Misread thread titles

When I do it, my jar lids are always satisfied.

Every time I scroll past Browns Gas for ICE in the Comments on Cecil’s section I think “that seems like a racist way to describe a protest against immigration law enforcement”

When You Join A Cheese Club, Do You Just Walk In, Sit Down, And Play?

Hands off my Havarti, you perv!

Water for various cops

For some reason I keep seeing " Bitcoins; what are you expecting when Charles becomes King?"

Will Charles abolish the pound and make Bitcoin the official currency of the UK?

I saw “Britons: what are you expecting when Christ becomes King?”

Seemed like more of a GD topic…

Lack of Firewall doesn’t mean lack of choice

I was quickly scrolling through and somehow read

Do You Know Anything About Your Great Grandparents?


Do You Know Anything About Your Chess Grandmasters?

Scrolling too quickly I thought I saw “Huge Fire in the Box”.

Also, “What’s your favorite part of a car?” Which is funny, because as I recall someone else keeps misreading the long running car thread as “What’s the most interesting cat you saw today?”

And today I thought I saw “Feline Facial Stubble”. Actual thread is Feminine Facial Stubble. I momentarily wondered how a cat would have stubble.

In the UK, is the term “shite” frequently used?

Quite a bit, actually.

Licking Yourself On Facebook, etc.?

Momentarily thought someone was expressing a VERY unpopular sentiment here:

Prince Andrew to lose HRH and military titles – just heartbreaking

Bitcoins; what are you expecting when Charles becomes King

Small Plastic C-cups

The previous three submissions make for a pretty gross “successive thread titles” example. :slight_smile:

Can I glaze a nut to feed metal to a cashier on a cart?

Not a candy-making question…

I had no idea there was a sport called “cricket rolling.”

Smartwatch usage and killer apes

Once they figure out Bluetooth, we’re doomed.