Whats wrong with people

Well I finally found out why my relatively new girlfriend was backing off. She’s seeing my best (and only) friend. So in a matter of minutes I lost my girlfriend and my best friend. Now, Im 29 years old…when will people stop pulling these stunts? Anyways, I figured Id share this with the SD because I know theres a lot of good people here. So, Im single…AGAIN. HA!

I’m sorry. This happened to my brother. He caught his best friend sleeping with his girlfriend. That was six years ago. Have heart, things will get better. He’s been dating a nice girl for something like three years now and they seem very happy.

And no, unfortunately, some people never grow up and will mess up other people’s relationships. It does suck. Some days I wonder about the people that never seemed to mature past middle school…

I’m sorry. :frowning: People are just stupid and shitty sometimes.

Clearly, he wasn’t a true friend. You’ll find better. And any girl who would sneak around on her boyfriend with his best friend is just HORRIBLE and you don’t want to be with someone like that anyway.

sending good vibes your way

The funny thing is once you get your heart broken you instantly remember how horrible it feels. Then you vow to never let it happen again. The invariably, it does and you wonder how you let it happen again. Ah, life. Dont mean to bore anyone. Just venting and this is the MPSIMS. It MUST BE SHARED! Thanks.

The main thing that’s wrong with people is that they unfortunately happen to be people. People…can’t live with 'em, can’t sell 'em (unless you live in Thailand).

Keep your chin up, bro.

"Life’s a piece o’ shit,
when you look a’ it.
Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke, it’s true.

You’ll see it’s all a show.
Keep 'em laughing as you go!
And always look on the briiiight side of life!"

That sucks. Your ONLY friend? You gotta get out and get connected with people. Don’t let this make you into a bitter recluse (I’ve seen it happen). I see you’ve only got 80 posts since 2003 - why don’t you start here? Come out of lurk and talk it up, maybe get involved in some of the candy/mug/whatever exchanges that happen from time to time…in RL, maybe see if there’s a local club devoted to something you’re interested in. Common interests are often the foundations of new friendships.

You guys are awesome. The single friend thing is because I try to keep the best company I can. Im not going to go into hiding or become bitter. Its the heartbreak that bugging me. I think its about a 2 month recovery. Here we go.


it’ll get better. i promise. and if you need us, we’re hear to listen.

well, read anyway. you know what i mean.

That sucks. I hope the next people you meet are nicer.

Im counting on it. Thanks

A real best friend would never date your girlfriend or even your ex-girlfriend for that matter. It’s right there in the Man’s Handbook on page 42 right after the section about scratching your balls. Sorry it happened to you though, and you’ll be fine in short order. Good luck.

Thats why I NEVER trust men around girlfriends. This isnt the first time this has happened either. Hopefully its the last. Thanks for all the responses everyone.

Now that’s a worry. Perhaps it has something to do with your choice of friends and girlfriends?

I don’t mean to dump on you when you’re down but while you’re bumming and figuring things out, you might want to give this some thought as well.

You need to be able to trust some people. There are people out there who are trustworthy. Putting all your trust into a singl person is akin to putting your eggs into one basket. No one can be everything to you. People have different strengths and tallents and can be a friend to you in different helpful ways. Keep that in mind the next time you invest yourself into a friendship or relationship.

Also, never forget to be the kind of friend you would want them to be.

Good luck. Speedy recovery.

Here’s a hug for you d1a1s1!! ((huggie huggie huggie)) I’m so sorry this happened to you. Hope you’re feeling better today … and maybe it won’t take two months! Life sometimes has a way of smiling on you when you least expect it!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That’s… not the lesson to take from this.

I’m sorry for what you’re going through, though.

Youre right actually. I am always scheptical of men when it come to someone Im with. I usually watch them for awhile and look for any signs. Thats how I figured this one out. I let them hang out, supposidly as just friends, then caught him a a series of lies that led up to where I am now. I would love to not have to worry about it but Ive seen this happen enough that its just something I have to be on the look out for. To say I never trust a man around my girlfriend…thats just me being hurt and mad.

Hmmm. You see I just simply never worry about something like this. It’s not worth it. I only care about if I’m happy with a girl, if it feels right. The rest doesn’t interest me.

What I think that does, partly, is that I never am in a relationship where I’m cheated on. Because that usually happens when something isn’t right to begin with. It’s a symptom, not a cause. If someone doesn’t care enough about you to not cheat with your best friend, something more is wrong than just superficial infidelity.

If this happened to me, I would probably look to see if they fit well together. If they do, then I would be happy for them, ask them to be honest about this next time. If, after analysis of whap just happened here, I still cared about the girl, I would probably be heartbroken for a bit, and then cure that by throwing myself back into the dating pool, hoping to at least catch glimpses of people I could love again.

But then I’m probably not the typical guy.

If it would happen to me right now, though, I would for a moment doubt myself very long and hard and be totally confused for a while, because with my SO I feel I have met my Soulmate TM. :slight_smile:

One small question. Did I read right that you are stationed in Italy? Is your girlfriend/friend currently in the U.S.? Did this happen partly while you were stationed abroad? Long distances don’t work too well for relationships, you know.

Amen, Maxx… A true friend wouldn’t ever gun for your GF, and should your GF ever make a move on you, that same true friend would pull you aside and say “Dude, I hate to tell you this, but your girl’s going behind your back… Thought you should know.”

It’s in the rules! d1a1s1, it may not seem like it now, but you’re better off without both of them… There’s six billion plus people on the planet, some of whom will be your friend and be serious about it!


QuickSilver makes a very healthy point. It almost becomes like a self fulfilling prophecy to set yourself up like that. Not that you’re to blame, mind you, but perhaps you allowed yourself to get into this situation. Doesn’t excuse their treachery, but it should be an eye opener for you.

Your thoughts in post #16 are also somewhat troubling, for the same reasons. If the same things keep happening to you, it’s time to find out why. Perhaps now is a good time to consult an analyst about your recurring problems.

BTW, it was a form of treachery what they did to you. That’s not your fault. It’s on them for being shits. The things you can change, tho, you might want to try changing. You can be happier. My hope for you is that you indeed become happier.

Sorry to hear it.

Maybe you should keep an eye out for a 1964 Chevy Malibu. Just don’t look in the trunk. (Sorry, but I’ve been reading movie threads over in Cafe Society.)