Lost 3.12: "Par Avion"

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Locke and crew are still off to see the Wizard, but only after a pit stop at The Flame Station (which Locke ends up destroying). Now, with Eye-Patch-Guy in tow, they continue their quest. But what has become of Jack? What is Juliet’s fate? Will the Losties find a bridge they can escape on with the Dharma-bus? Or will they simply stumble around, as usual, making no progress towards escape or understanding? Tune in tonight to find out the answers to these questions and much, much more!! :wink:

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From the ABC “Lost” website:

** Par Avion** Claire becomes suspicious of Charlie’s peculiar behavior, while tensions mount between Sayid and Locke.

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Tonight’s flashback is

Claire - with darker hair


Yeah, I figured that was who we’d see in the backstory. I’m wondering if the title refers to…

a plane that Claire somehow finds that can get them off the island. Could just mean air-mail, though, and maybe there is some way to send a letter to the outside world by air…

It wasn’t on the ABC web site, but my on-screen guide says that in this episode:

Claire… comes up with a an idea that could get everybody rescued.

It’s probably:“Hey, guys, how about we all stop acting like jackasses, sit down for an hour or so, and tell each other what we’ve all found out over the last few weeks? How’s about that for a genius fuckin’ plan, eh?”

You know, every week I click the link to this site, and every week I about have a damn stroke at how bad this guy’s spelling, grammar, and mechanics are. I know it’s supposed to be funny, but it makes my brain want to explode sometimes. Example: Current lead story (no spoilers, just random junk).

[sic] “Friend” is spelled wrong, “Waaaaaaaaaalt” is spelled wrong, and the actor’s name is spelled wrong AND in the wrong order. I … just don’t get these kids today. Or these people on the Internet posing as kids today. Or whatever. And what’s funny* is – with all the stuff going on (or not) with the actual show, this is the stuff that bugs me. Why, yes, I am batshit crazy, why do you ask?

Never mind me. Carry on. See you all later.

  • = Not funny “ha, ha!” but funny “oh, God, no!”

The misspellings are supposed to be funny. He does it specifically to irritate anal types, and the key is to find the wisdom in his idiocy. He cracks me up!

Hmm. Guess my sense of humor is broken.

I’m curious to see how many people may die in this ep. Or do they have to save the body count for May sweeps?

Can someone recap the first coupla minutes for me? I missed it. I saw Claire crying over her dying mom at the accident scene, but nothing before it.

OK, I could have guessed the doctor connection, but not that Jack and Clair are half-siblings.

Locke continues to act odd/stupid.

I still don’t uinderstand the gun shot thing. If they had captured birds in the net, Charlie woldn’t have had to trekking on wet rocks.


Whoa. That was a good one. I think they filled us up with the suck at the beginning of the year so they can really start wowing us at the end of the season. At least I’m hoping so. And next week’s previews!?!? FINALLY!

Good episode. I don’t often participate on the Lost threads, but I agree that the show has been dragging for a long time now. It was good to see something HAPPEN.

Excellent point! Charlie died again while Claire was building the bird trap? Did he go hunting with Desmond or not?

That was basically it. Claire wakes up in the wrecked car (with closeup shot of her eye, naturally). Looks around, sees mom lying on pavement, crawls out through windshield and goes to her mom.

And I just have to throw in that Claire with the black hair was kinda smokin’ hot. Bunk time for me.

Is it wrong that I’m finding the Charlie/Desmond/Claire storyline infinitely more interesting than the Jack/Kate/Others storyline? More and more, I’m finding I just don’t care about JKO, whereas each week I hope to find out a little more about Desmond’s abilities and how Charlie is dealing with his impending doom.

Looking forward to next week though. They’ve been dragging out Locke’s story for way too long.

Yep. But then I think she’s smokin’ hot as a blonde too, so my opinion probably doesn’t count.

This was hinted at a while ago (I forget which episode) when we saw Jack’s dad visiting a woman in Australia. With flowers, IIRC.

Was that not the best ending of any Lost episode ever, or at least, the best in quite a while?


AuntiePam and N9IWP, I agree that it was a strange setup for Desmond to to scare away the birds with the rifle so he could go get one himself. It didn’t make sense. I think maybe they meant to imply that Claire shouldn’t trap the bird herself because she wouldn’t be successful with the net idea and Charlie would consequently try to go grab the bird himself to impress her … because Charlie is clearly a bit daft and will now be looking for every opportunity to unnecessarily put himself in harm’s way now that Desmond’s told him that fate has it out for him. Charlie’s a bit stupid like that. I think they should’ve showed Claire being unsuccessful with the net trap, and then showed Charlie chomping at the bit to go get the bird himself, and then it might have made more sense for Desmond to go after the bird himself. Even better, they should’ve had Charlie show up at the rocks after Claire followed Desmond, with a surprised look on his face after seeing Desmond beat him to the bird.

Now what is up with Locke, ey? I was genuinely spooked after Sayid pulled the C4 from his sack. My eyebrows shot up about an inch. I’d like to think his intentions are still benign, but he was clearly playing stupid and knows something we don’t. That was way outta left field. :dubious:

Totally called the Jack/Claire sibling thing. That’s been a pretty obvious theory for awhile now. Nice to see it finally been confirmed.

Not surprised that they’re trying to make us think Jack is an Other now. I don’t think they’ve “brainwashed” him though. He’s probably playing along, but it’s impossible to tell and we likely won’t know what he’s up to for a few episodes. So, don’t start squaking about it when we don’t find out next week, people.

I feel the exact opposite. I can’t stand all the beach crap, but I just flat out loath anything having to do with Charlie. I really, truly wish he would die, and soon. I’m also bored by the whole “Desmond can see into the future thing,” though my view may have been colored since he keeps saving the douche-wagon Charlie!

With that said, this may have been the best episode of this season, especially after the last two abysmal episodes. The security system was intriguing, eye-patch guy’s death was awesome, and the ending was completely perplexing. Love it, sans the beach scenes.

Oh, and is it just me or was Claire, like, way hotter in this episode than normal? And I don’t mean her ‘younger version’ (which I actually didn’t like), but she just looked great in the beach scenes.

Are Aussie steering wheels on the right? Claire hesitated before she said who’d been driving. Then again, her mom was thrown directly through the windshield, so there’s really no point in lying about who was sitting where.

And I also called the Jack/Claire connection! Lil’ Mahoney, it was “Two For the Road”, an Ana-Lucia flashback from season 2.

Now, what I wonder is, does Claire know her bio-dad’s name? As in, full name, as in, she knows she’s on the island with her half-brother. On any other show, I’d say “Duh,” but…

ETA: And yes, I’m thoroughly sick of Dead Zone Desmond as well. And, was there a “graphic scenes” disclaimer before this ep started?