Who's missing that you really want to see on the Board?

I’ve tried searching and looked at the In Memoriam sticky, I can’t find anything. I very much miss Zev Steinhardt. IMO He was wise and good and seemed fun to be around. I fear he is now of blessed memory.

I’d like to see Le Ministre de l’au dela return. He used to host the short fiction and poetry contests, and he was quite knowledgeable about music.

You down with OTT?

Has anybody mentioned the lovely sperfer yet?

Only on ocassion. Not all the time. Shagnasty was a pretty smart guy and he and I worked for the same company in the past although I’ve never met him.

Emily Letella

Who was that masked poster? I never had a chance to thank them…

He posts on Facebook routinely.

:slight_smile: What did I do to earn someone’s praise?

I’m sorry. I’ll try to be more interesting in the future.

Wait, I was responding to a year old post? (trombones)

You were never banal no matter how hard you tried. :slight_smile:

You lie well. I like that about you.

Hi! I came back. :grinning: Ontario is gradually coming out of its covid-induced estivation and so am I.

I was talking to @Spoons a few days ago for the first time in an age, and he mentioned this thread and the Dope. I’ve been too long hiding under the covers: masking up and only going to work and to buy food and necessities. I haven’t even seen friends in Toronto in a year and a half!

There’re a few posters I remember. Ages ago, during the days of welcoming new posters with tales of the Initiation Complex and the squid and [del]frisky[/del] fresh ice cream, @Kythereia and I had a few shared text adventures.

And there was the time @HazelNutCoffee visited Toronto and we had a Mini-Dopefest. And I sent cards to various Dopers on occasion.

I miss Toronto and its intellectual freedom. Thanks to some truly good friends, this small city I live in now is a quiet refuge from the pandemic, and it has given me a job. But I have to wade through way too much conspiracist belief and paranoia on the part of certain co-workers to be truly comfortable here.

But I’m working on the next phase. One of my short stories got published in a compilation, and I am working on writing and drawing more, including my first children’s book. Hopefully I’ll be back more often.

Welcome back, @Sunspace !

Thank you!

@Sunspace ! Welcome back! Great to speak with you recently, and to see you here, and I hope that you will stick around. Again, welcome back!

Yes, good to see you, Sunspace! Welcome back.

Wow, congrats on the publication. You could drop the name of the compilation here… .

Yeah, you know me.

I miss @harmonicamoon. I liked his stories about life in Mexico. He’s just a cool guy.