus (World Series title and MVP) didn’t make any history.”
Why would I have put the history he made in parenthesis and then immediately say he didn’t make any history if not sarcasm.

Not to mention my line about the “Bonds loving” media.

It occurs to me, however, that people probably did not read the OP, just scanned it.

That didn’t occur to me when I was writing it, and I can see how a quick scan would make it appear serious.

Sorry, I gotta disagree. A troll’s purpose in posting is to stir things up and get a reaction.

Ermes’s purpose, if you believe him (and I do) was to make a point.

Part of the problem was that it wasn’t initially clear what point he was trying to make, and part of it was that, since he doesn’t have a history here so that we know what to expect from him, we couldn’t know ahead of time that he wasn’t one of those guests who occasionally show up who actually are trolls and/or completely batshit insane.

Personally, I find the linked thread to be one of the more interesting Pit thread I’ve seen recently, and I wouldn’t mind subscribing to Mr. Marana’s newsletter.

Alright, it’s possible you really were attempting to be sarcastic. But, so early in your posting history gives us no baseline to compare it to. We get [del]trolls[/del] guests all the time who spout off crap just as insane-sounding as your posts who actually are dead serious. Forgive us if we tend to dismiss similar guest posters out of hand. We have good reason.

Forgive us?! You got whooshed, pal. Don’t drag the rest of us into it. Just apologize and move on.

If sarcasm makes someone a troll, then troll me up, motherfucker.

Heh, “steroid candy” …

I’m with Ogre on this one. Looks to me like some got whooshed and others got it right away. While I didn’t find the Bonds OP to be all that funny, the “Bonds-loving media” in the second sentence was a dead giveaway to me that the poster was shooting for humor, not trolling.

Who’s “we?”

I understood Ermes Marana’s thread to be a joke as soon as I read it.

And how the hell can you know someone wasn’t intending sarcasm? That’s like saying that you know what the other person is thinking, which is impossible; it especially makes you look like a wanker when you’re stating such in a personal attack.

Even though you really, really like to think so, you’re not the smartest person here.

This quote;

“When are we going to put a stop to this? No wonder Bonds can’t play day games after night games, he must spend most of his time coordinating the drug shipments to athletes in almost every sport.”…

should have made it painfully obvious that he was being humorous, if the rest didn’t tip you off.

I mean, rousing chants of “TROLL TROLL TROLL” are so annoying when it is crystal clear that there was no trollish behaviour being demonstrated.

Q.E.D. got whooshed? Bwahhhhhhh. There go his cool creds.

So the real issue is that it’s difficult to tell whether Ermes Marana is being a Troll or just sucks at sarcasm.

I’d say he’s rather competent at it, actually.

Yeah, right. As if.