What day is it in the MMP?

Macaroni and cheese? You mean Kraft Dinner? :wink:

Yes. Kraft mac and cheese, a big kid favorite and comfort food down here.

That. Was. TERRIFIC! I cracked up at the image from “A Mighty Wind” as I’d already thought immediately of that movie.

(All you folk music lovers, if you have not yet watched “A Mighty Wind” then drop whatever you’re doing and see it immediately. If you have - watch it again!)

I well and truly LOL’d. Well played.

What, like staring at you? I’d get too embarrassed and would clench up.

This from someone who started a Fart-Themed MMP so …

I’ve been driven into a red-hot rage over that one. Coulda cheerfully killed the next thing I saw, bare handed.

Okay, probably not really, if it was a big dude or something, but I woulda tried hard, in the moment!


Alright, I am one pooped budtender. At least nobody was super nasty or difficult tonight. Last night’s customer freak-out (plus an earlier, hugely P.I.T.A. guy that I had to deal with) messed with my head a bit, long after the fact … as is typical for my brain.

Plus I gotta call my mother back, but that’s gonna wait till tomorrow. Have a good night, y’all.

And as per usual, I woke way too early. Had a tough time falling asleep because, of all things, I was cold! But I put on my sweatpants, grabbed an extra cover for my side of the bed, and eventually lapsed into unconsciousness. FCD woke around the same time I did, and he took Higgs out before going back to bed. I’ve brushed my teeth, fed the dog, fed myself, and straightened out my log in stuff on FCD’s laptop, so here I am! Rah!

Among other things, today I’ll be taking MIL grocery shopping. After being away for more than 2 week, having told her youngest son to take everything out of the fridge (and he pretty much did) she needs to restock the fridge, the freezer, and the pantry. We’ll be going to Sam’s Club, Aldi, and WalMart at a minimum. Not only do I need to drive, but I need to be her eyes in the store. It should be an adventure.

But for now, I’m enjoying the quiet as I caffeinate. I am truly worried how these two nonagenarians are going to get along after we leave. Even with the help of the best of neighbors, and theirs are pretty great, I fear we’ll be rushing back here more than once in coming weeks.

OK, enough whining. Happy thoughts - forecasts show temps near 90 later this week - quite a change from what we left behind. I even packed a pair of shorts!!! :open_mouth:

Happy Wednesday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 39 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 75 and N.O.S. for the day. Also, I noticed yestiddy that the pine trees have begun their annual orgy. I saw some yellow pollen on top of my green mailbox. OYKW will make a run to the Pubic Sto’ for comestibles today. I shall betake myself over to the church house to deal with church janitor Junior Warden duties and to meet two HVAC folks for estimates. Sup shall be salmon patties, peas, smashed N.O.T., and bizkits due to a gnawin’ and a cravin’.

MOOOOOOM yep, sounds like dementia to me. Havin’ dealt with that with my own father, y’all have my sympathy. Dad’s eyesight was not good and he recognized that he did not need to drive, so that was never an issue. Still, it’s tough watchin’ someone go through that. You get major DIL points for bein’ so helpful to your MIL. :star2:

shoe yep, there are people standin’ around waitin’ for you to fart after a colonoscopy. I am proud to say I did not disappoint my audience. If it’s any consolation, a post colonoscopy fart is not a stinky, deadly one.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, alas, woe, and bother, I must needs purtify and don appropriate bein’ about the public attire. Le Sigh.

Happy Hump Day Y’all!

Thanks, but you’d snatch back that star in a hurry if you knew what I was thinking sometimes. So far, I keep those thoughts to myself and I’m properly ashamed. I guess it keeps me from screaming.

I’ve been up 2 hours and the rest of the household is coming to life. Except FCD and Higgs are still abed. I’ll be disturbing them in a bit when I decide to go back in the room and get dressed for adulting. I’ll give him a little more time. Because I’m nice, dammit!


FCM, I can’t imagine how difficult and frustrating it must be for you and FCD. At some point, no one will have any choice in the matter and I know that doesn’t make things any easier for anyone.

To whoever recommended Costco for the furniture; that’s what I allowed my husband to talk me into buying after I was sick of covering up Polar’s damage on the quality furniture. That Costco sectional was and is an absolute piece of trash. The frame on one end cracked one month in because my husband fell back into it too hard hobbling around on his casted leg. It later broke completely and we can no longer recline on that end. The “leather” has been peeling for two years now. Ugh. I just steam every time I sit on it or look at it. You might ask why we just didn’t have Costco replace the sofa. Well, since we bought it from the warehouse and not online; we would have had to take it back ourselves. The husband just never got around to renting a truck, and really, he couldn’t do anything when it first happened because he was in a cast and recovering from surgery from a ruptured Achilles tendon.
It took months to recover from that surgery. He just never got around to renting a truck to take the shitty couch back and we’ve been stuck with it ever since.

So, although I am steamed that I wasn’t able to get the furniture I wanted, I know that buying it, even with his “permission”, would have been a mistake because he would have resented it and griped about the arms every time he sat down; never mind that there are PILLOWS that would have solved his issue with the arms. His resentment would have spilled over into other things, and who wants to live with that, especially when you’re stuck in a house together because of the pandemic?

In good news, it Wednesday which also means it’s actually my Thursday this week. I will enjoy my three day weekend.

And, there is snow on the ground outside. Not much, just a dusting, but it’s a surprise, nonetheless.

Not looking forward to work. I am dealing with some really, really annoying stuff with regard to a particular thing I need to do, and I am well and truly sick of it. I don’t gripe about it to anyone at work, but finding a solution has been really, really bothersome and the fact that I shouldn’t have to do this at all is kind of the biggest annoyance about the whole fiasco.

Still, it’s my Thursday! One more day to get through! Gotti, I am glad you are recovering from your surgery! May the recovery continue to be smooth.

What BBBoo said. But you can’t do more than you’re already doing and you can’t force them to face facts (I guess you could go to court, but that would break things even worse), you can just do the best you can (and you are).

Ok, up at a reasonable hour (7:30am) and need to do a little shopping in a bit and work my puzzles, and we’ll see if anything else comes up. Last week there was snow on the ground, today it is supposed to make it to 70F…nothing like spring weather in N. Ali-bama…

gotti, that’s just the surgeon’s part; the hospital bill (IIRC) is separate and will take another chunk. Be glad for insurance.

OK, onward into Humpday.

First day off irk after a long multi-day stretch on my feet, so imma take it easy today!

It’s dripping & thawing here in western Mitten State, and I’ve already let the cats out & given them each a little pile of catnip on the driveway so they can roll around & get high.

I gotta get some laundry done, and address a bit of kitchen cleanup. It would be great to set up another clean rat tub & move another group, too - I’m way behind on that, and with a few colonies dropping babies, we’re getting a growing population again.
Which reminds me, I need to promote them on Facebook groups again, too. Best to stay on top of finding new customers, before the summer comes & their population really shoots up.

Okay, but other than all that imma take it easy!

Well, today we’re getting new shoes for overlygirl - it’s been at least 9 months since she got these, so the stinky shoes may go in the trash. Ordinarily I’d donate them, but I don’t feel right inflicting that on anyone unless they have a bin for recycling shoes at the store.

The two-pair situation seems like a good suggestion - I wound up putting those babies on the porch last night and the house is still airing out. Thank goodness for beautiful weather.

I’m taking tomorrow and Friday off work. I cannot wait. I’m getting really burnt out and run down. I can feel myself becoming less effective thanks to stress. I could hardly formulate two words last night on a meeting and just stopped myself from taking it out on the family, which is not appropriate. Anyway, hopefully a few days will “fix” me.

Another day full of meetings - I tried just sitting on the couch downstairs and breathing for a while and it seems to have helped me become more coherent. So that’s nice. Hopefully that and some time in the sunshine will get me through the day. I’m planning on forcing myself to walk at least around the block once today, even if that mean I have to do it while I’m on a call.

We had this problem, as well. We moved the water dish up high enough to where the bird can’t get itself above it/in it/over it/on top of it, so, that way, they can’t get their ass up there to poo in it, but can get their heads over it to drink from it, with the help of a strategically-placed perch.

Yes, I enjoyed it. It’s a bittersweet tale really, but has some very touching moments about a community built up around a very different kind of life to what most of us might experience. It’s a bit like modern-day gypsies too, a good look at another slice of life.

nellie completely off topic, which is what the MMP is all about, my co-irker named her son Arlo after the man himself.

Cookie congrats on getting poked, it’s good to know that friends real and imaginary are getting their shots.

Been a grey and dismal day here today. The weather app says “Enjoy this mild weather. Shitty weather is probably on its fucking way soon” and promises me 14C/57F all day, partly cloudy. I’ll go with that, it’s mild and it’s cloudy so it can’t possibly be wrong.

Still at irk, Teams is going crazy just now, better go and see what all the fuss is about!

So we were slammed in smalls today. I thought "this is hard work, I should do something easier, like being a stripper. Then I took a look at myself in the mirror. :grimacing: Work it is.
It’s 63 and sunny, weird.




