Who has the gayest Nickname?

I would have to say Cecil or Eutchye46…what the heck is a Eutchy?

I just don’t like the name Cecil…no reason.

Every single time I hear the name Cecil, I am reminded of the elementary school days at the skating rink. A fellow classmate screamed… “Cecil got racked.” At that time I was so confused as to what that meant. I think I know now.

Eutychus is the name of a person mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles. He fell asleep listening to St. Paul preach, and fell out a window and died. Our exquisite moderator chose the name in reference to how often he has fallen asleep in church.

Frankly from the adjective you used in the Subject line I would have to say that your name is pretty “gay.” I for one am straight however I do not appreciate you using someone else’s sexual preference as a demeaning adjective. You will find that you will be made fun of and ridiculed. If I were you I would hope that this thread falls to the bottom of the list before Esprix or another person of the gay community sees it. I personally am offended. Go back to the rock you crawled out from under.



I have co-opted the use of calliing something “gay” if I didn’t like it in a stupid metalhead voice to make fun of how, well, stupid it is.

This spread from where I work to Drain Bead, to pldennion and his wife, and I let sqrlcub in on it as well.

But when I see an idiot in real time doing this, it makes me want to not do it anymore. Because I know my intentions, and the people mentioned above know my intentions, but some yutz like the poster above might not…

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What makes you assume that referring to someone’s handle as “gay” must necessarily have a demeaning implication? Maybe cement meant it as a complement.


Ok, first the easy one.

Doghouse Rilley:

Maybe if you read and understood the OP then you would not have posted your reply. However, I will still defend myself. It is quite obvious from concrete’s OP that he was using the term “gay” as a demeaning word…

How could anyone in their right mind say that when concrete used the term gay he meant it as a compliment?? He was obviously stating that he did like their names and was trying to make fun of them. If he had chosen another word for his attack then I would not have had a problem, but unfortunetly he did not. If he had said “Who has the most Jewish name” would not the Jewish people of this board be kinda pissed that he used their religion as a deragatory [sp?] word?? Just because people use the term “gay” more often as a deragatory word does not make it right. In fact I am asking concrete to post here exactly how he meant the term “gay” to be recieved by readers. Also, you can look at his pathetic plea for sympathy in his thread, I’m a big fat un-funny loser… So in the future, before you reply, Learn how to read an OP!

Now the difficult one…

Satan, I am disapointed. I do not use the term gay to describe something stupid because it is just not right. No one should use a word like that as a demeaning adjective. I have many friends, homosexual and straight, who would not appreciate the way that concrete used the word “gay.” I have asked my “gay” friends about this EXACT situation and they said that they would only not be pissed if they knew the person. And while I can not speak for all “gay” people, I am sure that concrete does not know every “gay” memeber on this board and at least a few of them did not appreciate this. They might not be pissed, but I am sure that all of them did not laugh and say “silly straight person.” Furthermore, I knew EXACTLY what concrete meant in his OP. He meant that he felt the handles Cecil and Euthy were stupid. But just because I know what he means does not make it right to still use the term. Like I said, I am disappointed. I held you in very high regard after reading many of your posts, but your name calling was ridiculous.


In the future, before you reply, learn to use a hydraulic jack to unclench those tight butt cheeks of yours.

Is there anyone more humorless than a sensitive straight white male who is earnestly determined to combat the injustices of the world?



Knee-jerk much?

If you don’t get it, you are not one to comment, m’kay?

It was being done by myself sarcastically, making fun of those who say it with that intent to begin with. Period.

I do not feel the need to have your approval on what I say, especially when you don’t have the first fucking idea as to what I am actually saying or why.

You can whine about people using words that are un-PC all you want, but they’re just words. I was showing the difference between how I used those words and how others, like the OP, sounds.

I said it elsewhere, that instead of policing words, try policing actions and thoughts, and that the arbitrary complaing about “bad” words and insistance on using “good” words in their place is like putting perfume on shit.

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Political correctness is gay. :rolleyes:

re: OP

When I see the screen name ‘Esprix’, for some reason I think gay. Also, when I see water, I think wet. When I see Esprix in the water, I think wet gay.

Look at those clouds…do you think it’s gonna troll?

Yup…I reckon it’s done started. Better git the dawgs in.

…tho well proportioned black women stroll to centre monitior. Yes ! it’s The Weather Girls !! One, two, three…

“It’s rain’ troll’s - Hallalulah, it’s rain’ trolls…short one’s, fat one’s…”

After that amusing interlude of raining trolls, let’s just flit back to the self-righteous, holier-than-thou outburst from Strider.

Just when did the homosexual community buy exclusive rights to the word “gay”? When I grew up, the word actually was used to describe “happy” and “joyful”. Now some minority group gets hold of it, builds up a guilt-complex in the rest of the community, and squeals like a stuck pig when its adopted label gets used in a different fashion.

Political correctness sucks! And in my experience, it’s so bloody hypocritical. When a group of like-minded people get together, PC goes right out the window.

I have to go with Concrete. I know it’s the gayest name simply becuase I am gay and all the gay men I know have names like that in real life.


…nothing screams gayer then the name sqrlcub though, especially sqrlcub screaming “let me give you a smurf name!” and prancing around.
that and… magicalsilverkey.

That assumes that “Jewish” equals “derogatory.”

I think that the problem is with you, Strider, not with anyone else on this thread. I do not know what goes on in your head, but I would not be surprised to find that you have deep and conflicted feelings about Jews and homosexuals.

For gayest name, I nominate Esprix. He is The Gay Guy, after all.

For the most Jewish name, I nominate cmkeller. He sig includes his first name, which is “Chaim.” It don’t get more Jewish than that.

Yes, Peta made me splort.

I hope you’re happy!! :smiley:

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For all y’all’s sakes “Gay” was first used in print to mean “homosexual” in 1935. Prior to that, in the 1800s, “gay” refered to women of loose morals, eg, prostitutes. Prior to that even, “gay” was used to indicate somebody with a disposition towards pleasures of the flesh.
Please check your history before you make sweeping claims that one group or another has “hijacked” a word.

“Gay” is not a word somebody hijacked in the 70s or 80s. It’s been around forever. I’m sorry, when I was growing up, nobody ever with a straight-face (no pun intended) said, “My, what a gay and lovely day we’re having!”

That said, I hate the word “gay” as in “gayest” this or that. I think it’s a lame word. HOWEVER, I don’t find it offensive in this sense, and I don’t think any offense was intended by the OP.

And yes, PC, for all practical purposes, is silly.