What day is it in the MMP?

February hasn’t been a particularly kind month, so here’s stuff we can celebrate today!!

2021 Daily Holidays that fall on February 22, include:

  • Be Humble Day
  • European Day for Victims of Crime
  • Founders Day - (World Organization of the Scout Movement)
  • National Cook a Sweet Potato Day
  • National Cupcake Day (Canada) - February 22, 2021
  • National Margarita Day
  • National Wildlife Day - (In 2018 this date was permanently changed from September 4 in honor of Steve Irving’s Birthday)
  • Play More Cards Day - February 22, 2021 (Last Monday in February)
  • Recreational Sports & Fitness Day
  • Single Tasking Day
  • Tex Avery Day
  • Walking the Dog Day
  • Washington’s Birthday (but observed as a U.S. Federal Holiday on the Third Monday in February (February 15, 2021)
  • Woolworth’s Day
  • World Thinking Day

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Happy Moanday!!

First! It’s good to be juvenile!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 51 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 66 and rain for the day. A big band of dark green is headed our way accordin’ to TWPTB radar. Good day to be inside and dry and that’s what I plan for the day. I shall attempt to arrange for a couple or three HVAC type folks to meet me at the church house this week to get quotes on replacin’ two large units for the Parish Hall. Fun times. We shall also spend some time goin’ through files and doin’ a purge of stuff. I expect Mr. Shredder will get a workout throughout this week, poor thing. Sup shall be leftovers from yestiddy.

National Margarita Day is a holiday I fully support! Maybe we shall even celebrate this evenin’. :clinking_glasses: :cocktail: :tropical_drink:

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Good morning everyone. Just starting first cup of coffee, it’s 37F outside, and I’m just happy to be in temps that allow water as a liquid.

Had second vaccine jab yesterday, and awoke at midnight with aches, pains, and no sense of smell or taste. I’m better now, having endured a mild 4 hour flu. Senses have mostly returned, so I can enjoy my coffee at least. Today though, I will be holding down the couch and limiting exercise to the buttons on the remote. I’ll be productive tomorrow I guess.

Yay for second jab Pully! That is an excellent plan for the day. I highly recommend you stay in pjs whilst doin’ so.

~ swampy, who is riskin’ a slap on the hand by the discourse bot for makin’ too many posts.

Thank you Swampy!

Ummm. we have a robot now? I always wanted a robot when I was a kid. They didn’t turn out like I expected. I had hoped for my own Series 1A-1998 Class YM-3 Model B-9 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robotic Bion.

I think I may have had a mild reaction to my second shot - late in the day yesterday, I was feeling a tad woozy/dizzy for no apparent reason. But I’m back to what passes for normal for me this morning, so I’m guessing that’s that.

This is my last day at home till late next Tues. I think I gave the convoluted explanation in the last MMP (FIL’s dental appt) so the current plan is to leave in the wee dark hours tomorrow, getting us to Ocala in the early evening (assuming traffic doesn’t suck.) I’ll spend much of my time there taking MIL shopping and helping her stock the freezer. She’ll be having a shoulder replacement in May so she’ll be very limited in what she can do. She wants a bunch of meals ready to go.

I also told her I’d run their carpet cleaner over their area rugs so they don’t have to pay a pro to do it. Temps will be close to 90° later in the week which should make for good drying. I don’t know what else will be needed.

They get their second shots of Firday, then next Moanday, FIL goes to the dentist. They’ve been in Ocala something like 20 years but they still go back to Jacksonville to their old dentist because they don’t trust anyone in Ocala. Yes, I married into that insanity. Anyway, FCD is going to take his dad because he really shouldn’t be driving all that far. And we’ll leave then in the wee dark hours of next Tues to come home - assuming nothing else comes up in the interim. I’m going to be sure to pack extra meds for us just in case.

Daughter will come to the house to scoop cat poop and bring in the mail. I’m hoping she’ll take whatever perishables are in the fridge, including leftovers. She’s coming by this evening to say goodbye to her grandparents and I’ll talk to her about the groceries.

On the plus side, I’m hoping we can get lunch or supper from Sonny’s at least once. It’ll be to-go, of course, since Ocalans don’t seem to believe that masks are necessary. FCD is really concerned about that - he won’t be eligible for the vaccination till the next group gets a go-ahead. Hard to tell when that will be.

