Who's missing that you really want to see on the Board?

dissonance and sailboat WWII discussions just aren’t the same without them.

I just thought of @MeanOldLady who went missing several years ago. Yeah, she was always direct and blunt, but also very funny, and that’s what I liked about her. I miss her.

Wasn’t their a poster named Don’t Fight The Hypothetical or something to that effect? Are they still around?

I’ve noticed that @RivkahChaya hasn’t been around much lately. She was active up until fairly recently, then–nothing. I hope she is okay.

I’ve also noticed that. Hope she’s okay.

Yes, I’ve been wondering about her too. She disappeared for quite a while a few years ago, then came back. Now she’s gone again.

Rivkah is fascinating. She was in the army, lived in Moscow, and doesn’t take no shit. I linked her to a clip of Jewish boys rapping from an episode of Two Broke Girls and she said she hated it.

Yeah, me too on Rivkah. And I miss Annie-Xmas.

ISTR that someone here knew her personally, and said she died.

^^ Cite? (re @MeanOldLady. ) I don’t recall that, and don’t see anything in Search indicating that.

It looks like MyFootsZZZ hasn’t been around since March. He never talks much, but I still noticed his absence. Hope he’s ok.

Fun reading, tho the old pre-Discourse links may not all work.

It has been a while since I have seen @Athena – where else will I get UP info?
(My annual bike tour was cancelled – I may do what I did last year an organize my own ride)


Just to clarify the above answer, DFTH questioned the banning of a three-fold sock puppet. It was quickly discovered that DFTH was the guy’s fourth identity.

Getting back to the OP: @Nava. She’s not posted since last September. Hope she’s okay. Miss her humour and insights.

Good one, Northern Piper. I always enjoyed Nava’s contributions.

Another one we haven’t seen in a while: @Martini_Enfield. Has anybody seen anything from him recently?

Just checked - he’s not posted since March 2018, and I think he was sporadic before then.


Anyhoos, poking around in Anaamika’s crib and was a little shocked to see her last post in one of my threads - hopefully no correlation.

Other than a couple paltry :slightly_smiling_face: posts back in March, the lack of awesome gold from Brian Ekers is concerning and the apporpriate authorities have already been notified.

Then there’s that wussy Vinyl Turnip wuss.

Hoping the earlier posts in thread about Spice Weasel’s wherebaouts have been answered - just now responded to her.

Hoping Stranger is (at least tenuously?) still hanging around.

Yeah too bad about no more Kobal2.

You rang? :slight_smile:

I’m flattered by the mention, BTW. I took a little break from the board due to work etc and evidently time got away on me :smiley:

Welcome back. Please stay.