What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

Spinach feta tart here today with hot buttered Italian bread and bananas on the side.

Caesar salad with grilled chicken, a bowl of piping hot seafood bisque, and a glass of ice water. Later, some Icebreaker Sour candies.

Blue box of mac’n’cheez (a.k.a. “Kraft dinner”) and at the last second, remembered to add an extra slice of American.

Still kinda hungry, though. May have to fix Second Dinner before bedtime.

Pork tenderloin grilled and sliced, served with grilled-then-chilled shishito peppers and tomatoes, and German potato salad.

I am being fed butternut squash quiche, I am not enthralled at the prospect but it has been decreed , it will have to be amped up with Matouks scorpion pepper sauce.

Pizza tonight, and later on my husband wanted to open his last bottle of Wicked Weed, so that and some almonds dipped in dark chocolate was dessert (I just had a little of the beer, not crazy about their more liquor-y flavored offerings). This is a pic I found online of it:

Just leftover stew and a fruit salad, but it was the first meal we shared in the same room since my gf was exposed to COVID-19 at a nursing home.

Silly how enjoyable we both found it.

Chicken and biscuits. I’ve poached some thighs in broth with a bunch o’ herbs, carrots, etc, gonna strain that broth and make a cream gravy with it, throw some frozen peas in then put it on top of some buttermilk biscuits. Dessert is brownies and ice cream.

Going to cook a ground beef chili outside tonight and enjoy some September houston weather , st Arnold beer will be consumed with the cooking , and Malbec with the eating .
Vanilla ice cream planned for dessert.

Salmon chowder and garlic mashed potatoes.

The local Greek Orthodox church had a mini-festival today (they drastically cut back on their usual event because Covid), so I picked up some spanakopita and avgolemono soup there and brought it home. I’d been hoping they’d have souvlaki, but no luck with that so I dug some chicken lumpia out of the freezer and air-fried that. It all went together surprisingly well.

There’s also some kok and almond crescents for dessert, but we haven’t gotten that far yet.

Must… resist… terrible… pun…

Today, I felt really lazy, and we ordered from El Tizoncito for dinner. I had al pastor tacos, and she had al pastor quesadillas. With a few El Chingons as a beverage. They were both excellent.

I did get off my butt and make some dough for flatbread to be eaten with shawrama tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll bake it late in the day, and it’ll still be warm while I grill the filling.

Squash raviolis and a huge salad.

Chicken paillard and matching green salad from Modern Proper.

Followed by Apple cheesecake pie.

All new recipes and all are keepers.

It was going to be grilled chicken breast and roast potatoes, but Mrs Mollusc decided she felt like eating sushi, and who am I to deny what she wants, so I am currently sat in Sushi Jin drinking an Asahi waiting on sushi.

Homemade baked falafels with tzadziki sauce. The falafels have a bunch of chopped vegetables in the batter. They’re basically a cross between falafel and pakoras. Tomorrow I’ll have more, with tamarind chutney.

General Tso’s chicken and the rest of the chicken lumpia happened tonight. Almond crescent cookie for dessert.

Last night I grilled two of the most beautiful porterhouse steaks I’ve ever seen, and I bought them from the local turkey farm! Primarily they are a turkey farm, but since they grow corn for turkey feed, the also finish a few steers every year. We have a standing order for oxtail, and I was there picking one up, when I saw two beautiful porterhouse steaks. Pricey, but worth the splurge. All organic, cut thicker than seems sane, they were great! My gf pointed out that I could have grilled one for both of us.

Served with fries and coleslaw.

Crunchy peanut butter and raspberry jam on a slice of whole wheat, five slices of sharp cheddar cheese, a small bowl of Cool Ranch Doritos, and a glass of ice water. No dessert this time.