Anyway, it’ll be an interesting day/week ahead…

Good morning All. Have caffeinated and ingested half a blueberry bagel with Filly cream cheese, of course.

Plans for the day include a walk, a workout at the Fitness Center on the NuStep and a work meeting this afternoon. Dinner was going to be meatloaf and mashed N.O.T. But I think we’ll celebrate Cook a Sweet tater day instead.

Temps will get over freezing for the first time in weeks, so I’ll only need to wear one pair of long underwear under my pants.

And so starts a new week. Make it a good one!

Edited to add: FCM wishing you a safe uneventful journey tomorrow.

DH resumes being an actual construction irker today, so household routine is upheaved, to a certain Siamese’s evident displeasure. The bird doesn’t seem to care, but she’s probably more preoccupied with the upheaval yesterday for cage disassembly/cleaning. We have GOT to figure out getting her to stop pooing in her water dish.

Usual Moanday don-wannas when it comes to Hades Annex. We’re rapidly hitting “what fresh hell awaits today?” territory over there.

Morning all. Rain has pretty much moved out of the neighborhood and temperatures should be in the mid-50’s, so not a bad start to the week. From Mooooomm’s list, I’ll try to watch some Tex Avery cartoons and do some thinking about the World and crime victims; the rest don’t appeal to me all that much. And I think sever Mumpers celebrated Margarita Day early…

FCM, all y’all be careful this week. Travel is stressful anyway and with a couple of older folks in debatable health…just take it easy.

yanker, sounds like you had a fairly strong reaction. Just remember, it shows your body has a robust defense system, even if it makes you miserable in doing so…

catglove, sounds like you have the day planned out. I have two things on a shopping list and my Moanday habit of getting a #3 sammich at Jersey Mike’s, and that is as far as my planning goes.

Nettie, you really do have to look around and get out of that place, it isn’t doing you and your peace of mind any good. Yeah on husband-unit heading back to work.

OK, need to try and act like a responsible human bean. All y’all have a great week now.

Seanette, best of luck on the “re-heaval” or at least getting routines hammered out. I hate it when my schedule changes. Even though it doesn’t make me poop in a water dish, I can sympathize with your bird.

I hardly slept last night. There was a critter (probably chipmunk or squirrel) that I think got into our downspout last night and was in the process of dying from about 11 p.m. to about 6 a.m. I wish there were an easy way to put the thing out of its misery - it sounded about a third of the way down (i.e., near my head) and unfortunately the only outlet is either where it came in or on the other side of the yard (our downspout now empties about two feet away from our driveway and is thoroughly encased in cement). So really no way to get it out either way until the thing disintegrates.

I’m about to throw some New Mexico pork chili in my slow cooker, which has gotten a serious workout lately. My friend down the street was diagnosed with breast cancer, so we have a meal train going. I brought turmeric cashew rice, slow-cooked veggie curry, tandoori chicken and naans. Oh, and a cake with almond glaze. Anyway, I love meals that I can leave in the pot and walk away from.

Okay, off to work in corporate land. I need to start assigning things out. I’m taking Thursday and Friday off and sincerely hoping that they will actually be days off and not “days off.”

Snowing. Again. Only calling for 2-4 inches today, but I’m getting really tired of it. Think it’ll be a stay at home day, as the truck doesn’t have snow tires. The view out my kitchen window, I’ve got heat tape on the roof, so big icicles:

Also a fun day of once again trying to apply for PPP for my business, but I’m not holding my breath.

Happy monday and stay safe, everyone.

Except if you have a dog, you may well be pooping in their water dish… :rofl:

Sorry… :rofl:

There’s a loaf of cranberry oat bread in the bread maker on the dough cycle - it’ll go in the oven in about an hour or so. I cleaned the critter fountain, changed the sheets on our bed, and tidied the kitchen. I gathered all the household trash and FCD is going to take it shortly. I need to make a list for my daughter while we’re gone.

And I should make a list of what needs to be packed. It’s going to be tight - we’ll need stuff for a week, plus we’ve got all their stuff, including a walker and THREE afghans. MIL packed some weird stuff. I hope my trunk is big enough.

Man, those are some serious daggers you’ve got there! You’ll have to check for roof damage come spring.

