What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

I made rice with bell peppers and onions and cumin. It was sort of like a risotto. It was actually better the second night.

Too many brownies for dessert. I need a food monitor.

Spaghetti with meat sauce and shredded Parmesan cheese, garlic toast, ice water, Merlot. Later, candied pineapple with ice water.

We didn’t. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Last night I air fried tofu that I’d marinated in my go-to marinade. When the tofu had just a few minutes left to cook, I added some garlic scapes. Would make again.

Tonight will be steamed shrimp and vegetable pot stickers, with a bowl of fresh blackberries.

Maple mustard marinated Cornish game hen on the grill. Finally hauled it out of the freezer where it’s been sitting, vac-packed, for a long time. Not sure what to have with it – probably my standard porcini mushroom vegetable rice. This is the sort of thing that makes great cold leftovers the next day, especially with potato salad.

Had a wisdom tooth extracted, so something soft and mushy. Probably shepherd’s pie.

Another poulet rouge chicken, big fat baking potatoes, a few roasted snap peas, garden salad and some garlic naan.

Garlic shrimp over rice, garlic toast and a glass of ice water. Later, Girl Scout Samoa cookies and a glass of cold milk.

Leftover grilled Serbian meat of some sort from last night’s restaurant mixed grill, which was enough meat for the two of us to eat for several days. Likely with this morning’s farmer’s market asparagus, and maybe purple potatoes?

Chicken legs marinated in sauce made of (among other things) mirin, yushu, ginger, soy. etc. Grilled then coated in a glaze made from (among other things) garlic, soy, fish sauce, shichimi togarashi, etc. For a side dish we air fried some tok fries - french fries coated with some salt and shichimi togarashi. Beer as a beverage for myself.

I am totally stuffed with chicken and french fries. Naptime is imminent.

Scrambled eggs and venison breakfast sausage.

My husband offered to take me to dinner tonight - what a novel thought! and so we went to a neighborhood restaurant we both like. It’s changed owners and isn’t as good now, but just being able to do this was pretty great. We had antipasti (salami, cheese, olives and cornichons with crusty bread, bacon jam and mustard), grilled salmon and scallops.

One positive to come out of the pandemic was our exploration of the food truck scene. One of our favorite trucks is an East African truck called Kilimanjaro Flavour.

I enjoyed Grace’s Beef Chip Vuruga, a delicious blend of beef, veggies, and French fries. My gf had Coconut Shrimp.

I had chicken tacos which were only so-so because I forgot to pick up something for a crunch. No lettuce or cabbage, dang it. But dessert made everything all better. I made an orange posset and then added a small amount of orange ganache to the top. Still smacking my lips and it’s so easy to make and you need so few ingredients. I may have to do another one tonight, but maybe I’ll use a different citrus.

Yesterday was grilled cow and lots of Malbec ad the BiL and family were over for lunch, and then sliceed grilled beef sandwich for dinner, I didn’t have any Coleman’s mustard but had a good chunk of wasabi saved from our last sushi dinner which works just as well.

Tonight will be salads and grilled chicken .

I had the urge to make some korma. I went to the supermarket, bought a bag of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots, a smaller bag of peppers and onions, some boneless chicken thighs, and a jar of korma sauce (I did consider making my own sauce but I wasn’t feeling that ambitious). Cooked the vegetable in the oven. Cut up the chicken and sauteed it with some garlic. When the vegetables were tender, I added the chicken and the sauce to the dish and put it back in the oven.

And I feel it came out pretty good. I have enough left over for another meal tomorrow.

Lazy tonight so we ordered in. Smoked gouda and poblano pepper ravioli with a white sauce of chicken and bacon with garlic toast and caesar salad; G and Ts for bevvie.
SWMBO had ham and cheese pizza with tequila paralyzers. Drinks were dessert.