When will my hazing begin?

Hi everybody! waves

Right about…


looks nervously about

Quick, run for it! Hide while you can! Avoid the goat!

flees before the regulars get here

A goat?!?! But they are horny!

Now I am scared… :eek:

Hello Frozen Fish Sticks. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

With good reason.

Fear not, old-school welcome-wagoners…I’ve got the RGmVIII almost perfected…

I hope you brought pie. It’s pretty much expected.

Thank goodness. You know what happened last time. You can barely tell where the stain was now. Og, that took a lot of scrubbin’!


Having no clue what that stands for, I guess I will just have to sit here patiently and wait until someone shows me.


… this is me running away… away… awaaaaay…

Ahh, good…very good…a perfect opportunity to test out the tracking capabilities I’ve installed into the RoboGoat MarkVIII.

Lesse…setting…settings…ah, here we go:


Aaaand, fetch.

:Clank: :Clank: :Clank: :Clank: :Clank: :Clank:

Welcome to the Dope
I hope you like squid and goats
Because they like you


After you pay? Nobody’s really going to get freaky til’ they see the color of your money. :smiley:

Wise decision. Never look back. All that you love will be carried away…

Mmmmmmmm…Fish Sticks…

starts rummaging through the fridge for tartar sauce

release The Squid!

Here’s a couple of hints for how to ingratiate yourself on each board:

  1. General Questions - Ask if 0.999999etc really equals 1. Or try to dispute the Monty Hall problem. OIr better yet, nonchantlantly ask whether an airplane could take off from a treadmill. All winners.

  2. Great Debates - Conspiracy theory threads always invite well balnced and interesting debate, especially if it involves 9/11 or Lee Harvey Oswald. Start one today.

  3. Cafe Society - Instant acceptance can be had if you simply throw in a tangentially relevant Simpsons reference/quote into almost any thread. Also, remember, Josh Wheden is a god, do not talk ill of him…EVER! Star Wars an Lord of the Rings don’t really get much attention in CS, so don’t waste your time.

  4. BBQ Pit - Scour news sites for the most blatant episode of parental/teacher/police misconduct and post it and how outraged you are. Then wait for the accolades as everyone also chimes in about their disgust. Unexplored territory also includes driving, cell phones, cell phone service providers, movie theater talkers, George Bush, Best Buy, SUVs, and surpisingly the moderators.

Watch out for this guy, he likes long things:

Not jokes. That’s a paddlin’.

Round two of the Hazing of Frozen Fish Sticks:

::**Storm ** heats up the oven to 400::

Mmm, crispy fish sticks…

I’m new too… if I promise to bring the tarter sauce, and a Lemon Meringue pie, will you NOT send the goat my direction?? :slight_smile: