Commercials you don't hate

I like these two commercials that have been airing a lot latelly.

The talking dog reminds me of Frank the pug from Men In Black.

Both good and I have not seen the first, thanks.

Sadly the dog one runs a LOT.

Here’s one that’s been popping up on my landlady’s viewings of “Married at First Sight” on Discovery+.

The Chewy commercial with the two dogs talking about the prescriptions being delivered isn’t the most amusing ad I’ve ever seen, but it’s one of the ones that permanently inserted a new phrase into my vocabulary, “The peanut butter box is here!”

I love the sing song way he says it, too! Plus the rabbits - “Don’t get too excited! You know what happens.”

There is one for I think Jack-n-the-Box where a guy is sitting in his truck and takes a bite from his Cluck-n sandwich (or whatever) and a UFO appears over the truck (as in Close Encounters), and disappears the guy’s sandwich. The next scene he let’s out the most pathetic scream/cry - which I find amusing. I cannot find a link to it - maybe it’s too new.

I think you’re thinking of this.

Yep, that’s the one. Carl’s Jr, not Jack-n-Box.

I like this Duck Duck Go commercial mainly because they get the point of the Police’s Every Breath You Take. Sting wrote it from the POV of an obsessive stalker and the commercial gets that exactly right.

Yeah, I like that one too (partly because the guy is hot, sorry).