OK: NYC-Metro Area Dopers – How About A MetroDoper Summertime Pool Party?

Whether the social fabric & overall content quality of the SDMB has washed away entirely or we just find ourselves at a low tidal point as part of nature’s ebb & flow cycle is anyone’s guess. Being optimistic in nature, I wish to conclude it’s the latter case. Conceding the point I’m not the one of the more social New York area Dopers & given the fact I’ve only been around since the Winter of Our Missed Content – I don’t feel either of those factors should preclude me from making the call for a NYC Metro Area Summertime Pool Party. Getting this gathering off the ground in terms of attendance is entirely up to you…besides, I’ve already run out of corny water metaphors.

Not that I’m the most nostalgic person out there – but part of me really misses those gatherings from yesteryear.[ul][li]I enjoyed my 1st experience at that subterranean tavern on St. Marks Place & got a kick (and almost scorched) watching some of the Doper Ladies dance atop the bar @ Red Rock West during NYC MegaDope 2002.[]I met some really great people at The Gate in Brooklyn when some Hoosiers wanted to meet the NYC Dopers! – And even learned that board moderators are people too.[]I met some great people while witnessing mass quantities of food & alcohol consumed at The American Restaurant & No Idea Pub during MegaDope 2003[]Nearly poking my eye out with chopsticks at Grand Sichuan when Gazelle Bounded into NYC[]Beer & White Castle belly bomber knock-offs as Manhattan passed the moderating torch at The Patriot Saloon[]And most recently, Boxing With Crayons this past Christmas Season.[/ul]As MegaDopeFests became an unmanageable memory, even the number of smaller on-board public meetings also seemed to wane. In my humble opinion, it’s been too long since there’s been a: [ul][]NY Ren Faire[]Kosher Dinner @ Dougies,[]Cemetery Tour,[]Boat Cruise,[]RibFest at Casa Dave-Guy’s, or Beer & wing blast at Blondie’s[/ul]So here it is, NYC Metro Area Summertime Pool Party:Who? You…if you can make it. Whether you’re an old veteran, a new member or a former poster who’s left and gone into lurk mode; you’re more than welcome.[/li]
What? A NYC Metro Area Summertime Pool Party – Don’t ask me to repeat myself again.

When? Saturday, July 30th, 2005 beginning at high noon – That puts it in the Dog Days of Summer, right between Independence Day & Labor Day.

Where? Seaford, Long Island. Yeah, I realize it’s not the city – but I couldn’t afford a house with a pool in Manhattan if I wanted to. On the upside, the pool’s heated; the backyard’s private; there’s a diving end & a shallow end. For those of you unfamiliar with Nassau County, the house is a stone’s throw from exit 29 on the Southern State Parkway, 8 miles north of Jones Beach and a 50 minute commuter rail ride from Penn Station on the LIRR

Why? It might not be proper board etiquette to answer a question with a question; but why not?Details, Details, Details & Any Questions You May Have:Q: What happens at a NY MetroDope Pool Party?
A: Who do I look like, The Amazing Kreskin? I don’t even know if anyone’s gonna want to come. This I can all but guarantee though: If it’s anything like the other NY Dope gatherings, you’ll meet some quality people and chat, opine, laugh, learn, flirt, drink, over eat & burp (not necessarily in that order).

Q: What’s on the menu?
A: I have summertime entertaining pretty much down to a science. There will be a couple coolers stocked full of iced down Bavarian Weissbeir, Budweiser, Coors Light & Stella Artois. I’ll have a few cases of soft drinks on hand and the bar will be open. I’ll be grilling bratwurst, weisswurst, steak and leberkase from Karl Ehmer, corn on the cob and will have a green salad, Penn Dutch macaroni salad and potato salad.

Q: If I come, what should I bring
A: Nothing, except yourself, a significant other if you so choose, your brood if you like, your bathing suit, your sunscreen of choice and a towel.

Q: How much?
A: Once again, nada, nicht, zip, nothing. The only thing really required is you attendance and some way of getting from where you are to (hopefully) where we’ll be.

