What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

Last night was Chile Colorado with Bakewell tart for dessert.

Last night was Spicy Sichuan Noodles from a NYT recipe. Tonight was leftovers from the same. It’s somewhat like the Dan Dan noodles I mentioned upthread, but it will be a difficult decision when they come up again as an option. Tasty as hell, and a richer, spicier sauce than the Dan Dan noodles, but Dan Dan noodles have their own charm in my heart at this point.

ETA: Saturday was a steak sandwich and fries from Cheapsteaks, a local food/music spot that friends of mine were playing outdoors at this weekend. Deliciousness. I’ve got to try their actual steaks next time.

Tonight we are having zucchini casserole and I’m so excited!

It’s that time of year, so we went to Mad Mex for Gobleritos (turkey, stuffing, black beans, mashed potatoes, corn, etc in a burrito covered with gravy. Cranberry sauce on the side).
Margaritas (regular, not pumpkin) to drink.

I went to Costco yesterday at lunch, and bought the pesto butter salmon and a bunch of beef ribs. I thought we’d have the salmon tonight. My wife texted me on the way home and requested tacos dorados tonight. (She calls them ‘double-fried tacos’.)

Angel-hair pasta with fried calamari, alfredo sauce, chopped tomatoes, chopped red peppers and parmesan cheese. Garlic bread, and a glass of ice water. Later, a piece of Oreo pie with a glass of cold milk.

Ersatz tuna casserole (prepared boxed mac and cheese dinner with cream sauce, tuna, mushrooms and peas added. Top with panko and parmesan and bake) and fresh blackberries.

Brinner (breakfast for dinner) half a ham steak, coupla fried eggs, a slice of buttered bread, and some nibbles of cheese.

ETA: two slices of buttered bread, cuz I can!

Heated up some of the frozen chill I made the other day .

We’re going to a friend’s chili cook off tomorrow, and we made chile verde to take to it. It gets better by sitting overnight in the fridge, so we made it a day early, and we had to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. So, it was dinner tonight. Several St. Arnold’s Art Car IPAs and a hockey game for dessert.

Tomorrow’s going to be probably about 20 different chili samples, with various beers and bands for a side dish.

Looking forward to tonight’s very simple dinner. I bought a batch of cremini mushrooms that are fresh and firm, and I just gently washed them and dried them off with paper towel (I know, I know, but I have my own way of dealing with mushrooms). A pan with garlic butter awaits to sautee them. A large pot of salted water awaits boiling and the immersion of spaghettini, and a heavy saucepan is ready for Pusateri’s semplice pasta sauce.

It’s the elegance of simplicity. Enhanced only by freshly grated parmesan and a few dozen glasses of Spanish tempranillo. :wink:

Pesto butter salmon from Costco, and overcooked asparagus. (SWMBO doesn’t like crispy asparagus. :frowning: )

Bucatini with a sauce made from Meyer lemon infused olive oil, onions, feta cheese, cracked pepper and marjoram. Garlic bread and a salad.

Stuffed Shells. I don’t make them often enough. For some reason I think of them as complicated to make, but they’re not. A bottle of Chianti just because.

Last few days have been leftovers in the freezer. This afternoon I am making another beef stew for tonight and also I’ll be trying to make a dent in the 3 gallon bags of habernero in the freezer by knocking up a batch of mango habernero sauce.

I’m going to make some angel hair pasta and cook in some butter and garlic and add some cherry tomatoes and olives and herbs. And maybe some peas.

Cover all that up with some good parmesan and call it done.

Baked four cheese ravioli in a creamy spinach and zucchini sauce , fresh tomatoes and dinner rolls.

I made homemade sourdough tortillas yesterday and today. Tonight we used them for quesadillas. I had mine with jalapenos from the back porch, my wife had hers with just cheese. Home made vanilla ice cream for dessert, with some Art Cars and some Weller to follow up.

The land of Nod beckons.

Went to a favorite little Italian restaurant last night and had the house salad and then the roast duck with potatoes and peas, with two glasses of the house Chianti (but no liver or fava beans), a glass of ice water and then a cup of decaf. Much later, a piece of sweet potato pie with whipped cream and a glass of cold milk.

All this talk of Italian food inspired me to make something a bit more indulgent tonight than my usual “cook for one” fare:

Tonight is chicken-and-garlic ravioli (store bought) but with crispy-sage & brown butter sauce, copiously doctored with shaved Parmesan.

Grew the sage myself, so technically, it is organic, locally sourced, and pesticide free.