The I'm up early MMP!

I must have a blurf

when I saw ‘brown up’ I thought Rosie was roasting herself, like a turkey.

Brown up is what happens when tourists move beyond doin’ the shrimp?

Shame on you!

Do Not Taunt the Cute One!

Howdy all and Happy Moanday, I am just home from working at the Shop, twas a long day.

The Maccabeats were good and from me, that is “High Praise”

I have been “a**holes and elbows” since last Wednesday night. I am cooked.

I was given a lollipop last night, one of these(scroll down)

I am going to try it tomorrow.



Good morning everyone! My night is going crappily. Our system is down, tech support is slow, and there’s no solution in site. We are getting backlogged with a whole bunch of stuff in the meanwhile.

I could get stressed out about it, but instead, I’ll just take a deep breath and pretend that I’m not here.

Up, caffienated, off to work.:slight_smile:

$2.99, good avice generally.

Blurf. Is it only Tuesday? I feel like it should be Thursday at least by now…

Good news today is that my best friend is back from her month-long trip to Australia, better news is that her elderly cat survived his stay in the cattery and is back home grumbling about things. She wasn’t sure the cat would still be alive when she got back because he is old and in poor health, plus he had been unwell with a poorly tum before she left. Luckily he decided to hang on out of spite so she’s happy to have him back again!

We have to go to Fat Club tonight and face the reckoning on those scales. I don’t envy her that one, she has been telling me about all the great restaurants and places she has been to, and I’ve been consoling my jealous streak with vodka :slight_smile: so no doubt the scales will be giving us both a telling off. Good thing they can’t talk, they’ll be saying “no coach parties, please” when they see me.


Happy Toosday.

It’s a cloudy 41 degrees with a projected high of 51.
For sure going grocery shopping today. I was at the credit union for 3 hours yesterday so nothing else got done. Who knew sitting on your ass for 3 hours signing papers could be so exhausting?

Today is also laundry day and pizza day.

I hate getting old. Now I need to buy one of those pill cases where you put out your pills for the week. Last night I almost took my pills twice, I think. I counted the pills twice and I think I already took them. Anyway, I figured it is better to miss one dose than to double dose.

I’m up too early and I don’t know why. I kept waking up all night, every few hours and I don’t know why. Nothing on my mind, no weird dreams, dog snoring away, didn’t have to pee, stomach doesn’t hurt. Just not sleeping.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. 'Tis 52 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 71 and rain/tstorm/apocalypse expected to begin at 8:15 A.M. So, if’n y’all don’t here from me ever again after the next twelve minutes, y’all will know the apocalypse descended upon south Jawja. :smiley:

Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas and alack, irk purtification must commence. Le sigh.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

ETA: First on two!

Reported bizarre spam.

Or should I say reported bizarre spam.

I hit report on that one too.

Haven’t slept very well for several days, and got lots to do today. Bleah.

Supposed to rain this morning. We shall see.

Mornin’ all.

Reschedules interview is today- decided to drive in, so I have a bit of time spare. I wasn’t going to, ‘cos it’s next to the town centre, and parking there is an expensive nightmare, but I need to be back in time to go do some football stewardin’, so I don’t wanna play with the buses seeing as I don’t know where and when they go. Hopefully the parking shouldn’t be too bad, as it’s not near the main shopping bit.

Anyway, I should stop procrastinating, and go iron me shirt- it’s all rumpled, but I hates ironing I does, and I normally manage to burn myself, so I don’t wanna.

Happy toosdy!

Blurf, y’all.

Weird dream report: I became a minor cast member and special effects artist for Saturday Night Live. The best part was they moved the show to Norfolk, VA, which meant that I could go back to Cottonfield County.

So what was the spammage I missed?

A Very Blurfy Tooosday (and birthday) to me and you and you and you and you!

Weird. When I posted earlier, I was on page two. Now my last post is the bottom of page one. Maybe it was the spammage I missed as well. Anywho, I survived the start of the apocalypse. I knew y’all would be worried. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s still a chance of non-survival, however, as now I need to journey down to the southeast forty this mornin’ and will be there for three or four hours in the midst of all the predicted gloom and doom.

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. I has a sad. :frowning:

Oh go ahead, taunt me. I deserve it for that typo. :wink:


Well, I think the interview went OK :slight_smile:

I didn’t say anything I’m massively embarrassed about, I think I ticked all the ‘necessary’ boxes (availability, not planning on leaving in a few months, can get there easily enough, understand the need to show up on time…) and they said I was the only applicant that was first aid trained, which they wanted. I don’t think I came across as really nervous either, which I have a habit of doing in interviews. Hopefully I’ll know next week.

It seemed like a really nice place, and so I hope I do get it!

Edited to taunt Rosie

TAUNT! poke

just remember what they say about payback