Q: What if I can’t swim?
A: You can either wear swimmies, stay on the shallow end, soak in the hot tub or remain on dry ground on the deck. My homeowner’s insurance is all paid up, so in the unlikely event you drown, at least your heirs and their attorney stand to make a few bucks.

Q: Can I pee in the pool?
A: Absolutely not. Don’t believe everything you read at Snopes. I just may have come up with an ammonia indicating dye down in my lab.

Q: What if I have special dietary needs / preferred beverage you haven’t mentioned
A: Just let me know, I’m easy. I’ll do my best to accommodate any reasonable requests or needs you may have.

Q: What if I drink too much?
A: Crash at the house as opposed to on the road. There are 3 extra bedrooms and a few couches. If more than a couple people stick around to Sunday, I’ll pick up breakfast @ Bageltown – who offer the closest thing to a NYC bagel you can find.

Q: MPSIMS threads drop out of sight rather quickly, will you be bumping this invite when it fades?
A: No. But I will employ a cheap method of alerting those NYC-area Dopers who do vanity searches and have attended previous soirees. Here’s a call out to a few of them:

(Disclaimer: I’m cheating by culling & pasting screen names from posters of previous gatherings. Whether or not they’ve since moved away, never lived here in the first place, stopped posting or died is something I don’t have the time to research and edit…Let’s just say I’m casting a wide net – I’m not looking to offend anyone by admission or exclusion. In fact, I’ll put the names in spoiler tags as an extra precaution)

abel § Ace of Swords § Acrylic Vessel § Alphagene § andygirl § AskNott § Banger § beerchick § Biggirl § Billdo § Bluesman § bouv § CajunMan § Canby § Ceejaytee § Colibri § Cosmopolitan § Daerlyn § dalovindj § DAVEW0071 § delphica § Demo § Dewey Cheatem Undhow § Dr. Matrix § DynoSaur § Elenfair § EatsCrayons § Eonwe § Eutychus § Eve § friedo § Geobabe § GingerOfTheNorth § Gorgon Heap § GrandfatherTrout § Green Bean § Hamadryad § hamster § Happy Scrappy Hero Pup § Houseman § Jack Batty § JerseyDiamond § Jessica2 § Joe_Cool § JoeyHemlock § Kaf § Kyla § LaurAnge § LindyHopper § lisabethnyc § lno § LolaCocaCola § Lucretia § lurkernomore § LynnHazel § Maeglin § manhattan § MannyL § Mehitabel § Mnementh § Morgyn § Morrison § mrblue92 § Nacho4Sara § Overengineer § OxyBF § OxyMoron § Persephone § Polycarp § psuedotriton ruber rubber § psycat90 § Pucette § racinchikki § ResIpsaLoquitor § Ringo § RTFirefly § scott evil § slowhand53 § SmackFu § Soda § Spit § SuaSponte § Sue Duhnym § TellMeI’mNotCrazy § THespos § Tripler § Triskadecamus § TruePisces § typo mna § Ukulele Ike § UncleBill § Verrain § vix § waterj2 § Weirddave § whatmove § Wisest Novel § Wonko the Sane § WordMan § Zappo § Zebra § zoltarb

And of course, as mentioned above - any other Doper who wishes to attend. I guess that covers things for now – Let’s see what happens.

You’re killing me. KILLING ME. I’m 20 minutes away from you and I’ll be coming home from West Virginia THAT day. GAHH!!

Sounds like an idea I’m up for.

I’d be up for that if I didn’t frigging WORK ON WEEKENDS.
I’ll just have to content myself with watching a mother duck and her brood splash in the fountain at my local pub.

Luckily I’m not in the affected area, 'cause my first thought was: You want me to meet and interact with other Dopers while wearing a bathing suit?! :eek: What’s next, a Dopefest where we all show up late – in our underwear – to the exam that we haven’t studied for? :wink:

Hmm, maybe all of the NYC-area Dopers are hotties who don’t mind being seen in a bathing suit … someone will be taking pictures, right? :smiley:

Seaford Long Island?
Do I need a visa and a passport? Do I need to get shots?

Sadly (well, not so sadly), I’ll be in London on the 30th. But generally I’m always up for a trip to NY.

Put me down as a strong maybe.

I may be in town and I may be in decent enough shape to go shirtless. Those two factors will be paramount in determining my attendance.

Hmmm, how would one go about getting there from Manhattan by train?

(Must get my bathing suit out of mothballs!)

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make this one. I’ll be back down in New Mexico finishing up the project I started earlier.

After that, I go overseas again, but I am expecting to be back around town for the Summer of '06. Count me in for then. . .

:rolleyes: NYC, or Clovis and those fucking cows. :smack:

Hmmm… sounds like fun.

I genuinely appreciate the callout, but I alas live in Colorado these days, and it’s a bit of a hike.

Same for me. And very effective calling out.

Hmm…it would be a six hour drive for me, at least. Maybe five and a half, if I speed a little more. I might be able to make it. Thing is, I either leave friday evening, 4:00 at the earliest if I take off from work early, and that puts me there late at night, and needing a place to stay. Or, leave Saturday morning…and me and mornings don’t get along.

Slap me down as a maybe - I may or may not have a wedding on that date :stuck_out_tongue: The bride is being erm flaky.

Are we still doing this?

I’m up for it, it sounds like a Beach Blanket Bingo! How exactly would a bathing beauty get from Hoboken, NJ, to Seaford, Long Island? I can get to anywhere in Manhattan; where’s the trail from there–where does one pick up a ferry or hydroplane or dirigible, and how often do they run?

Ya know, I stuck to my word about not bumping this thread - but inadvertently forgot to subscribe to it back in May. :smack: I assumed it died and would never return. Last night, (alumni) Cosmopolitan emailed me a quick note asking, “Are we still on?” The answer is, of course - I had no idea the thread even resurfaced. Saturday’s extended forecast is partly cloudy (partly sunny) 82 degrees. The water this morning was a comfy 79 degrees, the hot tub’s bubbling away, I ordered the Weissbier a few days ago & Karl Ehmer’s expecting me. Now I need a head count - Yays or nays.

Eve, I’ll post directions later. I thought you were kidding about coming upon your mentioned of your suit in mothballs. If the scent is overpowering, I’ll call the Hilton Theater & ask the wardrobe director if he can smuggle Erin Dilly’s suit out the back alley. If memory serves me, you’re a tea tottler. Is there a specific brand of white, green, oolong or black you’d enjoy - or will iced tea suffice?

No Visa, Mastercard or Amex. No passport required - a random bag search may be in order. As far as shots go, I’ll have your libation of choice on iced down in a shaker.

Dopers who apparently don’t use the vanity search feature:
Billdo? You and the better half wanna swing by on your way out to wine country.

Biggirl? You put the proverbial bug up my ass when you said, “We could have Dopefest Beach Party Bingo”. Are you, Z and the brood gonna be around?

Oxymoron? It ain’t the Hamptons - and I know this ain’t the GQ forum…but if Chad & yourself are free, let me know.

I’ll handle the off board replies I got from Cosmopolitan & Mississippienne/Agent Foxtrot via email.

Come on, let’s get the head count to a respectable NY quantity.

Crap. We’ve been so busy lately that it’s taken almost two months to the day til I found this thread.


Well, we’re still busy out the wazoo, and I sincerely doubt we can do anything this weekend, so … you know.

As for that list of Dopers you had up above, John, more than half of them have either left, been baned or fallen off the radar in the past couple of years.

Still, I wish I had seen this earlier.

Man, I seriously doubt I could make it in any way. As said before, I either arrive late at night (and I’m not a big fan of driving at night in some place I’ve never been to,) or I’d had to leave before 6 AM on Saturday…and I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.

So while I wish I could attend, alas, I cannot. :frowning: