What did you have for your breakfast

Well what did you have?

Myself:- Large gammon steak,Cumberland Sausage ring, 2 fried eggs,grilled tomatoes,mushrooms fried in butter,hash browns and toast (3 slices)
Washed down with copious amounts of strong black coffee (the only way to drink it)

I know, I know…I’m a pig.

BUT, I’m a happy well fed pig, so there. :smiley:

A sausage mcMuffin with egg. And breakfast tea. I don’t have much in the mornings :wink:

Green Bladder: You must be as thin as a pin, get some grub down you

:smiley: Ah, but I pig out for every other meal. I’m just not a breakfast guy.

Meatballs in a brown gravy with egg noodles. Salad with lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, carrots, egg, croutons, bacon bits and catalina french dressing.

You see I work midnights so my breakfast is dinner.

I’ve been to Michigan, Grandville actually…go the Bulldogs, yeah, yeah!!



You didn’t have the bulldogs for breakfast did you…

As of right now?
Two cups of coffee and a mental debate on a third.

I’ll probably have some instant oatmeal before I head to work at 10, just because I know I need to eat something.

I don’t eat breakfast, but thank you for asking, spogga. Your kindness and concern for my nutritional needs is very touching. Would you like me to let you know the minute I do eat something? Because, if so, I will make sure that the moment a morsel passes my lips, I will be here to tell you. (And it won’t even be rude because, although it’s not polite to eat with your mouth full, typing is quite another thing, isn’t it? ) Again my heartfealt thanks for asking. We should do lunch some time. Then you’ll know about that.


Me eat a British Bulldog!!..behave yourself, now a French poodle is a different matter

Okely Dokely SALEM: We’ll do lunch and I’m buying.

You really should eat breakfast y’know, kickstart for the day and all that :wink:

Bacon, coffee, Inderal and a Marlboro.

Oh, spogga, that would be lovely. Now, just to make my way across an ocean and through Heathrow. Shouldn’t be too difficult, I’m on the East Coast[sub]of the usa[/sub] already. How’s noon sound?

I didn’t say Today did I?..please pay attention Salem.

Next year will see me in the good ol’ US of A again so tell me again, East Coast? where’s that exactly and don’t say opposite the west coast.

Oh. I’m sorry, I haven’t had breakfast, you know. And now I’m apparently going to be waiting til next year to have lunch.

South of the North Coast? North of the South Coast? Does that work for you? Ok, how about the Boston area? That works for me, since that’s where I live. So Boston area, next year, lunch. Is that quite enough attention for you?

Is that near Alabama? 'cos that’s were I’ll be going next year, well the south anyway, Loooook Awaayyy Dixieland

I had a croissant and a cappucino. And the East Coast is Maine, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, etc.

I snacked on some pumpkin seeds a friend and I roasted last night. Cajun and Old Bay…good stuff! I’m also starting my usual two to four cups of coffee.


I love having time for breakfast on weekends, woo!

Freshly ground/brewed jamaican coffee with real cream and a cinnamon raison bagel toasted just so with liberally applied whipped honey-nut cream cheese.