What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

Tonight’s pub trivia, so I’ll be having my usual grilled jerk chicken sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries.

Last night mrs mollusc made coconut chicken thai curry , I amped it with some mango hab sauce. We were going to do a pasta dish of some sort tonight but she isn’t feeling great. As l I was supposed to go to the office today and had some curry to take with me for lunch , but failed to go so reheated curry for me for dinner , early night for her.

Tonight was the first band rehearsal in awhile. So it was a corn dog, some queso corn chips, then a couple of beers at rehearsal.

We had Bison cheeseburgers and Spanish rice tonight with sun tea.
Tomorrow will either be balsamic chicken salad or sour kraut depending on what sounds good in the morning.

Taco salad with a generous dollop of sour cream and pita chips, a glass of Truth IPA and a glass of ice water. Later, some Vermont Country Store mini-ginger snaps and a glass of cold milk.

I tried the beef rendang recipe @solost posted above.
So very good. Rich and comforting.

Now to clean the Dutch oven…

Moroccan Lamb Shank Tagine with dates and honey.

Last night I made tacos. Tomorrow I will use the leftover taco filling to fry up some chimichangas. What to have tonight? I think maybe pork chops on the grill, with some corn on the cob and something green. Maybe steamed broccoli.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Yes, the cleanup for the pan is quite a job afterward. One time the pan was a little fuller than usual and the sauce bubbled over in the oven and got a nice burned-on mess in the bottom. Now I make sure every time to put a foil-lined cookie sheet on the lower shelf to catch any drips. Pro tip!

Eating like a peasant tonight. Not eating badly, mind you, just simply.

Chicken broth, bread with butter and cheese, and ham.

But the bread is crusty & delicious, the chicken broth is homemade and rich with gelatin, and the ham got a nice sear on it.

Simple. But good.

Baked salmon and homemade mashed potatoes, with a glass of ice water. Later, chocolate-chip cookies and a glass of cold milk.

BBQ! Got up at 5am to get a pork shoulder and a brisket smoking in full darkness and rain. Family is coming over later.

As for sides, l and one of my sisters is doing keto, my other sister and her husband are doing paleo. So my jalapeño baked beans are out. I am making my famous 4 cheese Mac & cheese, but only for the kids and my wife. Diet-approved sides include collard greens slow-simmered in homemade chicken bone broth, keto cole slaw, and these savory cheesy jalapeño garlic keto muffins. Made with almond and coconut flour. I tried an experimental batch last night, and they turned out awesome.

On one of my infrequent visits to my favourite boutique grocery, I picked up a container of their yummy and authentic tsatziki, intending to use it as a chip dip. But the taste brought back memories of lovely dinners in Greek restaurants and a sudden hankering for souvlaki.

So last night was a sort-of-souvlaki – pork chops, though, not skewers – but marinated and seasoned in the Greek style like souvlaki and grilled on the barbecue, with vegetable mushroom rice and of course lots of tsatziki. The combination worked just as I’d hoped. Tonight will be the leftovers.

ETA: Kudos to Campbell’s for their new highly concentrated vegetable broth in the tiny little cartons. The carton contains exactly one cup, and is intended to be mixed with 3 cups of water to equal their normal broth. By mixing it with just one carton-full of water, I get a much more concentrated and flavourful broth for cooking rice, and much less packaging waste than their full-size “ready-to-use” cartons. Still needs the addition of either onion or dried porcini mushrooms for extra zing.

Yesterday my wife and I went to the local Asian grocery/restaurant complex to get stuff to make ramen for dinner tomorrow. While we were there, we picked up dinner from the restaurant complex. I got a banh mi with sesame grilled pork, she got tonkatsu pork, and I picked up way too many Korean style garlic/chili fried chicken strips to snack on. The banh mi and the tonkatsu were delicious, and I’ve been snacking on reheated chicken strips all day.

I kind of wish I had more chicken strips to eat, but I’m also glad they’re finished.

That thread about clam chowder recipes from a few days ago made me crave, well, clam chowder. So I made a special trip down to a seafood market in Sacramento, and bought a bunch of clams. Hey, it’s Saturday; I’ve got a ample free time to steam and de-shell a bunch of clams.

Here’s the yummy result:


It looks superb! I can almost taste it!

It does look superb, but I can’t imagine what it tastes like. I’ve never had a chowder that looks that good.

Yesterday we made chicken quesadillas and chilli to eat while watching football. Not sure what is on the menu for today.

Mrs mollusc and I were invited to the Houston Zoo Ball, so it was a goats cheese salad thing, some decently cook beef tenderloin with quinoa and a great chocolate mousse. Fun to get dressed up and dance into the early hours, it’s been a long time since we did that.

Someone paid 47,000 dollars to name a penguin at an auction.

Korean Street Food from The Boonseek Foodtruck. We shared Kim-Bob (a veggie roll), Bulgogi Mandoo (dumplings), and Chi-Bob (fried chicken in sauce).

We were at a brewery, so beer to drink