Lost 3.10: "Tricia Tanaka is Dead"

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So, Jack is caged, Juliet appears to be in custody, and Kate and Sawyer still haven’t made it back to camp yet. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, writers! I assume that the backstory will focus on


From the ABC “Lost” website:

** Tricia Tanaka Is Dead** Hurley discovers a wrecked car on the island and uses it on a mission of hope.

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I’m confused about episode numbering … The thread for last week’s episode (“Stranger in a Strange Land”) also says “3.09.”

I heard a promo spot on the radio for tonight’s episode that did not elevate my expectations:

Some guy mimicked Hurley’s “dude-speak,” and the announcer said, “That’s right, it’s about HURLEY, dude!” (Or something like that.)"

I would have preferred it if the announcer had said, “That’s right, it’s about WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS WHOLE FRICKING SERIES (dude!)”

ETA spoiler tags. Not sure if I needed to or not. (I’m new here!)

Oops. this should be 3.10. I’ll have a mod fix it.

Oh, and here’s a link to Episode 3.09 “Stranger in a Strange Land”.

Diane Wertz in Newsday, who was amongst those who did not particularly enjoy the prior episodes of the series, likes tonight’s.

I’ve been re-watching Season 1, and (assuming the writers had a coherent plan at all at that point), I’ve made an interesting connection:

In episode 14, Locke is teaching Walt to throw a knife, and he tells Walt to “see the knife hitting the knot in his mind’s eye.” Walt visualizes it, and it happens. Maybe Walt has “future-vision” like Desmond? Maybe their “future-visions” somehow cause what happens (like Walt always seemed to), not merely allow them to see what will happen? Maybe the fact that Walt is a child and his mind hasn’t been jaded with cynicism like adult Desmond enables Walt to affect the future by visualizing, rather than just accept what he sees, and that’s why the Others were so interested in him?

When I see this episode title, my mind can’t help going right to Family Guy every time… “And now we go to Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa…”

"Thank you Diane… "

I had come to a very similar conclusion and, in fact, just made a long post about it with a group of Lost fans around here. I’m not spoilering this (since it is speculation, not spoilage) so…

(In case anyone cares to see the whole analysis I did, our local discussion is here.)

(Edit: Fixed link)

Herc from AIC spoiler filled info:

I’m particularly interested in

The return of Danielle Rousseau (Crazy French Lady)


I’m intrigued by these new Walt theories, but. . . are you guys just hoping he and Michael will show up again?

Or was that in some spoiler I studiously avoided? Sorry to abuse the spoiler tag…

No need to spoiler that stuff, since it’s just your speculation.

WE know that Walt causes things to happen and I think Desmond just sees what will happen. Everything we know about what Desmond does supports that hypothesis. Walt causes the bird to fly into the window, the rain to stop and the dice to roll the way he needs them to roll. Desmond’s visions of the future have not helped him in any way. If they did, he’d could just visualize himself getting off the island.

I’ve got a sinking feeling that this episode will have more backstory than forward-story, but I’m hoping that some pieces of the puzzle materialize.

Kate and Sawyer should be getting back to the beach sooner or later, and I’m eager to see how everyone responds to the situation. The Others kept Jack? Walt and Michael are on their way home? The Others have a huge facility on another island and they live here in a town with backyards? And the information going the other way: the hatch exploded? Eko’s dead?

Of course, that’s assuming anyone decides to tell anyone anything. They might just say “hey, good so see you, let’s have a welcome back barbecue.”

I can see it now. Kate and Sawyer show up. The crowd gathers to welcome them. One among them steps forward to speak: “We have ONE very important question for you to answer, and here it is: ohmygodkatehowdidyougetyourhairtodothatcoolflippything?”

It’s Complicated

We’re one coconut radio away from a very dark place…

5 episodes from now, I predict Kate will say something like, “I think I’ll head to the hatch and take a shower…”

Charlie: “Oh, didn’t you hear…?”

Tricia who…? Oh, never mind.

Yeah, chase the dog with the creepy skeletal arm into the jungle, be my guest!

I liked Hurley’s response… “If I’m not back in 3 hours, tell somebody.”

At least that’s more responsible that Kate and Jack usually are on their jungle excursions.

It is Trisha Takinawa!! :eek:

And now we take you to Asian reporter Tricia Tanaka, reporting from the chicken shack.

“Thank you Diane, I’m standing here in the chicken shack, where…”


Sawyer’s a “Little House on the Prarie” fan… hahahaha

This is Tricia Tanaka, reporting from the grave. We’re inspecting the remains of this burned chicken shack. 'For many, this charred portrait of Elizabeth II gives poignant new meaning to the phrase, “Hey, check out that flaming queen.” ’