Who's missing that you really want to see on the Board?

Don’t know why I’m on a roll here lately, but @Chimera I was definitely more familiar with than the others I’ve mentioned.

@Rubystreak ?

I’ve read every post @Eutychus ever wrote.

I never knew him but he inspired me to ever post in the Dope.
I wish he was around again.

We talked about @RioRico upthread but I just noticed moderator @Rico hasn’t been around in well over a year.

I didn’t know we had a moderator Rico.


He’s retired from Moderating. But he does some stuff for Ed Zotti still.

Has anyone mentioned dracoi yet? Last we saw him was Dec 2019 I even checked the In Memoriam to make sure he wasn’t there.

I’m here. But not as much as I would like. Retired, two jobs, new family, its taking a lot of time. The other mods are generous in keeping me on here. Sort of a moderator-at-large, as it were. Thanks for remembering me, though. Us 99’ers are getting old, you know.

Gotcha ya!

Don’t thank me, thank jnglmassiv.


Another vote for jarbabyj

Nice to see you!



I think foolsguinea has been gone for a year.

Discourse tells me it was only eight months :wink:. Anyway, welcome back!

It would help if you use the @ symbol with his name - @dracoi

@Stranger_On_A_Train seems to be on another hiatus. He’s missing out on the James Webb Telescope thread, I’m sure could provide some fascinating insight there.

Wondering if @Paranoid_Randroid just got tired of this place?