What day is it? It’s the day before our first poke and we’re doing preliminary happy dances. It’s at one of those mass vaccination sites, but is pretty early in the morning so maybe the lines won’t be too long.

Good morning all. I spent yesterday afternoon scooping slush and ice out of the ruts on the road in front of our house yesterday. You can now make it safely from the stop sign at the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill. I figure the folks on the other side of the hill can do that side themselves.

I had found a YouTube channel called Great Bike Rides with playlists for 25, 30, 40 and 60 minute rides. This morning, I “rode” along the beach in California. It was much more enjoyable than riding the trainer in the cold basement listening to the same songs as the last one hundred times.

Off to fill my mug with hot water. Just forty-one days until easter.

What day is it?

It’s 2/22!

Afternoon, mumpers! It’s quite pleasant here today, given that it’s the end of meteorlogical winter this week. Weather app says “Fucking cool and partly fucking cloudy” and promises me 10C/50F up to 11C/51F and partly cloudy. That would explain the large ball of flaming gas in the sky then, right?

Moooooom I am all in favour of National Margarita Day, however we celebrated that on Friday so nothing stronger than a good cup of Yorkshire tea for me today! Sorry to hear you’re off to FL for longer than you want to be, amongst those idiots who don’t believe in masks etc. Also sorry that your FIL is causing so much anxiety, I wish there was a simple solution to all of this.

Pully hurrah for second jabs, glad to hear you have recovered too and that coffee is back on the agenda!

VanGo that’s some serious weaponry on your house - is it there to deter visitors?!

Nothing much to report here, aside from the fact that I am so fed up with irk at them moment. We’re all being encouraged to take some time off so I am thinking a long weekend would be nice, although we can’t go anywhere or do anything. Just not being at irk is sounding pretty good to me.

Good morning, Mumpers!

The manager who now does scheduling heard I prefer closing to opening, so guess who has two thumbs and never gets woken by an alarm anymore? THIS well-rested girl!

It’s been 34F all night, and promises to stay ezzactly 34 F all day :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so despite a few determined flakes drifting down, things are thawing out here in western Mitten State.
The daggers on my roof are dripping (and falling!) and the cats are happily letting themselves in & out the side door, and unhappily investigating the slushy mess.

We’re actually “celebrating” this one at irk today (yes, I still work at a cannabis dispensary) as we sell margarita-flavored gummies and today they’re on special for the princely discount of buy two get one free.

I told management they should give us employees a pack of margarita gummies for free and was met with :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but to be fair, those things are TERRIBLE and I think she thought I was pulling her leg.

Which I was, but hey, free is free and it was worth a shot!

Good morning, Mumpers! It’s another glorious day in SoCal. We are looking at a sunny day with a predicted high of 72°F and not a cloud in the sky. Lovely day to be…teaching remotely from my office. If it stays like this I might just have to get started on planting this years garden earlier than normal. I might even dig up part of the side strip and grow something other than weeds there. We shall see. National Margarita Day will just have to wait. I wonder if there is a “Cheeky Little Malbec” Day, because that is what I’m going to be having with dinner.

Stay safe and warm, everyone!

Howdy all. Shopping for Moanday has been done, went to Staples for pens and legal-sized copy paper and managed to bust open (via gravity) a package of 3-hole printer paper (didn’t even know that was a thing). The manager didn’t charge me for it (I was willing to pay for my clumsiness) and getting lettuce and milk from Publix and my usual #3 from Jersey Mike’s went off without issues.

Bright and N.O.S. outside, only snow left is that which was made into snowmen and they are rapidly melting away. Hopefully we’re done with that nonsense in N. Ali-bama.

shoe, glad you got the shifts you wanted, even without the freebies…

boo fae, sometimes a day away can help–read some of the stuff people post about their workplaces and maybe you’ll feel better.

flyboy, maybe it says something about MMP-land that I suspect well over half of us remember watching that show…

Wizard, good on you for making you bike rides creative. Guess you can find anything on YouTube (well, almost anything).

Cookie, good wishes on pokage.

Vango, that is some serious ice. When I was growing up in N. Ohio, my parent had my brother and I take a shovel and knock them off the house when they got too big.

OK, still have half of my ham-n-cheese to finish, so all ya’ll take care.