Commercials you don't hate

I love this commercial!

Harlem Globetrotters Moving Company

That one’s a slam-dunk!

My husband and I are enjoying this Toyota Highlander commercial, in which a dad decides not to bring his kids to see their grandparents:

those are some seriously cute kids.

Not normally a fan of LIMU EMU and Doug, but the filters one is pretty good.

OMG you guys, is this the best commercial ever?

I can’t fix myself a bowl of ice cream now without singing Scoop there it is! Sprinkles!

Oh, yeah, makes my wife giggle because I get into that one so much!

Sprinkles! :tada:

I know I’m meant to identify with the parents in that commercial (I remember when that song was released!), but I completely feel what the girl is thinking when she just spins around and walks out.

Lily always makes for a good commercial, but this one, with her line at the end & her expression whilst breaking the 4th wall (?) just cracks me up.

And this one - the little girl’s expression at :07 is just perfect acting.

I like that Allstate commercial, too, but I am SOOOO over that French song. It’s been overused lately.

“Scoop! There it is!” gets sung by me ever single time.

But my absolute new favorite is that beautiful dog in the AirBnB commercial. I haven’t seen it on TV yet. Thanks for posting it!

I like the “pipes” problem in the Geico(?) ad. I’m racking my brain to figure out the next house issue they can come up with. I guess I’m not an ad exec. :crazy_face:

The Doors are haunted.
Or noise caused by Men At Work.

Yep, and I hate cute kids in ads, but not these.

To be honest, I don’t find the idea of staying at an Airbnb all that appealing (I prefer the privacy and anonymity of normal hotels) but if there’s a cute dog to play with, I could warm to the idea.

Or, similar to the one where they had a Ratt problem, they could have a Crickets problem–with a Buddy Holly tribute band playing throughout the house.

‘Our new house is pretty terrific.’
‘Well, apart from the stairs.’

[Cue creepy staring children]