This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

It’s also not even close to relevant.

That doesn’t follow. It’s not even related.

It won’t survive Republican obstructionism, but that’s not something that Biden can fix.

If Republicans are willing to come to the table, they will be welcome. If all they want to do is flip over the table, then that’s entirely their own decision.

It already is with your bothsidesism bullshit.

Fuck unity with those luddite assholes. The country wants and needs progress, it needs better representation in government, it needs science-based decision making. U.S. conservatives have always been opposed to those things and they’ve lost the executive and legislative branches because of it.

I’m all for letting them come to the table.

But I don’t think that we need to beg them to. We don’t need to make concessions before they are even willing to start negotiating.

For too long compromise has simply been capitulation. Anything given on our part has only resulted in further demands on theirs. It’s time that they actually took a step or two (or more) towards compromise before we even consider budging.

To be fair, they’re rating the ONLINE version of Fox News as moderately right of center, not the cable “news” channel. I’ve read the online version from time to time and found it to be pretty factual and only slightly loaded in its language usage. The local Fox channels also have fairly decent news programs. All the crazy right wing stuff seems to have been corralled onto the cable channel.

Of course, we now have to deal with Sinclair having bought up a ton of local news outlets and definitely moving the news rightward, either by slanting stories or tightly controlling what stories are reported on.

If someone like Bloomberg or Bezos wanted to do real good for the country with their billions, they could buy Sinclair and ensure that the press is free to report factually and without bias. And then enforce the “reporting without bias”, because when you get right down to it, news media has largely been a thing of politics and influence for most of its existence.

Every time the Republicans start screaming that Democrats aren’t willing to compromise, I remember two things. One is the Tea Party congress critter who said that compromise was Democrats agreeing with what the Republicans wanted. The other is Kipling’s poem, Dane-Geld.

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
But we’ve proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
You never get rid of the Dane.

There’s nothing compelling Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party to “unify” or “reconcile” with Republicans.

The idea that Democrats have to operate in a spirit of compromise because they didn’t get a “mandate” in the last election based on close results is bullshit, just as it was when losers floated that idea in past elections. They won, therefore they get to do what they want.

It makes sense to actually seek compromise where possible, to temper the nastiness, increase standing among non-hyperpartisan voters and make Republicans own some of the outcome - and for the most important reason, to get things done. But Democrats are not obligated to do so, and most of the influential leaders and party faithful hate the idea.

The idea that Biden has called for “unity” because he really means it and wants to push his colleagues to support it is nonsensical, and it speaks poorly to one’s grasp of reality to pretend otherwise.

Right, so what’s your point? People can want to do things that they are not compelled to do.

I don’t disagree here. Still not sure what is causing the influx of uric acid into your breakfast of champions.

This is true.

Not obligated, but if they want to temper the nastiness, increase standing among non-hyperpartisan voters and make Republicans own some of the outcome - and for the most important reason, to get things done, then it makes sense to do so.

Did you read their minds there?

It may be nonsensical to expect the Republicans to answer that call for unity, as most of the Republican influential leaders and party faithful hate the idea, but it is not nonsensical that that is what he would actually like to see.

So Biden is a liar, no better than any Republican? It speaks poorly of you to try to engage in such blatant bothsidesism when you don’t have the slightest shred of evidence other than your personal cynicism to back you.

Well lets take a little test:

Has Biden directly and personally insulted any sitting member of the Republican party?
Has Biden enacted any policies that are specifically designed to harm Red states?
Has Biden made any attempt to coerce another countries leader to speak out against the Republicans?

If the answer to any of these is no, then Biden is making great strides in the direction of unity over where we were a week ago.

Please friend, any mention whatsoever of Donald Trump’s temperament or actions during his term is only going to further divide the country. And isn’t it time to heal?

Noted dipshit ‘analyzes’ Biden’s first week on a fair and balanced network.

He’s not really. He doesn’t have the brain power to come with anything on his own. He is just parroting the party line.

No. You just don’t seem to understand what unity means. Nothing about his executive orders suggest he’s not willing to work with Republicans, or that he wants everyone to be mean to them.

The message is “we’ll work together with them when we can, but they have to be wiling to come to the table. And we won’t wait for long, as we need to get things done.” Or, at least, that’s what Bernie Sanders said in his interview with Seth Meyers.

