Misread thread titles

Do children of the diseased have a right to see the will/trust?

Yes, but they should only handle it wearing surgical gloves and a face mask.

Punk rock band name.

Do dinosaurs inherently encourage suicide or other extreme action?

They want all of us to become extinct.

Why AI-generated submarines are not to be trusted

Why AI-generated summaries are not to be trusted

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc1zJOkdGIQ&t=15s Surveillance video shows moment when sinkhole swallows Alton

The rest is cut off in the preview.

The utterly dumbest idea for a president?

Don’t get me started.

Came to post that one, too.

Me too. Hardly seems worthy of a thread that way though. One short-fingered word and it’s over.

Now I’m reading it as “The utterly dumbest idea for a peasant”.

The arrogance of two-prong outlets!

I guess they think they’re smarter or more refined than those coarse, stupid three-prong ones.

Well, they certainly turn their invisible noses up at accepting those beastly uncivilized 3-pronged plugs.

Two-prongs are an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

I’ve been reading this one wrong every single time and it causes me temporary panic. It’s plausible because it follows the form of a lot of title edits. One-clicking the potential panic away:

Suggestions for campaign food?

Something like hot dogs. Something that will make you seem like a down to earth regular guy.

Cat problem: heater core.
“Get Off The Windowsill!”

Technically speaking, I suppose that isn’t really funny, so why am I laughing my head off?

France visibility: Vertical vs. Horizontal

That LePen character has been awfully visible lately, though her dimensions have shrunk.

This one gets me: Why did my coflex bondage stop sticking to itself? Blister Care.

I get to the part about bondage, think “hmm, this might be an entertaining and educational thread”, next comes “stops sticking to itself”, which would be a problem, and now along comes “Blister care” and the brakes in my mind go “Screeech!!! WTF??1!” as it slams into reverse trying to make sense of this whole thing.

Not quite SFW explanation of bondage tape for those uninitiated. No unseemly pix, but the url will trigger any IT pr0n-monitors.

How to Use Bondage Tape in the Bedroom | PinkCherry

I’m extremely surprised nobody else noticed!

Sorrt it’s not very interesting

Sorry I’m posting from my phone and can’t edit well

I bet plenty of people noticed, but weren’t quite ready to share that much in this thread.

The most disappointing desert

The Atacama really sucks.

(Note: the Atacama is probably actually pretty nifty.)