I want to know how our rabbits manage to keep pooing in their food dish, which is mounted on the side of the pen, higher off the floor than their butts are.

Up at 10, fed the cats, breakfasted, and am now working on caffeinating. This Coca-Cola with Coffee stuff is a little weird, but it does have a nice caramel flavour. 46F (wind chill 39) and fair, with a predicted high of 52 and low of 34. Only thing I have planned for this afternoon other than reading is bleeding into a bunch of tubes – my PA and the cardiologist have both ordered blood work, along with the periodic INR draw.

I’ve had this thought.

I’ve also chatted with women who’ve taken “pole dancing for ab/core strength” type workout classes.
Apparently, pole dancers (the kind that swirl around on one knee, etc.) are seriously working for their money. That shit is hard, yo.

So it turns out, I’m too lazy to be a stripper. Has nuthin’ to do with morals and such.

I chatted with my mom for almost an hour. Turns out, when we’re not discussing ME directly (and judging me, criticizing me, etc.) we can have a pleasant conversation.
She even made me laugh once or twice. (Her? Nah. I think I’ve heard her laugh a handful of times in my entire life.)

But she will be knitting me more hats. She seems happy to have a new pattern to try out.

I want yogurt. But I have an ingrained dislike of buying just one thing - chores and grocery shopping should be “chunked” into groups of tasks - so (checks list) I could use some cereal.

And ONIONS WTF how did I run out of those?

Okay, that’s an emergency in Casa De Shoe. We do NOT run out of butter, or onions. (Screw toilet paper. I got Taco Bell napkins as backup. But onions? Aw, hellz naw.) Guess I’m putting on pants, and going out to the Gettin’ Store.


I got some month-end accounts receivable data on the 5th. I finally (almost) finished getting it ready for loading. See, most companies send their data as Excel (.xls, .xlsx, or .csv) files, or else as fixed-position text files. I can run these through the programs I’ve written (or not, if the files are OK as they are) and load them to the databases. Not this company. They send a .pdf file, and the amounts have to be entered manually. It’s only 100 records or so, but it’s a PITA. I need to print off the .pdf file, open the template we have for them, highlight the accounts in the aging file, mark the aging records that are not in the template, enter the amounts (manually), highlight the ‘new’ accounts, and send the data back to the company so that they can give us the addresses and phone numbers because the aging file doesn’t have that information. When I get it back, then I need to sort it and send it for loading.

Here’s the thing: The scan they send was obviously printed from an output file. They print the file, scan it, and email me the scan. Why can’t they just export the file as a text file or Excel file? I could write a program to read the previous (template) file, match the account numbers, and output a file with zero-balances for the non-reported accounts and balances for the reported accounts. Any new accounts (four, this month) could be addressed easily. I’ve asked in the past if they could send us a text or Excel file in the past, and they say they can’t. My next attempt will be to send them a zeroed template and ask them to enter the amounts into it (I have a formula to add the aging buckets, since they scratch things out on the .pdf but don’t correct the balance) and add any new accounts to it. Somehow I think that may be beyond their ability.

Still, it’s not as bad as the 90-year-old guy who insists on sending us 11" x 17" fan-fold paper dot-matrix files from an old mainframe – and he wants us to send him a mailing envelope… And even when we send him an envelope, he doesn’t always return it.

I know, right? To be fair, this behavior ended after we started rationing the pellets and giving the rabbit fresh leafy greens in the morning. The (pre-processed) pellets now go in a small ceramic dog dish in the evening, which has remained refreshingly (processed) pellet free.

After years in the field home nursing in this situation, I’m certain you are right. We’ll all be here for you.

Enjoy those shorts you packed!

Nope, nope, we won’t. We’re thinking the same things right along with yah. Think away and blurt it out to us.

You are a far better person than I am. Whatever your thoughts are … mine woulda been worse. Far less charitable.
Keep your star - you’ve earned it!

I have acquired onions, plus an a$$load of other stuff I didn’t realize I wanted till I saw it. Sliced cheese, a mini tube of whomp croissants, potato chips, an apple (to enjoy sliced with peanut butter) and some various critter bits for dinner.

I got the kitties a new scratchy-pad-thingy as well, since Monkey has gleefully destroyed the last one.

Having done all that … I’m too tired to fix food now.
C’mere kitties. Time for snuggles and a nap together.

ETA: forgot I put a sweet N.O.T. into the oven over an hour ago, before going to the store. So I guess lunch is sorted out.

I had channeled Mitch: