ALL MEN who are reading this.... this only takes 40 seconds to read, I am pleading for help.

Why? Because she’s frigid?!? :dubious: :eek::confused:

You call that normal?

What’s not not normal about a teenage boy wanting to see a girl naked?

Assuming the OP is reading this and is genuinely interested, my reaction was exactly this:

You, sreynolds3, need to calm down.

I think some of my brain sort of melted out of my ears.

If the op is actually reading responses I could use some clarification – this incident happened months ago? You’ve had a few months of him respecting the bounds that you want, treating you the way you appreciate being treated?

No question that you were right to make it clear that you DO NOT do sexting. His reaction, even if it included something that may or may not have been fictional, showed that he received that message loud and clear. His treating you as you want to be treated since verifies it.

Your guy has shown that he is willing to listen to what you want and treat you accordingly. Appreciate that.

How is just a male thing? I want to see naked pics, too, and I am definitely a girl. It’s just a human thing.

“Officially” let you know he liked you? What makes it official? A newspaper article?

How do you “randomly” send out nude pics of yourself? Butt-dialing?

Dudes like tits.

Also, if you don’t want “dudes like tits” to be a major factor in the conversation, don’t ever-so-coyly tell a dude that you’re going to be taking a shower and then sending him pictures of you in your pyjamas. There’s no context in which that won’t be taken as an invitation to try and take it up a step.

  1. No, he was telling you what he thinks you want to hear because he wants to see you naked.

  2. See 1.

  3. See 1.

That is exactly what I thought. I actually laughed as well. OP (original post or in this case I am referring to you as “original poster” just in case you are very new to online forums), you might want your future OP’s (now I am talking about your “original posts”) to look more serious. Limit your use of emoticons and only use italics and bolding occasionally. Using different sizes, unnecessarily bolding text, and overly using emoticons may result in less seriousness taken by other people, as it has in this thread. On top of that, correct grammar and spelling is prized here. It isn’t like Yahoo! Answers where no one gives a shit. You are dealing with a lot of intelligent people here (not necessarily me, I am only a teenage), and intelligence here is partly based upon your correctness in grammar and spelling.

Fixed that for you. :wink:

Snark aside, I think your second guess is the more likely reason. He probably didn’t like them and stopped talking to them, also accompanied by a slight feeling of guilt.

It was probably just a joke accompanied by some natural hormonal effects.

That is indeed what I think.

Just don’t worry about it now. If there are more serious and suggestive signs, then we may have a problem, but for now, just…don’t worry about it…

I was in my late 50’s before I ever sent an SMS, so I’m not up on the nuances, but YOU texted HIM that you were taking a shower! Unless you also text him to advise that you’re tying your shoelaces or brushing your teeth, I’d say you “started it.” :wink:

I guess the questioned SMS came when you and he were still just “very good together” but not yet “very very good together,” but I’m not sure how that should affect my response. I do wonder how old you are.

Get your boyfriend to join SDMB also. I think his first post may be

“Hey, I’m going to be naked and wet in the next five minutes. Try not to think about my body or sex. Also, I’ll be sending you pajama pictures later on.”

I have to laugh and wonder how certain posters stumble onto the dope.

Yep - I know what you mean.

I’m going with TS;DC (too stupid, don’t care) versus TL;DR (as The Librarian mentioned.)

Well pancakes3, since you are so good at giving advice and constructive criticism, why don’t you give some to the OP herself (as you have to me)?

Oh, so much agreed. When you say, “Tee Hee, I’m gonna go showery-shower and after and only after wink I will send you a pic of ickle me in my jammy-jams!” what the hell do you really think he’s gonna think about trying? DUH! Either he’s thinking about seeing you naked, or in pajamas, which either way is just…DUH! :smack:

You might wanna learn not to play cruel-ass games on males while you’re still young, or you are gonna have some pretty crappy relationships.

I think she’s a skank because she teased him with the idea that she would be naked in the shower then jumped all over his ass when the tease had the expected effect. I do not believe that her initial text was an innocent remark. I hate manipulative women.

Fortunately, sreynolds3 is still a pre-teen and will have the opportunity to blossom into a loving caring person who is truthful about her own sexuality and honest in her relationships with others. Until then, I would advise her boyfriend to move on.

Let’s hold off on the hostile and offensive names in this forum, Nunzio.

“Look, is there anyway we could have sex without, like, having sex? I hate skanky girls who do the nasty but I’m really horny for you.”

Oh… wait, that’s right (NSFW: [noparse][/noparse] )