nongoog is either a troll or an imbecile

nongoog currently has a thread going in IMHO where she asks for advice on how to support her boss through a divorce from his “psycho” wife. In the second post of that thread, nongoog offhandedly mentions that she was FUCKING the guy and that’s the reason for the divorce but can’t understand why that should be relevant to her request for advice.

For those who don’t know, nongoog is the author of several past suspect threads, most notably those of the Sugar Daddy Saga which included laments about said sugar daddy not getting her a Christmas present, and busting him trolling for pussy on the internet and then calling her a liar.
Then she asked for help tracking down an alleged internet stalker and more recently pitted
women who bring stuffed animals to work for being “unprofessional.” I’m going to quote from this one because it’s so hilariously hypocritical and personally oblivious when compared to the current thread.

HA! Women keeping stuffed animals in their offices or cubicles is unprofessional, and she can’t respect them and it bothers her that they sterotype themselves but apparently fucking the boss is just fine and perfectly professional and doesn’t stereotype female “executive assistants” (i.e. secretaries) at all.

One only has to read a few of the linked thread to realize that this chick is either making it all up as she goes along or she is truly a self-absorbed nitwit of the highest order (and there’s no design at all to her pattern of casually dropping in paradigm changing details partially through her threads).

I do wonder what happened to the rich boyfriend, though. Was she cheating on him with the new boss/sugar daddy or did he finally give her the boot (or did she just grow tired of the character)?

First linkee no workee.

What is a “goog”?

Does for me.


Thank you. I don’t have any real interest in pitting her–but there were some cryptic comments in her latest thread which were making me wonder what I’d missed (or forgotten). You’ve saved me the effort of searching for her past myself, which I probably wouldn’t have done.

Worked for me. Obviously you lack the all important stuffed animal on top of your display. Yup, it’s a ‘Monitor Lizard’.

An egg.

You clickee no goodee.

The broken link is invisible unless you mouse over it. Mouse over “support her boss through a divorce” in the first line of the OP. I got an extra space in there somewhere and now it highlights as a link if you mouse over it but it doesn’t work. That’s the link I reposted in post #5.

Works fine for me in Firefox 2.0; the only odd behavior is that it doesn’t highlight when I mouse over it. It appears properly and works when I click it, however.

Thanks. Wasn’t there a goofy poster named “Good Egg” awhile back. Not sure but it rings a bell.

IIRC, she was banned as a sock.
ETA : She shows up as a guest, but I remember her being banned.

That was the poster previously known as vanilla.

I’m just impressed that it took only 3 minutes for someone called Shagnasty to reply to her. That’s service.

Could this not be another incarnation?

I doubt it, unless Vanilla has invented a completely new personality. Vanilla was middle-aged, had a kid, was American, and was a Christian of some Evangelical flavor or other.

Maybe. But this sure seems like an invented personality. I mean she says she got cought fucking the husband and the potential divorce might have a bit to do with her. For fuck sake is anybody that stupid?

If there’s one scarry thing I’ve come to realise about this world, it’s that there are a great many people who have such bizarre concepts of normalcy, self-entitlement, and what constitutes proper behavior, that it’s no wonder so many things are screwed up. And, sadly, these are the very people who often have zero ability to look at themselves objectively (though they think they do), yet spend most of their time criticizing others.

I can’t rule it out, but it just doesn’t seem like Vanilla’s style. My guess is that the egg thing is a coincidence. Also, Vanilla was originally banned for bringing off-board crap into the board, not for posting outrageous bullshit.