What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope


Going to be grilling some chicken breasts , probably served with potoes and sweet potatoes that are cubed and roasted with aji molido ( which is just a complicated way of saying ground pepper flakes)
Maybe with some steamed veggies , almost certainly with some wine.

Pea & potato samosas, with a tamarind chutney. (Not homemade.)

Also a quesadilla.

Possibly a bowl of cereal for dessert. I have several sugary kid’s types in my pantry.

Also, by way of something of an appetizer, an avocado mashes up Brazilian style - with sugar and lemon juice.
(As opposed to guacamole Mexican style, with lime and salt.)

If you’ve never tried it, go for it - it’s good!

Usually served as a dessert, but imma eat dessert first tonight!

I’m going to try it after the next time I go shopping. I made avocado mousse once, but I didn’t love it. This sounds much better!

(Did you sprinkle sugary cereal on top of the avocado? :grinning:)

Since today’s my birthday, my husband’s birthday and our anniversary (no excuse for missing a date), we’re ordering delivery from the best Chinese restaurant in town:

Shrimp wonton soup
Shanghai pork dumplings
Orange chicken
Shrimp with mixed vegetables
Eggplant with garlic sauce

And my husband’s baking a cake.

Grilled chopped chicken in noodles with Thai peanut sauce (my wife used a new recipe with soy sauce instead of stir-fry sauce, which made it a bit too salty IMHO but certainly still palatable), cherry tomatoes from our backyard garden with blue cheese salad dressing, and a glass of ice water. Later, some Girl Scout lemon cookies with a little dab of lemon curd on each, and a glass of cold milk.

Gonna finish the turkey breast I roasted a couple days ago. Piece of advice, don’t get the frozen turkey breast from Aldi, kinda weird and chewy. Bit it did provide several meals and some slammin gravy.

Happy bday.

Home made thin and crispy pizza. Art Car IPA.

Early start tomorrow to get a beef stew cooking so it is ready to take to the BiLs house for a family dinner.
Malbec will ensue.

Scallops Ceviche and Gazpacho.

Went old school last night - sloppy joes on a store brand hamburger bun, Ore-Ida steak fries and a small scoop of cottage cheese.

Tonight’s plan is ricotta/spinach ravioli and garlic bread. Will more than likely end up being cheese and crackers.

Made a chicken curry last night, cheated and used a sauce in a jar, just amped it up with a bit more coriander, garam masala and jalapenos. Threw some brocolli in there as well as it was getting old, it worked quite well adding some sweetness .

Tonight mrs mollusc is cooking empanada gallega.Basicall tuna fish cooked with onion , canned tomatoes and chopped olives , then put into an lage baking dish with empanada pie crust and baked.

It’s National Taco Day, so beef tacos ensued today.

Our oldest son went out and got us all fro yo for dessert, simply tart and Taro cream and the ensuing brain freeze for me.

I took a day off and spent it installing a shifter in my friend’s car (we did it! and in only 3x the expected install time!). Afterward, he took me out for a local Tex-Mex place in San Marcos.

We both had delicious cheese enchiladas smothered in a very delicious chili sauce. I liked it a lot, and the enchiladas were divine after a hot day under a car, and the flour tortillas served on the side were awesome as well. But the centerpiece of the meal was really the salsa served with the chips. A nice, spicy salsa with smallish chunks of peppers in it. They sell it jarred, and when he visits me, I’m going to request a couple. Several glasses of unsweet iced tea for a beverage, it was a hot day for October in central Texas.

Ended up noshing on Old Dutch ripple potato chips and Top the Tater.

A rerun of beef & barley stew with slices of buttered baguette. Then lemon-spice cake for desert.


So it’s more Return of the Jedi than A New Hope

I totally winged it based on a previously read recipe and my rapidly deteriorating memory.

I bought a sirloin roast kind of cut, trimmed off the fat, then plunge-cut a pocket into the wide edge of the roast. I rubbed the meat with oil, salt, pepper, etc. (the etcetera is what makes or breaks). I then everted the pocket (turned it inside out), treated the new exterior, then stuffed the pocket with bread cubes, butter, various cubed cheeses, diced onion and peppers, oregano, etc (etcetera).

Grilled then halved and served with a steak knife and a salad.

Would make again, but would pay more attention to detail and would sous vide rare for an hour prior to grilling to give me more control. Would also serve sliced rather than in two unwieldy pieces.

If you duplicate this, let me know!

Deserves a CS thread of its own. I live for leftovers, as does my daughter. My son, raised similarly, hates the idea. Won’t eat leftovers. Like night and day.