Politicians lie. It’s in their DNA. There was a recent Pit thread relating to this issue, in which I pointed out (using known far-right wing QAnon sources like the Washington Post) that Obama had lied on numerous occasions. This sparked a frenzied round of denial that Obama had ever lied about anything.

Of course, neither Obama nor Biden were remotely in the class of the recently departed Liar-In-Chief and were/will be far better leaders.

But in addition to being bizarrely silly, it’s counterproductive to claim that Our Side is all sweetness, light and puppies while the other guys are Pure Evil. This attitude just enables sleazy behavior on the part of the falsely exalted.

This graphic has the online version of Foxews being the equal and opposite of CNN news. This is indefensibly silly. Let’s just look at their top story right now as I type as an example:

“Critics stunned as Biden says ‘nothing’ can ease COVID’s dark winter, abandoning campaign rhetoric”

Just examine how dishonest that title is. For starters it’s taking a Biden quote entirely out of context. And the entire premise of the article is that critics are stunned by the response. Well, you can literally write that about any issue you want. In fact, the “critics” are all paid by Foxnews itself. So, great. Have your contributors criticize something, and then the fact that they criticize it becomes the story.

Here is the top MSNBC story right now: “Supreme Court tosses lawsuits claiming Trump violated emoluments clause”. The Foxnews equivalent would have been “Critics stunned that Supreme Court rules that Trump is permitted to profit from the presidency”. That’s not their title though, because they’re an actual news organization.

And I’d bet one hundred quatloos that at least one of those critics is a Fox News opinion contributor.

Because that’s how they do it. They let their opinion folks howl their screeds under protection of the opinion page and then report on their own contributors on their hard news pages to make sure the screeds get full exposure.

Of course they are. Which enables you to write a story about anything by just having your own people criticize it, and then write an article about what the critics are saying. MSNBC would have to hire someone to say that it’s terrible that Mitch McConnell eats babies, and then write an article entitled “Critics stunned at Mitch McConnell’s baby eating policy”, which would, technically, be entirely true.

Yes, they do. But you have not established that he lied. You’ve just assumed he was lying. We do that with Trump because he lies so often that it’s a safe assumption. To do so with Biden implies he’s at that same level.

As I pointed out, your issue seems to be that you are using the same definition of “unity” that Republicans are disingenuously using to attack Biden–as it wasn’t the definition they used when Trump called for unity. Biden hasn’t attacked any Republican since being in office. He’s actively attempting pushing through his COVID-relief bill without using reconciliation–which requires him to reach out to at least 10 Republican Senators. He met with a bipartisan committee that was concerned about the $1400 stimulus going to people who didn’t need it, as well as the high bill, and worked with them to try and handle the issue.

Granted, this is not likely something you knew about. But you just assumed that he was lying, without even giving him a chance. You ignored that he has a history of trying to work in a bipartisan way, and has Republican friends.

“Politicians lie” is not proof that Biden was lying in that one particular situation. It very much seems like he’s going to try for unity. Sure, I expect that Republicans will at some point become obstructionists again, and he will have to abandon that tactic. But, for now, he seems entirely willing.

Trying to turn keeping his campaign promises with his executive orders to “not really wanting unity” is the disingenuous bullshit that Fox News is trying to push.

People lie.

For instance this:

It would be a lie to assert that anyone has said this.

No more so than simply assuming that Biden has lied about this with no more evidence than the fact that people lie.

Your bothsideism is exactly the attitude that enables sleazy behavior.

I will raise 5 quatloos that all the critics work directly for Fox or another Republican propaganda site.

Really, at any given moment you can check their lead story and it’s probably dishonest. Right now it’s “As Americans await stimulus checks, Biden offers $4B to migrant countries”. Again, technically true, but leaves out some pretty important context and is a story they could write at any given moment and chose not to during the Trump administration. There was no “As Americans await stimulus checks, Trump offers $19B for border wall” story.

Right now the lead story on MSNBC is “House managers deliver Trump impeachment article to Senate, prompting trial” which is completely accurate, requires no contextual contortions, and is completely unbiased.

You could do these random samples all day every day and the answer would be the same.

As to the OP didn’t all those things happen? He was seen at the Lincoln memorial along with family maskless. His Press secretary even addressed it during a presser. Said they were celebrating. He did have an XO on the Keystone pipeline, and stopped the wall building. Other outlets reported it too. Where were the lies?